Thursday, October 17, 2013

Comfort zones

Things change... and no matter how scary it might seem during the switching phase, it soon becomes the new 'comfort zone'.

Sometimes I wonder why people even bother to define their comfort zones. Has anyone ever had a certain comfort zone for their whole lifetime? Really? That must have been one really sad soul stuck in time and space. But then, maybe, just maybe, some people really do. Who am I to judge!

The last time I caught myself whining about being forced to step out of my comfort zone ( an indirect consequence of the choices I made, of course), I couldn't help but wonder when did I actually grow into this state of being that I was clinging on to for dear life. Not very long ago, I figured. And so the old zone gave way to a new zone, the people around me moved away to make place for new people, the landscapes changed, languages changed, dreams changed, aspirations changed and perspectives changed. And before I knew, I find myself in my brand new comfort zone. Again.