Monday, March 11, 2013

Hearts of Stone

Some days back I met a girl here. A beautiful person. She has that kind of an aura around her. Her smile reaches her eyes and you can see her pure soul through them.

Just the other day, we were walking through the corridors of the university, and she froze midway. Tears welling up her beautiful eyes. Her face, a cruel shade of red. 

Her ex-boyfriend just walked past her. No acknowledgement. No reasons given. As if she is invisible.

'I can't believe he can just ignore me like I don't exist', she says. 'I can't believe that he is too busy to even have a conversation with me. I wonder what makes him leave me like that. I want to be the one who doesn't care. I want to be the one who walks away like it doesn't matter. But I'm so hurt to be able to do that. And he walks away like nothing happened at all, and I never existed.'

As she fights her tears at the crowded campus cafe, I tell her it's okay.. It happens.. It will be alright.

But you know what, it's NOT okay. It SHOULDN'T BE happening, and it's NOT GOING TO BE alright. It is so NOT DONE.

Why do some of our hearts melt like wax and others' stay as hard as stone? So friggin' unfair.


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  2. Poor soul. Let's hope she gathers courage and walk past such stones and meet a good soul :-))

  3. On the contrary, I don't think she's a poor soul.. her heart has the capacity to feel love, pain and joy. That has to be a rich soul. :)

    My wish for her is to run into not just 'the one', but many more people with hearts as beautiful as hers, to restore her faith.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment, Sundar!