Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life is slippery, we all need a loving hand to hold onto

-said H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

A pretty boy I knew more than a decade and a half back, died a sad silent death some days back. They found him days later. It was in the newspapers the other day. The newsreaders comment, judge, draw conclusions. He's just a part of some statistics for them.


He was a nice little boy, you know. Pretty, Chivalrous, Sensitive and Kind. But somehow, I mostly remember picking up senseless arguments with him for no reason, none that I can recollect now. What I do remember is of him sporting his playful smile soon after. He was an easy going chap, that way.

He deserved better. Such a slippery thing, Life.

Rest in Peace, Franklin Mendez.

The song in my head right now is this.


  1. Sorry to hear about Franklin...

    But I was surprised to see so many posts from you.. Pleasantly :-).
    I like your short and quick updates. I love your busy life, running between things you love to do... It's beautiful :-).
    Enjoy life dear.


  2. :) thanks for stopping by, girl. Yes, I'm totally loving it in spite of all the madness, and I'm pleasantly surprised about that too. :)

    Franklin became a reason for all us old classmates to get together in the virtual world a good 16 years later. We remembered him, grieved for him, shared pictures of us all from what seems like stone age..

    After a while we all forget that he is not around anymore. It feels like he must be living a good life somewhere like the rest of us. His family would be feeling the loss the most. We can only wish them peace.