Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm in love. like, totally!

Watched two movies back to back last afternoon. Worked on a paper, a presentation and two cases before hitting the bed at 1 a.m. Was woken up by the alarm at 5 a.m. Studied for a quiz on day 0, attended lectures, hogged on fast food with great company, caught up with my good ol' folks over the phone, got back and completed another assignment, skyped the sis and giggled over good old jokes and hot gossip, watched another movie, went for a midnight cuppa Madras kaapi at Tifany with a good friend, and on with another movie now before calling it a day. And what a day! I'm so totally in love with my life right now. err.. if only the mosquitoes didn't waft in through the balcony along with the moonlight. :/ kosu tholla thaanga mudiyala! PS: I'm in love with Madras too, and Thamizh and Mallippoo and all the ancient banyan trees around with their freaky split personality syndrome.. well, sans the kosu, of course.