Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bangalore: Third innings

It's been a month now since I came down to Bangalore, for precisely 8 weeks, thanks to what they call the internship stunt in the byeeg byaad embeeyay circus. By the 1st week, I had made up my mind that it's time to put an end to my 8 year old love affair with this city. It had lost its charm on me. The magic just stopped working.

Bangalore sure feels different when you are vehicle-less, home-less and job-less. And the internship program was structured such that I had to travel the length and breadth of the city and its outskirts. Great! and my golden chariot is all bundled up happily back at home! Aren't faithful vehicles supposed to be by your side when you need them the most? 'faithfulness' naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai! :/

Good old Dan was kind enough to give me some space in her den ("Dan's den", sounds good, eh? Dan, you listening?), but I had to look out for a place equidistant (yeah, I'm using such words these days, thanks to an unexpected bout of Sheldon Cooper flu :S ) from most of the places I might be required to travel. And so, I zeroed in on Koramangala, to be my new abode for a month. Koramangala, I like. It's like a mini city in itself. It's Mains and Crosses ( If you are feeling mean, tell any Bangalorewasi some random nth Cross and mth Main and see them go red and mad, just like that! It's a very powerful thing, mind you, the 'Mains and Crosses'. It's like paying snake and ladder, you know.. you climb and climb and then you are swallowed by a snake and you are back to the same main and cross you started from.. but yet, you are not at the same place you started from. It's definitely not for the weak at heart! ), its numerous food joints, endless places to hang out at and a totally safe place to get lost in. At any point of time, if you feel you are totally lost, you just have to ask someone the direction to Forum. That, everybody knows, and once you've got it, you've got your co-ordinates sorted. It's that simple. So I looked around n number of PG's (Paying Guest accommodation, for you stuck up spoilt people), and was appalled by the state of the apparently comfortable living conditions for executives that they promise to offer. The thing is, people are ready to pay obnoxious amount of money to live in these rat holes.. why don't they say 'No'? Why do they agree to it? I have no clue. By the end of one tiring day, which was more of a physical and mental endurance test for me, I came out with flying colors.. Thankyou, thankyou! :)

And I was so pleased with myself, and so missing home that I packed my bags and got myself the 1st flight home. Home, after 1 long year. Sweet. 5 days which flew so fast, still managed to live it up royally.

And, back to Bangalore. This time though, things are all working out brilliantly. I'm having a ball of a time with this internship, doing everything that I had always wanted to do, finding new areas of interest and realizing it's very similar to what I've always wanted to do, acknowledgement, appreciation, a sense of purpose. Icing on the cake was the results of the comprehensive viva, which kinda marks the successful completion of the 1st year at school. I'm elated.

And just like that, one fine morning, my dear friend Prajna became my fairy godmother and gave me wings! She lent me her Scooty, who is an absolute darling. We made friends from the word Go!

The PG is an interesting place. Its a bunch of interesting people, boring people, weird people, lovely people, crazy people.. I even made friends with a 20 year old lovely little girl with whom I watch the Big Bang Theory, laugh out loud and play Sheldon Cooper the rest of the time. It's good getting to know new people every other day. And the place is nice, warm and cozy. Just right. Last weekend, I woke up with a beeg smile and found myself saying "I'm lovin' it!", and walked up to their nearest outlet and helped myself to one humongous unhealthy meal just to pay my respect to the great guy Ronald McD for that revolutionary phrase.

The foodie in me is super delighted. I'm spoilt for choices. Thoroughly. So much so that I go eat out new places daily, made a rule that I am not going to go the same place again no matter how great the food is, and then go bend the rule and tell myself getting something different from the same place is still okay..

My favoritest temple in the whole of Bangalore is very near to where I live, so I go there very often to say a hi to my dearest Ganpati. And what's more, the prasad there is yummy too. ;) The climate is at its best and I feel lucky when friends back in Chennai tell me about how the city is busy roasting them. But still I miss Chennai in my own way. I miss my 7X7 room, the beautiful campus and a motley bunch of lovely people I made friends with there. All through the last year, I was looking forward to getting out of there and now I know I'm going to miss it when it's over. I'm going to miss Bangalore too when I move out after 3 more weeks.

Today, I was just remembering what was running through my mind a year back. A sense of cluelessness, taking baby steps and learning to walk again, unsure of where the path will lead me or whether there's a path at all. And the song that is running in my head right now is this. All I had to do, was start walking..