Friday, May 11, 2012

Vulnerability - how does that make you feel?

I'm emotionally secure. Much more than the regular people I know. That's what I believe. and I take pride in that. I'm immune to quite a handful of emotional needs which people generally believe every human being craves for. And if something still affects me, I make it my mission to immunize myself from it. The effort is more at a subconscious level. But the idea that drives it, is the assumption that the extent to which I let my emotions affect me, makes me all the more weak. I dunno where I picked this logic from, but it stuck to me.

Vulnerability. The word always held a negative connotation. It's for the weaklings. It's not for me. What good could come out of being vulnerable?

What's my definition of vulnerability? Expose, may be?
To expose something.
To be exposed to something.

What makes us shy away from being 'out there'?
How much do we protect ourselves? and from what? Are we also cheating ourselves from things we are worthy of, by being overprotective of our own selves?

 This video got me thinking.. It's a new perspective.. 

It got me wondering.. If I'm uncomfortable about being vulnerable, then that should make me emotionally less secure, right? Now how do I beat that?!