Sunday, April 1, 2012

Student life ver:2

It's kinda funny. The whole student life thingie, I mean. You get back to school after one long decade and realize that some things never change. It's more of a rehash.
You palpitate before the numerous surprise quizzes,
hyperventilate before the never ending term exams,
cross your fingers before checking your grades,
count the # of months to get out the place, well.. the regular drill..

and then there are these new fun experiences you run into..
like headbanging like crazy at your first Rock show experience,
having some random 20 yr old kid hit on you at the rock show,
hang out till late with the girls at the night canteen hogging on 'subsidized' student food,
digging into (again) subsidized Choc-hola at the CCD inside the campus,
getting to wear all your fun clothes, without wondering about its 'appropriateness',
getting exhilarated at those 'S' grades,
and cursing at those bleddy 'C' grades reserved for Finance papers,
making friends with a bunch of kids 10 years younger,
keeping the yembeeyay population at an arm's distance.. (trust me, that is a very interesting breed of people strictly from a safe distance.. well most of them),
interacting with the doctorate students n getting all inspired by their focus and motivation (which I find interesting, as I always thought of the Ph.D. population as a bunch of loonies)
smirking at those prematurely middle aged looking, potbelly sporting, balding kids who call me Di/Ji/Chechi or whateva!
being really really mean to the super mean fellow student population (I'm starting to love this!) it's like you can justify being mean to them. and it's so much fun unleashing all those meanness on to them.. it's a fun game I never got a chance to actually enjoy. (Highly recommended!) Infact, it is unavoidable when you have n # of group assignments to do with all kind of assorted ######. (wha? I mean super interesting, super awesome people, I just couldn't find the right word to describe all that awesomeness),
the cramming sessions the day before the exams (I'm learning to appreciate my memory a bit more these days), changing study locations so often that people here started calling me 'Omnipresent', I'm here, there, everywhere!,
creating a little world of my own inside a 7X7 hostel room,
the daily fights for survival with the monkey population in the hostel campus (no kidding! it's a losing battle, I predict. What with their uncontrolled craze with baby-making. They 'do it' anytime anywhere! rama rama!)
the daily skype-ing sessions with the folks,
bitching about all the mishaps and idiots you dealt with, through the day
laughing heartily at the daily fun stuff,
not having time to worry about anything,
falling asleep as soon as you hit the bed (well facilitated by a midnight bath and loads of Johnson's baby powder),