Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chennai to Bangkok

They never give us a breather at school. If we have any fun, the Proffs take it as their cue to make the programme more rigorous. Apparently a lot of people who did this course before me seem to have had a really good time, which implies, we pay for it with our sweat and blood. Ok I'm exaggerating. But trust me, it isn't very far from reality. So I was exhilarated to know that they will let us out for one whole month in the name of winter vacation. Yes, the whole of December. So off I went, packed my bags, and left for Bangkok with my folks to visit the Sis. I landed here just in time for the king's birthday. Long live the king! It's amazing how much the people here love their king. I'm his new fan now.

It's been about 3 weeks now, and I've been having a ball of a time. I'm totally loving the food, the mindless shopping, the little boat rides through Chao Phraya, the trips to those little islands (which brings a bad taste to my mouth as I'm reminded of my first brush with seasickness on a high tide day - more on that later), and just sitting back and enjoying this awesome view of the sparkling Chao Phraya river from the sis's apartment. It's just beautiful.

More about it all later. I don't want to miss the next shuttle boat to get my fill of heaven.


  1. Recently I saw one movie by name 'Bangkok Dangerous' (don't you worry about the title. It was a thriller movie). It was picturised in a lovely location of this beautiful city and there were interesting boat rides too. Now I am happy to read that you are actually enjoying those boat rides and the beauty of Thai.


  2. To me, Bangkok is always one of the best places to consider for a holiday. Friendly folks, nice food, shopping sprees, entertaining night life, etc. Read more about Bangkok here.

  3. haha so did you really come back? From the looks of it, you'd still very much be at Bangkok watching the Chao Phraya river

  4. @sundar: haven't seen the movie, but having lived in quite a few cities in India, I can assure you that I felt way too safe in Bangkok than any of them ;) Ah, the boat rides. how I miss them! It's a beautiful place full of nice, ever-smiling people. Highly recommended.

    @darkscorpion: Thanks for stopping by! will check out the link :)

    @cris: How I wish!! :P