Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally, I saw light at the end of the tunnel….

…and luckily, it wasn’t that of an incoming train. Phew!

Bye bye, dark and winding tunnel.
Bye bye, grappling in the dark and thinking twice/thrice/’n’ number of times before taking one step forward.
Bye bye, fearing whether my next step forward would land me in a deep pit, or whether I’ll ram my head into some stone wall.
Bye bye, freaking out wondering whether I’m walking forwards or backwards (or leftwards or rightwards or God knows where!)
Bye bye, endless number of nights with no days in between.
Bye bye, wondering whether I’d ever see daylight again.
Bye bye, friends who wished me luck and let me go during my tunnel-trip. No, I’m not looking forward to seeing you again. Good luck to you too!

Hello beautiful Daylight, I value you much more than you’d ever know.
Hello Internal Compass, glad to meet you and know you. Please hang around. I’m gonna need you more often now.
Hello Optimism, you’re quite my hero for standing strong against all those pessimistic vibes.
Hello Happiness, your frequent visits to the tunnel are most valued. Would you consider moving in?
Hello you little bunch of lovely people who held my hands tight all the way through.. Tell me how can I ever thank you enough?
Hello God, did I tell you lately how wonderful you are!
Hello Blog!! I missed you like hell!!!!

Wha? Another tunnel already? Yes Sir, I'm game for it! Bring. it. on!!