Tuesday, June 15, 2010

going to the mattresses

It's not that I did not have much to write about. On the contrary, I have wanted to write about a lot many things n write so much more often than the decency limit of a blog(public) would permit. And hence, I find myself posting like a maniac at a rather personal blog which I would prefer to call err.. more of a journal. Journal posts can be frequent, insane, devoid of any sense and thoroughly therapeutic as I've come to realise. I've grown so fond of my li'l journal that I really don't have the heart to write in here anymore. Growing out? Growing bored? Growing away? I dunno.

Today, I realise that it's been so long since I have visited this space that the blog's URL doesn't even show up in my web browser's address bar history anymore. (I still remember those initial days of blogging when I'd visit my new li'l blog every now n then.. setting up visitor location map, tracker, putting up the copyright licence, changing the template, creating a new banner, changing the blog title.. sigh..) I wonder how many of my blogger friends in here would still have this blog listed in their RSS readers. Nevertheless, I'm obliged to apprise all you nice people of the fact that I'm planning to take a brief hiatus from here. I know I know, it's already been quite a while of absence without notice. Though I've tried to make up for it by dropping in at all your lovely blogs as much as I could. I just want you to know (or rather assure myself) that I have no plans to leave this space as a long forgotten ghost town. ever. I plan to be back. sooner rather than later.

Though for now, the real reason is that there are more pressing matters to look into. So much that I almost feel guilty about spending time and energy on anything else these days.
Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. hmmph.
As they say in Godfather, I'm going to the mattresses. Big time! (high time as well! :P )

Wish me luck! loads of 'em..
n please remember me in your prayers. I really need them more than ever now.

Buhbyes for now peeps.
Take care n be good!


  1. hmm it's fine to take a break.. but do come back soon..

  2. It happens....but sure get back..I am not removing your blog from my RSS reader....not that easy

    My prayers are with you....whatever be your issues...will get solved...

    Insha Allah
    Jai Ram

  3. Hmmm.. sure dear... infact i wil say every one needs a break..
    so that they can cme back an say, hw much they miss blogospere :)
    bt ys Prayers.. Amen..

  4. Reached here from my Reader :)

    Everybody needs a break... enjoy yours, that's the best thing about blogging, you can take your breaks whenever you need :)

  5. What you up to now mysterious girl? Whatever it is, I know it is a good thing :-). All my wishes are with you.
    But do do do come back soon (or better share that journal secretly )


  6. Time for a come back. You have been tagged :)

  7. The people in godfather came back from the mattresses too u know !!

  8. Hey Usha, it seems you too have taken a break from blogging like me:) Do come back soon!

  9. I left Blogville long time ago..nice to hv a break..but it always brings me back from time to time. u can check out anytime u want, but u can never leave ;-)

    Happy '11 to ya Usha!


  10. Love you people. and I'm back for good now! :) you guys too, please come back! :D talk about desperation! :))