Monday, March 8, 2010

more power to you!

"You are kindness, thoughtfulness and lovingness personified."
>>That doesn't imply that your benevolence makes sense only when it is 'given'. Infact it is more healthy, when you let yourself too be the recipient of the same virtues.
No, it needn't necessarily qualify for Selfishness if the Benefactor and the Recipient are the same person.

"Respect others, their space, their boundaries, their likes and dislikes."
>> It doesn't quite warrant that you forsake your respect for yourself.
Respect your abilities. Respect your strength. Respect your own opinions and feelings. Respect your boundaries. Respect your preferences.

"Be supportive."
>> Why not start by supporting yourself first? Let's face it, if you yourself are needy of support, then how are you going to give the ever-so-important support to the ones that matter to you?

"Be there no matter what."
>> You know how much it means to have that GoTo person(/s) in your life. The one who is non-judgemental. The one whose love is unconditional. Why not extend the same to yourself? Makes things a lot better to be non-judgemental about yourself, doesn't it?

You stand up and fight tooth and nails for the safety and well being of your dear ones. Why not stand up for yourself too? If you wont do that for yourself, who else will?

"Be independant."
>> An Independant Woman is != a bra burning feminist.
Independance also means being Self-sufficient. Being Non co-dependant.
Basically, Independance is healthy. It feels good too.

"Be beautiful."
>> Feel beautiful. Because you are nothing, but that!

Here's to all those rockstars who risk the ridicule of being tagged a Feminist (since when did that become a bad word?) while spreading the message of goodwill, of equality, of being supportive yet stern, and more than anything else setting the perspective right for their contemporaries and the gen next.

I consider myself blessed for having come across such amazing ladies as you. Grateful that you chose to share your thoughts and wisdom. I'm amazed by your strength and dedication for a cause. For being so steadfast in your resolve. For believing in yourselves. For motivating others too, to believe in themselves.

God bless you.
More power to you!


  1. loved this post.
    A friend once told me: "you should take care of yourself. Once you do that it won't matter if others care for you or not".
    I strongly believe that only a person who loves herself can love others.

  2. I liked this point the most - Makes things a lot better to be non-judgemental about yourself. Point taken :)

  3. Very true Usha...rightly said. One can give anything to others only if he owns it..which applies to all such wonderful attributes. God Bless you too...

  4. @Usha: very true! Thanks for stopping by, and glad you liked the post. :)

    @Dhanya: heyy.. I'm soooo with you on that! I keep struggling with that all the time. As much as I'd like to, it's sooo darn difficult to be non-judgemental when it comes to myself.

    @Anubha: :) great to find you here!! :) I'm glad you dropped by, girl..
    Thanks for being what you are.
    God bless you too.. God bless you three.. God bless you four.. well, you get the gist! :P (ah, why do I crack silly PJs!)Luv u! muahs! :)

  5. I agree.

    I also think Independence and feminism are good words :)

    "Respect your abilities. Respect your strength. Respect your own opinions and feelings. Respect your boundaries. Respect your preferences."

    Brilliant!! I think this should be taught to each one of us. Can't do this and there is no happiness in life :(

  6. Simply loveddddd the post.. i am trying 2 maintain doing sme of them, bt its sooooooo difficult 2 be gud u knw... bt yes it feel gud...

  7. We need much affirmative action in India and every group, community and religion has to pitch in.

    It is sad that all religions usually quote scripture to say that women should remain as they are but ignore the same scripture which also says that women should be taken seriously for who they are.

    The passing of the women's reservation bill is just a beginning. Hopefully this will be taken forward. Even heavenly intervention needs us to join in as well! :)Thanks for the comment.

  8. @IHM: They are good words indeed! when I wrote this post, all I had in mind was women like you who amaze me with your perseverance when it comes to your convictions. Thanks for stopping by!

    @DI: :) If it feels good, it must be right. If it is right, then that's THE thing to do! :)

    @Fr. Jerry: Fr., I'm so glad to have found your blog. The new perspective you have brought in is commendable. Thanks for blogging!

  9. Yeah. Passing of the reservation bill is the beginning... but now the onus is on the women to not to become a puppet in the hands of their husbands/male relatives who exploit their position to corrupt the whole system. It is so important for the talented and industrious women to come forward, fill up these positions and contribute to the society in their own unique way. I shudder when i think of women leaders like Rabri Devi...

  10. @shalu: I always wonder why do we women prefer to be pessimistic about ourselves.
    We can't vouch for the fact that all the male politicians the best, right? There are some good ones. There are some rotten ones. And then there are the sons and daughters of the good ones and the rotten ones. And then there are wives, and then there are the husbands. There are Rabri Devis, but there will be some Mallika Sarabhais too.

    Basically, there are good people and bad people. And they can be men or women. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on what the effects of this bill may be. But I believe that this is a positive action. And Im hopeful that this will help the good people, to help more of them good people.

    Gosh, why am I sounding like I'm MNIK doped? I swear I didn't watch the movie! :P

  11. Usha, I too have strong faith in management skills of women. Yet, I believe that there are still more benchmarks that we need to achieve, before we can wash out the old memories of puppet rulers. Lets hope for the best!!!

  12. @shalu: That makes us two hopeful souls! cheers!! :)

  13. wow Usha girl great post. We mused on feminism around the same time too! And yeah we sure will have putt and kadala together! I am not a fan of the kadala but anything for the company of someone who translates it to heavenly food and leaves me rofl :-)!

  14. feminism has long been confused with misandry.. where as the truth is, a lot of feminists love men (like me!.. as in, I love men, not feminists love men like me.. right)

    But what do you call a dude who is a feminist?

  15. @cris: done-o!!
    :) :) :)

    @rukmani: :D
    well, 'feminist' is not a gender specific noun/adj. apparently, it doesn't discriminate between dudes/dudettes. :)

  16. I think I have been a little Feminist in my life. Talking for someone's right, albeit little, makes me one I guess. But I guess it is JUST a word. You can never generalize how someone feels for anyone(say women). In fact each one of us feels different for the same people on different times. I do not know what we need for upliftment of women in India, I do not! I do know that we must give them the love, regard and respect they deserve. Yes! And without that, I am sorry, no reform is going to work. I liked "be supportive" ..really not self loathing etc :)