Tuesday, June 15, 2010

going to the mattresses

It's not that I did not have much to write about. On the contrary, I have wanted to write about a lot many things n write so much more often than the decency limit of a blog(public) would permit. And hence, I find myself posting like a maniac at a rather personal blog which I would prefer to call err.. more of a journal. Journal posts can be frequent, insane, devoid of any sense and thoroughly therapeutic as I've come to realise. I've grown so fond of my li'l journal that I really don't have the heart to write in here anymore. Growing out? Growing bored? Growing away? I dunno.

Today, I realise that it's been so long since I have visited this space that the blog's URL doesn't even show up in my web browser's address bar history anymore. (I still remember those initial days of blogging when I'd visit my new li'l blog every now n then.. setting up visitor location map, tracker, putting up the copyright licence, changing the template, creating a new banner, changing the blog title.. sigh..) I wonder how many of my blogger friends in here would still have this blog listed in their RSS readers. Nevertheless, I'm obliged to apprise all you nice people of the fact that I'm planning to take a brief hiatus from here. I know I know, it's already been quite a while of absence without notice. Though I've tried to make up for it by dropping in at all your lovely blogs as much as I could. I just want you to know (or rather assure myself) that I have no plans to leave this space as a long forgotten ghost town. ever. I plan to be back. sooner rather than later.

Though for now, the real reason is that there are more pressing matters to look into. So much that I almost feel guilty about spending time and energy on anything else these days.
Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. hmmph.
As they say in Godfather, I'm going to the mattresses. Big time! (high time as well! :P )

Wish me luck! loads of 'em..
n please remember me in your prayers. I really need them more than ever now.

Buhbyes for now peeps.
Take care n be good!

Monday, March 8, 2010

more power to you!

"You are kindness, thoughtfulness and lovingness personified."
>>That doesn't imply that your benevolence makes sense only when it is 'given'. Infact it is more healthy, when you let yourself too be the recipient of the same virtues.
No, it needn't necessarily qualify for Selfishness if the Benefactor and the Recipient are the same person.

"Respect others, their space, their boundaries, their likes and dislikes."
>> It doesn't quite warrant that you forsake your respect for yourself.
Respect your abilities. Respect your strength. Respect your own opinions and feelings. Respect your boundaries. Respect your preferences.

"Be supportive."
>> Why not start by supporting yourself first? Let's face it, if you yourself are needy of support, then how are you going to give the ever-so-important support to the ones that matter to you?

"Be there no matter what."
>> You know how much it means to have that GoTo person(/s) in your life. The one who is non-judgemental. The one whose love is unconditional. Why not extend the same to yourself? Makes things a lot better to be non-judgemental about yourself, doesn't it?

You stand up and fight tooth and nails for the safety and well being of your dear ones. Why not stand up for yourself too? If you wont do that for yourself, who else will?

"Be independant."
>> An Independant Woman is != a bra burning feminist.
Independance also means being Self-sufficient. Being Non co-dependant.
Basically, Independance is healthy. It feels good too.

"Be beautiful."
>> Feel beautiful. Because you are nothing, but that!

Here's to all those rockstars who risk the ridicule of being tagged a Feminist (since when did that become a bad word?) while spreading the message of goodwill, of equality, of being supportive yet stern, and more than anything else setting the perspective right for their contemporaries and the gen next.

I consider myself blessed for having come across such amazing ladies as you. Grateful that you chose to share your thoughts and wisdom. I'm amazed by your strength and dedication for a cause. For being so steadfast in your resolve. For believing in yourselves. For motivating others too, to believe in themselves.

God bless you.
More power to you!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

while I was sleeping

Of late, I've started believing more in my postulate that the mind is always super-creative and outrageously wierd while I'm sleeping. If nothing, my dreams are always indications of that.
Okay, so it gets pretty amusing at times when I wake up from a nice-ish dream and can recollect it.. but it takes its toll on me to wake up with a splitting headache after a nightmare, n desperately trying to drift into a half sleep, trans mode to somehow try and 'fix' the nightmare, if you know what I mean.. (yeah I'm a sucker for 'happy endings')

Guess what's latest at the dream front? I've been out on a date!
Guess with whom? With John Abraham! *beaming from ear to ear*
Okay, granted, I don't quite have the hots for him. But I've been a fan of him since Dhoom-2. Dhoom-1, you want to correct me? No dahlings, I'm talking of Dhoom-2 only.. It took a Hrithik Roshan to make me realise that nothing looks better on a bike than a John Abraham. Since then, he's been one of my fave eye candies among the Bollywood duds.( no, no.. that's no typo either. The 'e' is missing on purpose)
Plus, he's half-mallu, just like me! tadaa! yeah go on, call me a racist, if you will!

Ah, I'm digressing always, just like my nightmares.. so, back to my dream..

Guess where we went to?
We went for a date at a chaayakkada (the mallu cafe) in some pattikaadu (the mallu outbacks) in God's own country (the great Malluland).. yeah right..

boy! what do I tell you about the rendezvous.. sigh.. (now now, all you drooling ladies, please take a break and close that leaky mouth of yours.. salivating women in front of laptop monitors dont make a pretty good sight. so, easy! there..) I know, I know, you can't wait to know how it was to get Up, Close and Personal with Johnny boy.. Patience, ladies.. patience..

He was extremely chivalrous, thoughtful and sensitive, immensely caring, desperately trying to please, talked in cute-ish broken Malayalam, and in totality was boring to the hilt. I mean really really. He even volunteered to fix my smudged eyeliner.. which was like ugh!! now you know what I mean! It was such an excruciatingly painful and suffocating ordeal, that I couldn't even gulp down my super sweet chaaya.. and while he was busy working on that eyeliner effect, I was busy making informed choices between having that steaming yummilicious puttum kadalem and making some excuse and running out to catch the next KSRTC bus and get the hell out of there!

My mind is such a malicious one, you see.. just when I thought I got a break from those frequently recurring nightmares of being handed out the pink slip by my last reporting manager and me accepting it as detachedly and unaffected as always, with that eerie uneasiness.. I get to go out on a date with John Abraham, and it had to turn out this way!
Life is unfair, I tell you.. Very unfair! Sigh..

PS: Bipasha Basu, you can please keep your Johnykkutty for good. I'm not interested. Huff! *rolling eyes*

*chaayakkada - teashop
**puttum kadalem - heavenly foooood!!
***KSRTC- Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

Saturday, January 9, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most idiotic of them all?

Lean Mean Khan uncle loves to go to college. He fights against his age, with the help of goaties and other yuppie jazz which can be broadly classified under 'brilliant make-up', but makes sure he does his college student act, every other year. He calls it, "being young at heart".
Lean Mean Khan uncle hates to give credit . "Only cash, no credit." is his motto.
Lean Mean Khan uncle never did an MBA from the IIMs. But he knows enough about strategy, planning and marketing to start his own Business School.
Lean Mean Khan uncle likes all the thunder. He would'nt let a soul steal his thunder from under his nose.

Chhota Chetan loves to write movie scripts and get them bound into books, the kind Bollywood finds inspirational, that is. Good for him.
Chhota Chetan bunked his classes at IIM when they taught him all about business legal documents.
Chhota Chetan likes to do innovative advertising, and believes in "controversy sells (books)".
Chhota Chetan wanted some thunder too, but again, they didn't teach him about thunders at IIM. So, he took tutions from Rakhi Sawant aunty.
Rakhi Sawant aunty is threatening Chhota Chetan that she'll go to the media as he did not give her rolling credits for his 'inspired' performance esp the "My Mummy cried" et al. She is hurt that Chhota Chetan closed his act with a 'sorry' to Lean Mean Khan Uncle, but no 'thankyous' to her. How mean!

Big Ba(l)d Chopra uncle has called in sick. He's caught a bad bout of 'shut-up-o-mania'. Somebody please send him flowers. He says he wouldn't mind tomatoes and eggs either. He likes to have omlettes for breakfast. Anybody listening?

The 3 of them were last found laughing and singing "heehee ulloo banaya sabko!" and dancing their way to their banks.

No prizes for guessing who the real idiots are!

Happy movie watching, peeps! :)

update: I watched the movie yesterday. Some of the bollywood hits are beyond any logic, I say.. just like most other things in this world. Sigh!
The gross delivery scene had me screaming "Whaat eej eet?" for their every "Aaall ees well"s. WTF was that? A vacuum cleaner improvisation of Salaam Namaste?
My vote is for the book. Though I feel the book and the movie are of totally different leagues altogether. And they taught us at school that apples can't be compared to oranges.
Btw, I must say the Chatur version of Venkat was quite a killer. He got me howling, alright! :D
Wondering aloud: Why are Raju Hirani movies so friggin' preachy, all the time? Mebbe it works, for he serves it with a pinch of humor.. err salt.. and.. whatever his trademark formula is.. Good for him!