Saturday, December 26, 2009

ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna...

...ghatte ghatte, lo yeh ghat gayi.

Good riddance!

Ah, no.. like the rest of the world, I'm not going to bore you to death with a round-up of the year. Because you see, that's too passe for my taste. Not to mention how uncool it is. :P
Ok, lemme be honest and confess that there were hardly any acheivements for me to be immensely proud of 2009, other than the fact that I learned to swim (which is quite some acheivement for a pseudo-hydrophobic like me. yippie!) and the fact that I got myself to read quite a handful of my must-read-before-I-die list of books (ah, now I can die in peace.. Aren't you envious of me? Please say so, no?).

Susan Miller of Astrologyzone said it best when she prophesised about the luckiest day of 2009 for me. That was my last day at work. And yeah, I wouldn't dare contest her prediction, which leaves the rest of my year to your imagination.

One of the most exciting events of the year happened a couple of weeks back, in a weak moment of over-enthusiastic toothbrushing. To make the boringly sad story short, I hurt myself as bad as you can possibly hurt your mouth with a toothbrush. And then went on and bit myself on the insides of my cheeks, as bad as you can possibly bite into your own flesh. Lived off one pathetic week on a banana diet. And as I was munching on tandoori chicken to satiate the mother of all apetites the week after, I thought there couldn't have been a more apt closing ceremony for my 2009.

Or so I thought, until last week when I launched myself into a projectile in a half hearted attempt to propel myself into the outer space, and depressingly landed on all fours, in the middle of a freaking road while trying to cross it running for my life before the signals change their mind. I'm still nursing the bruises while chanting one of my fave lines from jab we met : 'please babaji.. ab toh hadd paar ho chuki hai. ab is saal mein aur koi excitement mat dena. boring banaa do ji ab is saal ko. please'

So while 2009 is busy wrapping up, I'm more than happy that the ill witted bitch is finally gone for good. And I'm hoping that 2010 better be good enough to make up for it.

Here's wishing all you peeps a lovelier and happier 2010.
Be nice, stay cool, and make the most of life! muahs!