Sunday, September 20, 2009

UP, UP and Above!

The Sis is a die-hard fan of cartoon movies. If you ask me, she's a walking, talking cartoon. If you ask her, she'd blame it on my imagination which has grown up on an wholesome diet of cartoon movie watching.

When it comes to movies, we've both taken after Pops whose idea of TV watching is to toggle between the cartoon channels and news. The only things worth watching on TV, according to him. (The only other kind of movie which deserved his appreciation was that of Kamalhassan's, if we go back 15 years in history. He thinks the man was a genius.) When we were small, during summer vacations, he'd take us to the Children's Film Festival which used to be hosted every year at the Kalabhavan Theatre. A week full of movie watching, some days even a couple of them, back to back. (I still remember a few of the Russian movies they used to play then.) That's where we started developing a (li'l more than)healthy appetite for cartoon movies. People told me they can certify that I'm crazy, when I decided to give my all and spend an year trying to pursue a career in it after getting myself a certificate in Electronics Engineering. A year later, like one of those sad movies, my ambition nose dived calmly, noiselessly, like a kati patang . No, I wasn't much heartbroken (Ah! c'mon girl, be honest! whom are you kidding!). The lost ambition found itself some happy company among my long list of unfulfilled ones like 'Librarian','Journalist','Globe trotter' and co., while I continued my career-building for bread n butter's sake (and designer clothes too.. but let's not talk about vanity here, n stick to the basics, don't we? ;) ).

Alright, I'm feeling too nostalgic right now.. and I go on the same flashback trip every time I watch a cartoon movie which moves my heart. This time, it's Disney-Pixar's 'UP'. The Sis calls me up from work and updates me about it's India release and off we go today to catch the action. The best part about watching cartoon movies is that you don't even have to worry about booking your tickets in advance (which is good and sad at the same time). Just grab a bucket of caramel pop-corn and you're ready to go.

The movie's about a fine old balloon salesman who ties a beeeg bunch of balloons to his chimney and gets the whole thing (yeah right, the whole house) floating all the way to South America, to fulfill his promise to his wife, who died before she could realise her childhood dream, which she nurtured all through her life. And he does it. Though his new adventure begins from there.

Lovely story, told in such a tender way, despite all the fun and adventure. In fact, the li'l love story told in 5 minutess had me in tears. The cutest I have watched in a real long time. And this, after watching spoilers like 'The Proposal' and 'The Ugly Truth' -which I saw a few days back, n had me grumbling that they only seem to make love stories for 13 year old girls now.

This one's a heartfelt story of Dreams, Adventure, Love, Loss and Letting Go.
And while I get busy with my senti melodrama again, you GOOO watch it soon!!! 'coz such movies don't run for long in our multiplexes anymore. Sigh.


In other news:

I've been reading. like a maniac.
The past few weeks saw me get brave enough to approach some of them I've been running away from all the while. like 'The Godfather'. Whattay story. I was cheated of this awesomeness all this time by people who told me that it's only a Mafia story (which I find repulsive, thanks to RGV overdose), and others who told me that it's a typical Guys' story. Aaagh!! why did I listen to people??? Why??!!!

The other one was 'The God of small things'. I almost got my hands on this book a decade back, but was talked out of it by some of my Satyachristiani friends from Kottayam. 'Utter Nonsense only!', they said. and I believed. Why??!!
I liked it more for the fresh and interesting style of writing. "Chacko didn’t slap her. So she didn’t slap him back."

And then, 'The Fountainhead'. Someone said it's too deep and dark. And I thought the book was a li'l too much on the heavier side for bedtime reading. But now I discovered it! Tadaa!! They say that sometimes, the book finds its way to you when you need it, when you are prepared for it. Guess that's what happened. So much for good timing. One of the books which had a profound influence on my idea of Selfishness and Ego. It somehow made me feel better. like a warm cup of hot chocolate.

The one I've been reading yesterday: 'To kill a mocking bird'. Beats me that I've missed experiencing such wonderful books. There's something about stories in children's perspective/narration. Something about not subscribing to the regular way of seeing/telling things. The way they try to understand things, and grope through ideas, trying to get a grasp of things. It's something we all can relate to. albeit through Google and co. The narration was so good, I read the whole book in one day, flat.

And there's 'The Catcher in the Rye' waiting to be read.
Yeah, go sue me for missing out on all these gems!

Till I comeback with my bagful of random bakbaks, Take care peoples! and go watch 'UP', and go read books.. Buhbyess!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time is precious. Yeah, right!

People love to advice. Unsolicited, more the fun. You know, most of us are such unconditional givers when it comes to advice. "I can give you 101 of them. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, without expecting even one from you in return. No really. Actually, I'd be offended if you try to help me the same way."

I was given a fantastic piece of advice by an old acquaintance the other day. He called me up after some well meaning friend had forwarded my resume to this mutual acquaintance/once-upon-a-time-colleague.

He: "Oh.. you are out of job-aa? So sad, ya. You don't worry, ok?
The job market is so bad ya. So many people are jobless now, no? You don't worry, ok?

But I'm surprised ya. After you left your job at Q, you were working for the same company for more than 3 years -aa? Why, ya? That was stupid. You don't worry, ok?

Such a big brand you were working for, ya. Now see, you are jobless. You don't worry, ok?

Now what ya? Why not get married, eh? You see, it is so difficult to get leave for marriage and all, ya. You are lucky, no? You don't have to worry about leave only. Get married, no?"

Me: "Oh, what to tell you, ya.. I have a queue of 10 people waiting outside my door to marry me, ya. I'm busy making my choice, ya."

He: "Oh-ho.. like that, aa? I understand, ya. But you see, Time is Precious, ya."

I couldn't have been more thankful to him for not suggesting something like me getting pregnant or something. Imagine. "What ya? You could have got a live and kicking baby in one more month's time, ya. You don't even have to worry about maternity leave and all. Time is precious, ya."

Yeah, right!