Friday, July 31, 2009

A Year Younger

Another year flashed by, before I could say Jack Robinson. (why Jack Robinson? why not John Abraham? :/ )

Last birthday was something I was looking forward to. THE THIRTIES. I was all mesmerised by it. Since the time I was 27, I've been looking forward to it in awe. I'd be excited to associate myself with my 30 something friends, who'd go "silly bachha" at me with a loving pat on my cheeks. By the time I was 29, I'd only refer to my age as "I'm almost 30". Such was my fascination with it, and the apparent adult status that comes with it, that I had gone extreme lengths to look my part. From choosing that perfect pair of mature looking glasses (the one that best resembled Amumma's, with a cat eye frame to satiate the style quotient, of course!), to parting my hair such that I could show off that grand li'l patch of grey hair which lobby along on only a specific area of my crowning glory. And for the visually challenged, adding in a good measure of verbal show off, by announcing that "I have more grey hair on my head than I can possibly count", and even dumping my most faithful pair of jeans for more mature looking trousers. All was fine till there. Till the glorious Thirty, that is.

Surprisingly, I'm not finding 31 very appealing. Well, I'm not even liking the sound of it, so much that I've been actually hanging on to my real age all for the past year, than rushing to the '1 more year older' status as I usually do. So much so that, this year I've made up my mind that I've done enough of growing old. Why not grow younger every year from now on! So all you sweet peopleses, please do join me as I celebrate my second 29th birthday in style. :) geee. (Also, it delights me that chuddy buddy Tina can't get one up on me as she does every year on my birthday. Her birthday comes 1 month ahead of mine, and I make the most of it by reminding her in the most gruesome and torturous way on how old she has become.. all the while she keeps seething, and waiting for another month, to get back at me. teehee.)

For starters, I've dumped those glasses for good, and got my hair cut short.. real short.. so short as they've never been since my primary school days. ('Boy cut' is how I described it to Mummy, who surprised me out of my wits by miraculously managing not to faint. Guess my horror charms have stopped working on her. :/ ) And yeah, the new hairstyle isn't too kind towards my grey hair either. They can safely go hiding in their secret hideout for now. RIP honeys.

The Birthday was kinda interesting.

Some nice people called up ever so thoughtfully.

Some nice people forgot (and cruel me is really excited to see them do their guilty pout when they'd remember it someday later :P).

Some nice people made me feel so blessed by just being around.

Some nice people were too busy.

Some nice people were thoughtful enough to call up eventhough it was almost too late in the day, because they just got back from work then.

Some nice people sent their wishes and thought I must be indebted to them for their thoughtfulness. 'See, I sent you a wish. Who else would do it for you, silly scum on the face of earth?'

Some nice people (well there can't be any like them, parents of course!) made sure they sent me that cute li'l e-card. Mummy's been doing that every year since she got a hang of the internet. A decade later, it still thrills me to bits when she does that!

Some nice people took the opportunity to do what they do best. Crib about their misery. They know just too well the art of hijacking your special day, and somehow making themselves the centre of attraction as always.

Some nice people overwhelmed me by being there for me all through the years and still not thinking twice before calling me up at 12 o' clock sharp to wish. How do you guys still manage to be so supersweet all the way?

Some nice people wanted to display their tact of making anyone feel like lesser mortals. 'What? no party? no gifts? no cake cutting? how sad, na? poor you.'

Some nice people called up to wish me best, even while they're going through utter misery and feeling the lowest they've ever felt in life. But still being kindness and love personified. I talked to them with moist eyes, while swallowing that li'l lump in my throat.

Some nice people wanted to remind me that I'm at an awkward age for a single woman.

Some nice people were just as they always were. Giving me the best piece of gyan, in the best way possible, that only they knew how to do gracefully.

Some nice people were too keen on asking whether I've landed on a job. (Yeah, the very same people who only wanted to know why I am single, till the time I was comfortably employed. Now all of a sudden, they are more worried about my employment status. How thoughtful!)

Some nice people re-assured me that there are some things, refreshingly stable in this ever changing world. Be it your Teens, your Twenties or your Thirties. Why, I know they'd always be there, even in my Sixties.

God bless you all, nice peoples. :)
Muahs!! :)


  1. happy birthday buddy!!:-)
    oh....i cant believe am almost a decade younger than you!!!;-P

    hehe...dont chugging 4 years behind you...

    Nowadays with social networking you get wishes from more people than you ever used to get...and yeah...though what matters is to get the wishes from people you want to..:)

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Usha, Happy Birthday to you.
    I actually sang the song while writing this :D
    Enjoy maadi your days of being single

  3. @santosh: yes yes. ditto. :)

    @ki: 31? ouch! that hurt! ;P
    thankyou girl! :)

    @mathew: thanks, mathew! :)
    :O only 3 more years to 30, eh? hehe.. ab dilli door nahin! :D

    yeah, you said it. social networking somehow seems to have disabled people's ability to respect others' privacy. people no longer know what could be discussed publicly and what not. wierd. though i find it amusing once in a while.

    @seema: :) :) :) *I'm actually grinning from ear to ear*
    thankyouuuus! muah!
    wish you too the bestest of best always, seema. :)

  4. happy b'day :) i am almost there, and waiting for my entry into 30 - 1 more year to go... :)

  5. :) Happy Bday dear..
    be happy for ur happily single status whn rest of the world is married at ur age and trying to get a hold of ur life...
    Do the things u love.... rest leav it to god the time being.. we an entire life to think abt it later..

  6. Happy Birthday Usha! :)

    **Surprisingly, I'm not finding 31 very appealing

    why not? In Aus being in the 30s is quite hip and is the best years of a woman. Thats when she's confident of her life, knows where she's heading and is also still quite young :)

    I dunno why most Indians n Sri Lankans fear 30s...I think it's the society's stigma abt hvn to get married b4 a certain age etc etc. I say its all bullshit lol!

    Enjoy ur every year...cos if ur upset abt 31, wut r u gonna feel when ur 61?:) YOUTH is never in the years, its all in ur attitude.


  7. @arv: Thanks! :)

    @anoop: thankyous! :) welcome wishes in advance! teehee

    @DI: thanks, girl!! :)
    yes, i do know that. i have a mixed bag of married as well as single friends. and i sure know what you are talking about.
    Besides, life when you're single needn't necessarily be a carefree one, as people generally refer to it. if you ask me, you are more responsible towards yourself and have a better hold of life when you're happily single. :)

    @keshi: Thankyou Keshi!! :)

    Honey, d'you really think that I'd put up my age in here, if I were actually too upset about it?
    What I wrote was on a lighter vein and was meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. My way of doing a Boo!! at some friends who've been pulling my leg about that. :D

    and yes, I do believe and realise that I'm only feeling more comfortable and better about life, and more confident about my acheivements, and more thankful for the people I have around me, with every passing year. Touchwood! :)

  8. happy 29th b'day :) and wish u a gr8 time back as a twenty-something :)

  9. you know, this is exactly what I was feeling, transitioning from 20 to 21 *evil devil malicious mischievous grin*

    but it'll be fun times when we're both 25 no?

  10. happy 29th birthday ! I also decided once i turned thirty i will celebrate the birthday in the reverse chronological order.... so , i am 27 years young now ....
    wish u a wonderful year ahead!

  11. @sandeep: thankyou!!! *beeg beaming smile*

    @rukmani: long time, girl!
    hehehe.. after we both reach 25, will give each other a big wave, while you go forward to your 30, and me to my 20! :D muhahahahaha! yeah, fun it will be! ;)

    @nanditha: attagirl!!! 3 cheers to us! :D jeez, there ARE people like me! thanks for stopping by to wish!
    wish you too a lovely lovely 27th year, girl!

  12. Hi Usha, nice post :-) really good -> the classifications of the nice peoples :-)
    Belated happy birthday! :-) hope you had a great day :-)

    -Sundar and Sunitha

  13. I'm late again :(
    Belated Second 29th B'day :)
    So which "nice people" category do I belong? :P

  14. ty for ur kind words in my blog Usha! For now Im off. :) Til we meet again...


  15. @sundar, suni: Thankyou guys!! :)
    n I'm glad you liked the post. Though it was mostly all rants. :/

    @dhanya: Danks!! :)
    no, you never were late! Thanks for your wishes and your thoughtfulness, girl.. I don't bump into someone like you too often.. and you are a leo too!! 3 cheers to that! :D now quick, give us a post on the valley of flowers, soon! waiting. :)

    @keshi: :) till we meet again.. and we will for sure. take care and be good, Keshigirl.

  16. Usha dear! You are the first girl I meet that actually wanted to grow older and grab her thirties! Why even I, who is obsessed abotu showing off see-how-I-am-different-from-you-other-mortals - hates aging! You get the trophy.

    I was one of those nice people who sent an Orkut wish (gulp I hope). Otherwise I get to give you that cruel-me-excitement right about now. For Jul 29 - belated happy birthday dearo!

    I loved this post. Especially the nice people part.

    And ohh the last part reminds me - did you get a job :D

  17. @cris: yeah, right.. i was pretty bindaas abou ageing gracefully and all that. but now when I look around and listen to so many of my friends talk about back pain, arthritis, thyroid, and a host of other unheard of deseases, I'm not so enthused about it anymore! :(

    and hey, thanks for the double wishes, girl. yeah, you had wished me on time, lucky you! :D muahs!