Tuesday, May 26, 2009

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..

...and when life gives you the chills, go drive some zambonis!

You find nothing too funny about it?
On a regular day, I would've just chuckled over that too..
Though I roared out laughing, today.
And nodding my head vertically (which I realised isn't all that comfy to do, when you're banging your head on the wall too!)

Random conversations with random friends these days have been along similar lines.

Random Friend: What's happening?
Yours Truly: nothing much.. having fun playing games.
RF: what games?
YT: trying to make happen, things that are not happening. And trying to resist things that are happening.
RF: Over Head Transmission!
YT: (As if I know what Im talking!) Same here! :D no wonder we are friends, eh? Same pinch!
RF: (WTF! She's lost it!) Sweety, all well?
YT: :D :D :D I'm smiling.
RF: Honey, You're GRINning.
YT: :| (Lesson learnt: Don't over do things, stupid!)

RF: Hows job hunt going?
YT: No progress. Market's real bad, I tell you.
RF: I feel you are hiding behind this recession facade and not looking out seriously.
YT: (Yeah, as if I'm being paid to do that!) You think so?
RF: Yes. You should be more serious.
YT: hmm (Ah, so that you can advice me to take it easy, then.)
RF: Look out more aggressively.
YT: mm hmm?(Yeah, the delicate darling that I am, need to be told that! *smirk*)
RF: It's been sooooooo long!!
YT: sigh! yeah..(As if I dont know! I keep counting days for heaven's sake! And typing mistake: so doesn't have that many 'o's)
RF: How long are you planning to sit at home?
YT: err.. (??!)(Am I living on your expense? Just, am I?)
RF: Why don't you take help from others?
YT: (yeah, the world is full of philanthropic people, who are always looking out to help others, when they get some time between worrying about their own friggin lives, and making life difficult for others around them. How could I not have realised that? Silly!)
YT: Yeah, mebbe you are right. So thoughtful of you. And I appreciate your concern. Will keep it all in mind. Thankyou! (and burst the poor li'l thing with all that crap! No, Thankyou!)

RF: What do you keep doing?
YT: (Like no one took a vacation or a day off from work ever! What do I do? What do you think I do? masturbate all day? #@%@$%$@!!)
YT: oops! You sound like a manager interrogating her billable staff!! :P
RF: No, really.. what have you been upto?
YT: Guess what, I learned to swim!
RF: wow! that's good.
YT: I know, it's better to use times like this to learn some life saving skills.
RF: Yes, I guess (WTF?)
RF: hmmph. What else?
YT: Planning to re-join my guitar classes. I left that mid-way during the last oh-so-important product update release.
RF: Oh! good.
YT: need to find a good place where they can help me with vocals too.
RF: nice! what else?
YT: have been planning to join a dance class.
RF: mm hmm? (I'm envious of her)
YT: I figured out that there's a Belly Dancing Institute nearby.
RF: Wow! belly dancing?! how exotic!
YT: yeah, its all about investing time into some life saving skills, you see.

There!! Right there! I see them giving me the same look as Marcie's.
And I can't stop laughing since I saw this cartoon strip in today's newspaper.
Talk of life saving skills. One always needs to be prepared, you see!

Btw, "Laughing" is one, incase you didn't realise! :)

Image courtesy: Times of India, Peanuts.

There's this video link which I incidentally bumped into.. Belly dancing never looked anymore cuter!
courtesy: Youtube


  1. glad to see that u r making use of the free time ... way to go

    ... good luck with the job hunt and learning life saving skills

  2. I enjoyed those conversations... I think they were much needed too in some way :)

    Wishing you the very best in the days to come... take care :)


  3. It was nice to read something on the light side after a long time on recession :)

  4. Cute :)
    Keep me updated when u r joining for any life saving skills.. I'll surely tag along :)

  5. @sandeep: thankyous!!
    good luck.. yes, i need them in tons now! very badly. :)

    @arv: they were much needed? you think so?

    @prashant: welcome! and thanks for stopping by to comment :)

    btw, trust me, it isn't all that fun and light n all to be at the receiving end of this crap. REALLY. :{

    @dhanya: hey yeah, sure girl! :)
    Marcie should learn a lesson or two from you.. and some of my well meaning Random Friends too! :)

  6. @ Usha..
    believe me too.. I just did my MBA..so I know how it feels..

  7. gr8 to see u njoyin ur time.. inspite al of those recession break down news...
    do tell which dance u finally selected to join 4???
    ps: i love dancing,(its just tat its classical)

  8. I totally know how it is...
    Infact both me and my hubby knows..
    Close ur ears and pamper urself gurl...This is one of those rare times where vacation is directly allotted from heavens..:)

  9. wow you quit! inchie pinchie - well I did that last year. But I have been unemployed quite a while so can guess how you feel when these questions come your way!!
    But make the best use of it dear! I regret not writing a book in all that time... ahh!

  10. @prashant: oh freak
    well.. same pinch!

    @devil incarnate: belly dancing, it is! totally made up my mind on that. :)
    was in 2 minds about salsa earlier. but then, finding a guy for the sake of that and putting up with him would be too much for it, me thinks.
    you dance too??!! wow! :) wots the genre?

    @jina: vacation from the heavens? :) i like the way it sounds..
    thanks for those words, girl! :)
    you too, take care!

    @cris: wowieee!!! look who's back!! :)
    yeah i quit (under the 'forced to quit' category, that is.. :P)
    im liking this whole cheerfulness thing about ur comment..
    well, trust me, im trying to make the moossst out of it.. what pricks my mind is this big uncertainity element about the whole thing.
    otherwise, i feel a li'l weird at times to realise that mebbe Im kinda happier this way! :P really.

  11. Try WNS Bangalore..... You might be lucky to find a job.

    I am no one to advice, just a fellow blogger.

  12. The video is choooooooo chweet!!!

    I hope you get a job although... spending my days dancing, reading Peanuts and maybe learning an instrument would be GREAT for me!