Tuesday, May 26, 2009

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..

...and when life gives you the chills, go drive some zambonis!

You find nothing too funny about it?
On a regular day, I would've just chuckled over that too..
Though I roared out laughing, today.
And nodding my head vertically (which I realised isn't all that comfy to do, when you're banging your head on the wall too!)

Random conversations with random friends these days have been along similar lines.

Random Friend: What's happening?
Yours Truly: nothing much.. having fun playing games.
RF: what games?
YT: trying to make happen, things that are not happening. And trying to resist things that are happening.
RF: Over Head Transmission!
YT: (As if I know what Im talking!) Same here! :D no wonder we are friends, eh? Same pinch!
RF: (WTF! She's lost it!) Sweety, all well?
YT: :D :D :D I'm smiling.
RF: Honey, You're GRINning.
YT: :| (Lesson learnt: Don't over do things, stupid!)

RF: Hows job hunt going?
YT: No progress. Market's real bad, I tell you.
RF: I feel you are hiding behind this recession facade and not looking out seriously.
YT: (Yeah, as if I'm being paid to do that!) You think so?
RF: Yes. You should be more serious.
YT: hmm (Ah, so that you can advice me to take it easy, then.)
RF: Look out more aggressively.
YT: mm hmm?(Yeah, the delicate darling that I am, need to be told that! *smirk*)
RF: It's been sooooooo long!!
YT: sigh! yeah..(As if I dont know! I keep counting days for heaven's sake! And typing mistake: so doesn't have that many 'o's)
RF: How long are you planning to sit at home?
YT: err.. (??!)(Am I living on your expense? Just, am I?)
RF: Why don't you take help from others?
YT: (yeah, the world is full of philanthropic people, who are always looking out to help others, when they get some time between worrying about their own friggin lives, and making life difficult for others around them. How could I not have realised that? Silly!)
YT: Yeah, mebbe you are right. So thoughtful of you. And I appreciate your concern. Will keep it all in mind. Thankyou! (and burst the poor li'l thing with all that crap! No, Thankyou!)

RF: What do you keep doing?
YT: (Like no one took a vacation or a day off from work ever! What do I do? What do you think I do? masturbate all day? #@%@$%$@!!)
YT: oops! You sound like a manager interrogating her billable staff!! :P
RF: No, really.. what have you been upto?
YT: Guess what, I learned to swim!
RF: wow! that's good.
YT: I know, it's better to use times like this to learn some life saving skills.
RF: Yes, I guess (WTF?)
RF: hmmph. What else?
YT: Planning to re-join my guitar classes. I left that mid-way during the last oh-so-important product update release.
RF: Oh! good.
YT: need to find a good place where they can help me with vocals too.
RF: nice! what else?
YT: have been planning to join a dance class.
RF: mm hmm? (I'm envious of her)
YT: I figured out that there's a Belly Dancing Institute nearby.
RF: Wow! belly dancing?! how exotic!
YT: yeah, its all about investing time into some life saving skills, you see.

There!! Right there! I see them giving me the same look as Marcie's.
And I can't stop laughing since I saw this cartoon strip in today's newspaper.
Talk of life saving skills. One always needs to be prepared, you see!

Btw, "Laughing" is one, incase you didn't realise! :)

Image courtesy: Times of India, Peanuts.

There's this video link which I incidentally bumped into.. Belly dancing never looked anymore cuter!
courtesy: Youtube

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

why do we look back in life?

Sometimes, I look back in time and wonder..
where was I an year back?
what have I been doing then?
what were my thoughts then?
what were my plans then?
what were my dreams then?

Today, I peeped into my e-mail inbox to look at those one year old e-mails.
And I cried.. howled into my pillow.. and wept like a child.

There are some moments in life, we never want to let go off..
and hold on to it, even if it's just supposed to be a withered memory, like many others..
but there's always this urge to think it's real..
like walking into a framed photograph, and living a life in there.
(Incase you are wondering.. No, I'm not Schizophrenic. Not yet. Honest! :) )

Introspection is one thing, and living in the past, another.

How often do you look back in life?
D'you like doing that? Why?
Do you think it's a good idea to do that?
Or should we just look ahead and do our best military march?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Honestly, I swear.

Guess what, my blog gets its first award ever!! *Drumrolls, please*
Yeah I know, I know.. I've also been taught that bragging isn't a nice thing to do and all that. But hey, for a change I'm asked to brag this time, thanks to Dhanya for sharing the Honest Scrap Award with me, and its a li'l more special to me, considering the fact that she's a friend whom I've met up with, after knowing each other through our blogs first. Thanks, Dhanya!! I'm all flattered to know that you still find my blog, honest! :P

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Now for the 10 random 'honest confessions', lemme start it off with the first dishonest / untruthful act of my life, which I can remember.

#1>> At 1st standard, used to rank among the 1st 5 of the class in academics (also in naughtiness quotient) for the 1st two terms in a row. During the course of an year, my naughtiness quotient had taken over my academics, and when I was given my progress card on the first day of 2nd standard, I was ranked 14 in my class. (I never made it to the first 10 ranks ever during school after that, except for twice. Yes. Talk of consistency!) I had no clue how I was going to present this news at home. So, initially, I tried leaving the progress card under the desk and just walked away, hoping the cleaners would just sweep it away. But no, the teacher called me back and gave it to me. I tried dropping it in the corridor, hoping eeryone would just walk all over it and destroy it. But again, someone called me back and gave it to me. I was running out of time. I had to get rid of it somehow before Papa came to pick us up from school. And then it occured to me. I went into the playground, where the kids were all playing and dropped it for good.
I never got to hear about it ever.
I told my parents that I did not get the progress card, somehow.
They must've guessed. But they never taunted me ever about it, somehow.

#2>> Now for a so called truthful act, which I'm finding silly to even state here. But then, there has to be a balance in everything. So here you go..

When I was in 8th std, there was this inhuman and queer rule of not allowing the students to talk in any language other than English, within the school premises. Agatha Christie wannabes from 6th std, used to be let loose by the nuns in the playground, during lunch times. These shady beings would hang around those wide tree trunks, behind the stairs, lurk around the sweet stall, and catch the seniors red-handed in the act (of talking in Malayalam, that is). I was caught once by one of these school sponsored detectives. I had to give her my name and class info. Post lunch, these self proclaimed detectives, used to walk into classrooms with a self important air and call out the culprits from their callsheets, to be produced before the nun in charge. That day, when I was produced before the brain-behind-the-plan nun for punishment, I saw there was only another accused in there, along with me. Apparently, everyone else gave wrong names / wrong class info / a combination of both. I had heard about it, but was lazy to think up something anyways.
The good part was that, the nun was so mad at the rest of the girls, and was so overwhelmed by our honesty, that she literally hugged us. Me and my co-culprit, just winked at each other, while we grinned in utter disbelief. We also made an under-the-table pact that none of us would tell anyone about it, or else we'll be called the stupidest beings alive on the face of Earth.
Yeah, Honesty wasn't a cool thing to do at schools, even then.
Laziness was common. But there was no point in proving our laziness, after the nun had stamped us, "Honest". hmmph.

#3>> I claim that I am brave.
Though during some real difficult and trying situations in life, like a roller coaster ride or a giant wheel, or even a kid Boo ing unexpectedly to scare me, I end up screaming "Mummmmyyy...."
Pretty embarassing that is.. especially with the kids! :(

#4>> I'm good at debating. Even when I know I'm wrong. I don't actually fight. I just state my logical arguments.
It's more like this, implies that, which means this, which is the same as that, which is equal to this. So this = that.
People who don't know me, get confused.
People who know me, just give up.

#5>> My tastebuds have seasonal preferences. I don't like the same kind of food all through the year. Even if it's chocolates. The only exception is : Poppins.

#6>> I was oblivious of the process of procreation, till I was 18. My hostel mates had the last laugh at the harrowed and disgusted look on my face, when one of them took the pains to explain it to me.
I really hoped that was a nasty prank they played.

#7>> I like running away. I have done that stunt quite a lot of times. I do other things to escape something else, and people end up thinking that I was brave enough to do it, while in reality, I might have been just running away from something, anyone else could do. It doesn't always happen that way. But it's happened quite many times.

#8>> I like talking. Nonsense. (The full-stop in between is supposed to be silent. I'm supposed to be honest, you see!)

#9>> I still maintain I'm very girlie, except for when I go out anytime during the day, you'd find a 2 litre bottle of water in my backback, rather than sunscreen and make-up for touch-ups.

#10>> I was so pathetically slim during my adolescent days, that on the last year at college, one of my classmates told me that I should be the last person worrying about an occupation, as he thought, lookwise, I would make a convincing beggar.

Now for the 7 blogs, I would want to share the award with:

Seema - I've found her blog, and her words very true to her heart, and could always connect to what she's talking about.

Div - A lot of depth in her words and thoughts. The USP of the blog is that, it all sounds heartfelt.

Cris - Fresh and Real and Friendly and Honest. I like going back to this blog.

Now, for some bloggers, who probably don't know of my existence. The ones, whose blogs I have been ghost reading for a while. I go back to their blogs and read them, but mostly won't have anything else to say, other than nodding my head vertically, or swallowing that lump in my throat, or smiling with tears welling in my eyes, or just grinning away.



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Thanks for blogging, peoples! :)