Saturday, April 4, 2009

pot pourri

It's been a comparatively happier and happening couple of weeks, now.. the best part being that I've really started to take things lightly, as against 'talking' of taking things lightly.

The second being my eureka moment when I discovered that I really really like being around boring people. Boring, going by the general public perception.. but I like them more, probably because they are as boring as me, which makes me feel more comfy with them!
I realise, the so-called interesting people end up boring me after a while.. mostly they have no depth.. and whatever is there to them, it's all at-your-face kind of thing, which can be quite a put-off. At the same time, I find the apparently boring people, more interesting everytime I get to know something new about them!

And thirdly, the realisation that the bestest of my long-time friends happen to be people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common.. no same view-points / thought processes / ambitions / aims / likes and dislikes. What binds us together is a whole lot of respect, unconditional support, unrelenting love and total faith in each other. And they also keep my interest levels in them healthy by sharing their view points, most of which are different and thought-provoking for me.

hmm.. It's as though I've got a summer vacation all set aside for some self-discovery. Well, whatever!


Sankey Tankey!!

That's what I call the most loved lake of the city... Re-discovered the place again a couple of weekends back for a happy happy evening stroll.. The thing about this place is that it's totally worth the 10km ride, what with Bangalore traffic police's idea of toggling one ways for fun, hiding around corners and then jumping at unsuspecting drivers for added adventure.

Malleswaram is just as charming as ever. If you happen to be one of those unlucky few who is yet to experience this part of the city, then please do check it out!
Incase you don't have friends there, carry a copy of this blog-post by a die-hard Bangalore enthusiast blogger. I swear, I carried a printout of this, along with an Eicher city map and my sister (it's always better to experience good things in life with good company).

Btw, did someone notice the waterspray-screen ad that the Aircel folks have put up there? Some awesome show! For the not-so-tech-savvy's: It's this technique of using the good old projector to play video on to a screen created by water-spray. The results are more spectacular than what it sounds like...

...err.. or what it looks like in the pic, for that matter!

And whoever said man-made lakes are boring?! For one, Sankey Tank always reminds me of another one of them, beauties..

The Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh..
Feeding ducklings on a pinkish blue winter morning..
Late evening strolls with good friends, munching on channa choor..
And even that bizarre late evening walk with a bunch of team mates, when a couple of horny stray dogs decided to indulge in some PDA along the walkway some 20 feet right in front of us, much to the horror of the whole team struggling to maintain their professional decorum and walking as though the dogs were non-existent..
The whole situation was so hilarious, it was tough to suppress the urge to laugh my head off, which almost had my eyes welling up with tears.. to which one of them chauvinistic guys in the team gave me that smirk, which said "silly sensitive girls.. anything is enough to outrage them enough to cry! I hate this species!" :))

Somehow the dogs in Sankey Tank seemed not-so-sexually-active types, and I even found one of them indulging in some serious moral policing, harassing a harmlessly coochie-cooing couple.. I thought I almost saw some sene badge on him! Gawd, Bangalore is really going to the dogs, or what? :|


Happy Ugadi!

Ugadi was nice this year, what with me getting to taste the Ugadi pachhadi for the first time, thanks to good friends Suni and Sundar. For regional harmony's sake, we even got them some Ada-pradaman, which somehow turned out to be the bestest compared to our earlier trysts with it. (The secret to which, was some generous use of bananas + simmering the jaggery syrup a bit too longer, just before it reaches caramelisation.) Sundar wasn't around at the kitchen, as he thought there were already too many cooks to spoil the lunch.. but he did make it a point to tell us that he usually helps Suni in the kitchen, so that I don't haul him up at my blog for mis-treatment of wife. Sundar, we solely trust your word at that and be nice to you just for the fact that you praised our ada-pradhaman! :D

Wish you all a very very prosperous new year peoples! Belated Ugadi wishes! :)



As an 8 year old, I shrieked at Papa's idea of sending us to a summer camp to learn swimming. "What are you saying? I am a big girl now.. Can't wear something skimpy as a swimsuit and go learn it with the guys! huff."

Now, at 30, I'm going to do just that, minus all that drama.
All of a sudden, I find myself worrying about a 101 things like
#what if I turn out to be hydrophobic or something!
#what if I drown in the pool and no-one realises it.
I'm contemplating on exchanging my black swimsuit to something more bright and visible, so that I'd be saved, just in case!
#will I puke if I see some gross looking big burly flabby man in a swimsuit? aargh!

Nonetheless, I'm all too excited about it, and boasting around that it was worth the wait to learn as I'd be learning from an Olympian, and all! :P


What's the movie tonight?

I got to watch 'Straight' the other day. Light, nice, comfortably boring, and disappointing to an extent, as one feels it could've explored more possibilities and gone a bit too deep, what with an actor like Vinay Pathak to pull it through. But unfortunately, it didn't. I'd still vote for a one-time dekko. I did catch myself laughing quite many times in between. :) If you liked Parvati's other movie, Rules, then you might like this as well.

For a while, my fave bollywood hero's been Farhan Akhtar, but that's before he started acting. Sigh! I found 'Luck by Chance' disappointing considering the hype it created, and thought Konkona was the only saving grace. I kinda liked 'Rock On', but thought he did a better job at showing off the fact that he's been working hard on his body, than acting per se. Anyways, for me, he's moved out to make way for Vinay Pathak now. Isn't he adorable? Right now, he's placed half-a-point above Abhay Deol on the scale. :)

Talking of movies, the one I'm excited about right now is 'To Harihar Nagar'. The 1st part had us in splits, and I really really hope this sequel lives upto it!

I'm very skeptical about 8X10 though.. I just can't bring myself to imagine that Nagesh Kukunoor can make an action thriller.. somehow! :| I've liked his other movies for their sensitivity and simplicity. So.

update: I watched the movie, and I found it good. Good change from the Abbas-Mastaan thrillers we're used to. Though there were many bloopers and loopholes in it.. more than I can count on my fingers. Why do makers of Bollywood thrillers think that we are morons?


In other news, I've been getting really really serious about studies, what with me spending a comfortable 6+ hours on it very diligently, without getting bored or bugged up. And I'm surprised at how smartly I've been fooling myself all this time, that probably I'm getting too old to study!

Hema thinks, chuddy buddy Dimple could be the reason for me taking it seriously, and I wouldn't contest it, as she's proving to be the most motivating remote manager I ever worked with. I'm submitting status reports, and having 1:1s twice a week now. (Yes, I'm serious) Good friends can be great task masters too. And who's complaining, anyways?!

Also, the recommendation of the week is Commercial Street. I hung around the place two days in a row, last weekend, and didn't get bored a bit. On an afterthought, have you ever heard any girl talk about getting bored out there? Nah, me neither! ;)

Have a lovely week ahead, peoples! :)


  1. wow... thats one lovely round of all events..

    glad you had a lovely time mate...

    take care... cheers...

  2. And I am back!
    So this is what pot pourri is!
    A lot of stars :D - and I mean *
    What are you studying girl? Welcome to the world of old age students! I am the chairman.

  3. studying still..hehe..let me address you as a kid even though you are older..LOL!!;-D

    dogs doin moral policing..hahha..the times...

  4. U like to be around boring ppl ?
    That's some valid discovery...LOL..

    Let ur tribe grow further....he..he.

  5. he he nice potpouri :)
    n I guess I'll also be in the boring people category :)

  6. @arv: cheers! :)

    @cris: daangoo, chair(wo)man maadam.. humbly trying to get through two certifications.. everyday, I realise it's not my cup of tea, and everyday, I yell at myself to shut up and study! Not easy at all, I say.. though I feel super good when I e-mail my status report to my friend!

    @mathew: pazhutha ila veezhumbo, pacha ila chhirikkum.. sigh!

  7. @sundar: tadhastu! :)
    that would mean, more friends for me.. which is good! :D

    most of us are all regular types you know.. all it takes for us is to accept that fact rather than desperately screaming out loud: "I'm also a YO YO dude/ dudette"

    @anoop: dankes! :)

    @dhanya: well, i've had real happy times whenever we caught up! would that make you a bore as per my theory?
    ok, why dont you answer this qn: D'you like making friends with boring ppl? (psst psst.. ppl like me, that is..)

    If yes, then lets shake hands and step into the happily boring friends' club! :)

  8. :) hmm kooool........ njoyin alround......gr888

    u like borin ppl......... i guess soon i am gonna fall in2 tat category.. my frnds hav started tellin me these days... tat i am bcmin borin...njoyin the lones life.....

  9. @devil: ah, welcome to the gang!! :)

    @cris: i guess i missed out to write that I'm looking out for a job too.. and that's a full time activity in itself, and trust me, a really challenging one at that during times like these.

  10. Hey ! I pass through Sankey Takey ! twice every day...

    Next time i will wave ok :-)

  11. Hi Usha, this is the Sundar you mentioned in the blog. Thank you for not hauling me up :-)
    Your post is nice, entertaining and light-hearted as always :-)

  12. @santosh: ok ok :D

    @sundar: THE sundar. :) thanks for clarifying.. i was wondering if the other sundar was you!
    n thanks for all the kind words! :)
    wow, you folks make my day!

  13. so ... did u watch 2 harihar nagar? considering the fact that u've repeatedly mentioned the 1st hariharnagar in many of ur posts, i was expecting atleast one full post on part - 2 :)

  14. What's so bad about being friends with boring people? I find it boring that so many comments have picked that one up :-)

    Beauty and boring are just from the POV of those who observe.

    "Boring" is just straying from the "norms" laid down by "cool" people. Age too makes a difference - what used to look "cool" yesterday may look superficial tomorrow. So, be with "boring" people and enjoy life in a different way :-)

    May you find many "boring" friends :-) :-)

  15. @sandeep: no, Im yet to. was planning to go watch it with some good old mallu friends who're busier than the folks at the election commission of india now. So. :|
    Did you get a chance to watch it? how did you like it?

    @eswar: long time! :)

    even I'm surprised at how everyone picked up on that one, and that includes you too, btw! :D
    too many 'boring ppl empathisers' around, I say!
    yeah you're right. 'boring' is way too subjective.
    and who's complaining anyways! thanks for the wish!

  16. just like part 1, first half is a laugh riot and 2nd half is a detective story :) i felt the last 10 minutes is a bit too sentimental ... but still worth the time spent

    u better make it fast, since the hall is already empty and they will change it soon. i found out when i went for a 2nd time with parent :)

  17. @sandeep: hey danks! me just got to watch it last sunday..yay!!! awwwesome wonly. wot a sequel, I say!
    Appukkuttan left me in splits (as always). I'm also planning to watch it all over, just to find out how the other guy managed to pull it off. was too busy laughing to notice anything else! :D