Monday, March 2, 2009

Tell you what..

One more time someone's going to get started with an advicing spree and I swear I'm going to hit their head with the frying pan (yeah, I can afford to do that now..the teflon coating's coming off, so I'm getting a new one now). The last few weeks I've been bombarded with "How To's" and "Why To's" and "What To's" to such a great extent that I've made up my mind, I've already lived through this year's quota of unsolicited free advice. So, if you have more advice for me, see you in 2010!!! :) *angelic smile, with fluttering eyelids*

I generally prefer donning my soft-spoken avtar, which implies not reacting with "GO TO HELLLLs", but with "Do you mind taking a long walk alone to hell? err.. if you don't mind, that is.. " with a nice toothie grin which's very tactfully executed to look like an angelic smile (some people claim to have seen a halo around my head when I do that.. no, really! :P). Though I've been feeling heavily challenged this time by a string of questions, by a bunch of people who made me wish I knew this trick of doing a disappearing act or something, you know.. The moment they start with their "Hey Usha.. so, what's happening?.." I would've gone pooof!! how much fun that would've been! but no, I had to smile at them and answer their silly questions, all the time consoling myself that this would be the last time I'm seeing them.. hmmph..

btw, it's eureka time!!!! I cracked the code of why I get bored of some people very soon. I've always thought that it's highly unthoughtful and unkind of me, but now atleast I know the reason. Okay, or so I think...

My theory is that :
#1: Some people are good at marketing themselves. Nothing wrong with it! That works well for the 1st impression. I fall for it just like anyone else, only to realise that it's alllll that's there about them. What fun is a book,if you have the whole story written on the cover page, I say? Makes sense, no?
#2: Some are better off at this skill than the earlier lot.. they cook-up make believe stories to sound interesting.. the thing is you open those books to find only blank pages.. or worse still, no pages at all. Now you wouldn't call a book like that interesting, no?
(ps: Thanks Cris, for asking me this question once! See, I think too! okay.. once in a whiiiiile... but still, I did no? no no.. it's ok.. you can buy me a chocolate for all this hardwork! see, I'm kind too! :D)

The biggest showdown of this period was staged by my dear laptop, who's currently cooling his heels among a bunch of newspapers and the telephone directory, stacked away in the lower rack of the TV stand.. His monitor conked, just when I had big plans for him (read: lotsa work). I've been running around for most of the week, trying to get it fixed. They all said they were sorry they couldn't find another compatible monitor for a laptop as primitive.. err.. I mean, 'precious' as him. (I wouldn't want to hurt his sentiments, you know..). Finally I ended up getting a new one, amidst high drama and heartburn, which saw me running to the mall late in the evening just before they pulled down the shutters.. Did I tell you, I was desperate? well.. that would be an understatement. btw, this is the first blogpost from the new laptop! cheers to that! :)

Though online life is something hard to live w/o, I realised I could do away without the television!!! yeah! I've succesfully completed two months of life with a blank TV and no cable connection. Result of a showdown with the cablewala who thought of duping me into paying an extra month's charge by spinning stories.. I have been reading about all the other branded service providers just a day back, so I asked him to pack up his stuff and leave for good. On further research, I realised the branded ones are even worse. Only that they loot us a li'l more professionally, armed with their 'Terms and conditions' which are 'subject to change with no prior notice'. How kind. :| Net result is that I'm living a TV-less life now, and the good news is that I'm not missing it either. It has been replaced with newsapers and trips out in the evening to anyplace.. just about anyplace, for just about any reason. Though I find myself going to the petrol bunk way too often than anything, that I guess I would now qualify to ask for some membership card or discounts there. :|

I've been cooking my food too, quite often these days.. which is good.. better is the fact that we're experimenting too. So we got this Black current fruit crush (which is supposedly a jelly like variant of good old squash) that is purple in color.. more on the lines of that wicked Potassium Permanganate.. now we're having it as spreads with rotis and buns. purple spreads!! buhuhahaha.. (for some reason, it makes me feel evil) Somehow I find them pretty appetising this time. Which is a breakthrough achievement for me, who used to find the idea of a black current ice-cream, highly repulsive, for its color.
Guess we took the experimentation a li'l over the top, when we went to M's place this weekend to celebrate her home-alone time. Had golgappas at her place with home-made pani, meetha pani, bhakarwadi, raw green peas, channe ki dal and laddus. (basically, everything else that was available and could be stuffed in w/o cooking) I wasn't feeling all that experimental that day, though Hem and M were both in full form! Loved that evening. Nothing better that lazing out and catching up with a good friend, I say. Discovered HSR Layout this time.. In the coming days, I'm planning to go checkout other places around the Bangalore I know.

On the down side, there were things that were happening back at home, which made us realise that our parents are growing old.. to know that you can neither afford to be near them, nor away from them, when you have to be.. you can neither be dependant nor can you be independant of them.. There are things that need to be worked out, there. How, What, I'm not too sure right now..

I've been living this secluded life since the past one month now, which means I spend most of the day all alone with almost no interaction with any other souls. But the interesting part is that I've been learning a lot about people in general during this sabbatical.. and once again, I learned to be friends with myself, something that I had more or less forgotten.

Generally it's been a time which saw me go through a lot of highs and lows, bliss and frustrations, uncertainities and tranquility, all at the same time. Things will be alright, I know.. and it's going to be better, 'coz everytime I've hit similar terrains in life, it has always led to things way better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for what's to come! :)

Ok, let's leave all that for now.. another disaster that happened this weekend was this movie we watched.. the Delhi-6 one. Disappointing, which is an understatement, considering the fact that I did not have any expectations out of it anyways. Guess Rake'y'sh Mehra makes better movies w/o that extra "Y"! :P Talking of which, I didn't quite like RDB either! Guess I have a problem with not-so-happy endings. Ok, it had a message and all, but it dint quite suit my taste, mebbe. On the other hand, I liked SM, btw, though everyone's highly critical about that sweet li'l movie for some reason. It's my idea of this positive, optimistic story for a movie. decently paced, and tastefully executed. That's what I expect when I go to watch a Bollywood movie.. and for me, it delivered! Let's be nice and give them the credits! :) And yeah, for the first time ever, I found a take on Devdas interesting! I've always hated that story of a loser, despite the presence of two very strong women in it. The difference with DevD is that they didn't bother much to glorify the misery or overdo the melodrama as in the original storyline. The brutally blunt way in which the story was told, made it a treat to watch. Probably, the fact that the loser happens to be a 'cute' loser too, helped! ;) Talking of movies, our new laptop was inaugurated by screening the movie 'In Harihar Nagar'. We still found it super hilarious, even when we always knew what's coming!! What we realised this time was that it is a Brilliant movie too!

Okies, guess I've been doing a hell lot of bakbak for now.. hmmph.. so much for making up for my on-n-off posts. I'll try and be more regular now on.. now that I no longer have that bahana of a whitening out monitor.
Buhbyes for now! :)


  1. congratz on the new lappie - which one did you get? and may the soul of your poor old lappie rest in peace :)

    unsolicited advice - if you find a way to vanish, please let me know.. i have a heavy overdose of it delivered@ my doorstep almost every day..sigh!

    and hey, congratz for uncoupling urself from the TV :) do roam around a lot, and read more - they are highly rewarding :)

    the people-book comparison was spot on :) what is of interest if the book ahve whole story in the cover, or worse, the book dont even have pages...

    btw, some of us do a lalbag walk every 3rd sunday of the month.. if you r interested to join, do drop me a mail - my mail id is there in my profile... would love to see you there...

  2. Sounds like you had it all going there :)

    I agree with that sans tv part... my last business trip abroad saw no tv and more internet :)...

    interesting combo with the crush and buns... hmmm...

    take care and have a nice day... cheers...

  3. I've subscribed thru' RSS, to some 20 interesting bloggers and from most of them I get almost daily feeds for reading, though I don't post any comments (na..I'm not lazy..just like that)...

    But for quite some time not read anyone from you...

    So the issue was with that primitive lappy....

    Glad u got a new one..and see the first post from the new lappy is brimming with enthu...he..he..

    keep posting....

  4. OMG. So freaky, I busted my laptop too and waiting for my new one to come :-) and I don't have a frying pan, guess a wok will do.

  5. Good to see you back with a long post :) Had tried calling you, but no one picked up.. Were you scared of more advices? :P
    I also had a 1 year sabbatical from TV when my landlord fought with the cable guy and asked him to take away all the connections in the premises. At that time I didn't have broadband n it was too maddening. But once I got broadband I forgot TV :P Even now I'm more loyal to broadband than TV :)
    And you seems to be in a movie watching spree.. Haven't watched any of those new ones.. :(

  6. "In Harihar Nagar" you can watch it umpteen number of times isnt!;-D

    I have not been watching TV for past 2 years as well..though for me its a forced abstainment due to lack of english channels in german land...and somehow I dont miss it now..though am quite addicted to internet...

  7. I can't get a new laptop....I am already in debt....Yeah Dev D really worked for me .... I forgive Anurag Kashyap for "No Smoking"

  8. @xh: dankes!! :) i got a hp pavilion dv5 1102. pretty neat.. except for those statics which seem to affect only me.. the case is metallic! :(

    lalbagh walk.. sounds nice.. dankes for the invit'n! :) though my sunday morning's are always reserved for indulging in something more blissful, u know! lazy kumbhakarn i am!

    @arv: yeah,interesting combo,that was! + its pretty easier spreading crush than jam! lazy ppl's fave,I say! ;)

    @sundar: na, 'precious', is the word! so what if it is eating dust right now! :P
    thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

    @seema: will do,will do!! :D
    aiyo! same pinch for laptop busting too,is it? as if the advicing one wasn't enough.. dont tell me you lost your job too!!
    freaky, yeah, ryt!

  9. @dhanya: *sheepish grin* u know that! :)
    know what, i've been hiding my mobile under the pillow, in the other room.. conviniently not charging n everything... im more or less out of that phobia now.. will ping u sometime soon!! long time, no?
    what, no movie watching?? call me over if you're missing just have to sponsor my tickets!! :P ;)
    talk to you soon, girl! :)

    @mathew: yeah, it's been my favorite since i saw it first!
    went n got a collection of them old movies.. the srinivasam-mohanlal combo ones! nothing beats them, I say!

    and yeah,you're right,we just end up finding alternate addictions! :)

    @vaisakh: very much!
    obvious, aint it?

    @akshay: debt in the times of recession? God bless your soul. Amen.
    n no, I can't forgive anyone for 'No Smoking', not even John Abraham, you see! :|
    Thanks for stopping by to comment!