Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'singles are unlucky', did you know that?

Waiiiit!! Before all the singles around start throwing whatever-they-could-get-their-hands-on at me, kindly let me clarify that I'm talking about those harmless li'l dangles.. yeah the kinda ones women hang on their earlobes.. Okay okay... not alllll that 'harmless', mebbe.. going by what some guy friends would swear on.
Now What?! I was just talking about them making the guys skip a heartbeat and fall head over heels for the bearer of the dangles.. And what were you thinking, dirty, perverted minds? :D

Ok, so the thing is: yours faithfully has developed this taste for collecting dangles since the past 8 months or so, thanks to Su and M, who made me wait on them at all kinda ladies' fancy stores whenever we went shopping. I munched on pop-corn for a while, tried to make faces and scare that li'l girl who was fooling around in the shop (pretty much like me) while her Mom dug her head into a box of designer bindis, indulged in some salesman harassment for fun, helped my friends decide between two neckpieces (that looked strikingly similar to me. You know how thoughtfully helpful I am.. I did a quick eenie-meenie in my head, and told her exactly what to choose. She still thanks me for helping her make that brilliant choice, and swears on my fine taste :P), gave some very valuable gyan to the other friend on how asymmetric patterns in jewellery are totally classy (duh!).. and at the end of that ordeal, I found myself buying a couple of them, silly things for myself..

Now, the problem is that I've become a compulsive shopper of dangles, the kinds who would sift maniacally through loads and loads of ear-rings, hunting for that perfect piece as if their life hangs on it. So the other day, I was on with another such dangle-hunt, when I bumped into this piece which seemed to have lost its pair. And I suddenly make up my mind that my heart's all set on getting only that, and start harassing the salesman to find me another twin of that set. He started acting weird, and then told me empathetically that single ear-rings w/o their pair are soo sooo unlucky! 'dikhe, toh bhi andekha kar dena chahiye'.. I just put it back on impulse (rather dug into the stack and hid it underneath) and he gave me that pitiful look at my plight for having brought down all that ill-luck on myself.. How sad!

Hem wasn't all that convinced. Her gyan-speak: 'Silly lazybum's excuse for not finding its pair, I say! Remember Ramani Ayah of kindergarten, who'd scare us kids by telling us stories so that we don't pester her with our soo-soo calls every now and then? Stories of this ghost who lived in the toilet and killed the kids whom he liked? And the one about the lone rocking chair which was spotted there, and the other one about a kid's little finger wiggling in the air during evenings? Same case only!'

I came back home, and the first thing I did after trying on all my newly acquired jewellery to my satisfaction, was to throw away that single dangle I had been treasuring since a while now.. (yeah, the 1st one I got when I went with Su and M. I lost its pair on the very first day I wore it. Talk of inexperience!).. Hem smirked, but then it's OK.. I have this habit of doing things which always call for that reaction from her. Hmm.. so much for getting rid of my ill-luck. I'm suddenly feeling very lucky, altogether! :D

Which made me realise how superstitious I've been getting of late. I can trace it all back to that silly old 'One for sorrow, Two for joy' thingi during primary school, and the even siller 'pass my sorrow pinch' ritual after which you need to cross your fingers to make sure that the bad luck doesn't come back to you. Psst psst.. tell you what, I still practice that very religiously till date. I do feel guilty at times when I pass it on to that innocent looking spoon in the ice-cream tub or that random tree in the park which can't pinch me back. :| But still, I have to get rid of my bad luck, don't I?

Shucks, now Im feeling all silly to have shared my secret superstition with you. Let's get even with this.. Why don't you tell me your secret superstitions? I swear, I won't tell anyone. God Promise! :D

ps: Did anyone watch 13B, yet? I'm dying to watch it. But can't afford to get carried away by it and scare myself to death, more so because I'm spending most of my time alone at home these days. Is it way too spooky? or okie-dokies?


  1. is it like the single-mynah / double-mynah thingie? if yes, u cud cancel the effect of single-dangle by picking up a proper pair :)

  2. hmmm... I dont think that its silly at all... am a footie fan and I have a loads of superstitious beliefs to go with it and other things in life...

    I remember that one thing stuff... but i can see the one sided dangles as a kewl thing :)

    take care and have a nice day... cheers...

  3. superstitious...whenever I buy Cola, I think it is unlucky if I dont buy the rum as well.

  4. @sandeep: ekjactly! it's like the same old mynah thingie, i guess!
    well, picking up a proper pair was my initial intension, but then the words of wisdom from the wise old salesman made me change my mind! :D

    @arv: wow! footie fan, are you? so, you wouldn't get up from your fave chair to get some water in the middle of the match...
    or you would sit with your left leg crossed above your right when your fave team gets a corner shot?
    or wear the worn-out blue t-shirt, even if you have to take it out right from the laundry bag, 'coz its lucky for the team? :D
    I have a few friends who do all that! :) It's actually fun to do stuff like that once in a while, right?

    @mathew: :)))) lolz!
    mathew = mathew only!
    I give up! aayudham vechu keezhadangi

  5. hm.. i still look for the old myna thing :)

    and when i ride, i never look at my watch while I ride. i dunno why, but i don't look at my watch, and i don't predict the reaching time of any ride :)

    hm.. and then - there are some rings and wrist bands and chains, which i believe,brings bad luck... well, the list goes on :|

  6. Lovely blog and beautiful post Usha! I will come back, for sure.... :-)

  7. I agree with Sreejith.

    I'll visit u some more.

    Anand. :-)

  8. I have this lucky 20 paise coin that never leaves my wallet (partly because it can buy nothing these days!). I once took it out of my wallet by mistake - it was in my shirt pocket. That day, my wallet got stolen. Its been in all my future wallets since, and I haven't lost a single one!

  9. well.. yeah... there are specific rituals for freekicks and penalties and so on and that too based on who is gonna shoot... lol...

    its fun as long as it works :)

  10. Silly Superstitions...hmmm Usha you know it happened one winters that a kambal kidha (an insect with thorns on its back..the moment you touch it, it sheds its thorns on your hands)went through my neck. It was painful. Later on I went through a real tough patch of my life. Next time again the same thing I am hopelessly scared of the poor insect.
    And the same with breaking a mirror. Heard somewhere that if you break a mirror, it brings many years of bad luck.

    And of course who can forget the poor cat, who if happens to cross your path...

  11. @anoop: yeah, and when by chance we sight a long mynah, its silly at times to think about how desperatley we scan the area for another one to complete a pair so that we can tell ourselves "Two for joy!" :D

    and well that 'not looking at time while driving' is actually a good habit, i guess.. i need to develop that.. i keep checking the time every now and then, and also, u know the kind of speculation around reaching time, especially when you are driving on bangalore roads!

    @sreejith, anand: Thanks for stopping by!

    @aandthirtyeights: i know, i know.. i have lost two of them scientific calculators during college. And one of them miraculously found its way back to me. It was in a pouch which had a copy of this pic of Jesus Christ in it. I still make sure I keep it in the case that houses my debit cards n stuff..

    I dont have a healthy relationship with wallets though. I had got a gorgeous looking black n silver wallet years back. I started using it, and I resigned my job around the same time. I hid it someplace for years before taking it out for the 2nd time and I lost my job!
    Dunno if it's a co-incidence or a matter of inheritance as I've never seen my Papa use a wallet either. He used to say some of them are unlucky for the user. It affects their source of income. Spooky, no? lolz.

    @arv: yeah, you're righ! most of them somehow seem to work always, touchwood! :D

  12. @shalini: shaloooo!! what a pleasant surprise, I say! long time since I found you here! :) I'm all smiles..

    sheesh.. I'm always petrified of this kambal keeda thingie, even otherwise.. the sight of it is enough to give me the creeps!

    oh yes, the 7 yr bad-luck phenomenon on breaking mirrors.. I still remember one of my college hostel roommies getting mad at my other roommie for having broken her mirror by mistake! :| n hey, they have the same thing for oil-bottles too, I guess!

  13. I also know the mynah story and whenever I see them, the thought passes. But so far I can never think of a day where I have got good/bad luck coz of that.
    I have also heard of breaking glass and twitching of eyes. But again no proof that something has really happened..Maybe I'm too forgetful ;)

  14. i am in love with this space :) you write so good!! would come back to read ur prev posts.
    like dhanya said, i also used to believe in this mynah story, but lately i havnt seen a mynah :P

  15. Hello
    It has a nice blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from my country, Portugal

  16. @Dhanya:uyyo! actually for me, I remember something bad happening that day at school when I had spotted one of them in the morning.. I must've probably got some imposition or punishment(which was more or less a regular ritual) i guess.. dont quite remember! but im way too wary about it,for sure!
    twitching of eyes.. yeah i've heard of that, but i dont quite remember many mishaps associated with that, thankfully! so, as of now, I'm not a slave of that superstition! :D

    @sawan: that's very generous of you. Thankyous! :)
    Oh ok, for places where there is scarcity of mynah's, we used to have this substitute of crows (the ones with blackened necks.. not the regular greyed ones.. called 'balikaaka' in malayalam).

    @luis: How sweet is that! Thanks, Luis!

  17. i know about balikkakka, but i never knew the it was a substitute of mynah :P

  18. I never knew that singles were unlucky. "dikhe, toh bhi andekha kar dena chahiye" LOL.
    I have this 25 paise that I got from vaishno devi temple in Jammu all wrapped up in a red silk cloth piece in my wallet for the past 10 years. It is meant for prosperity but I don't see any dollars living in my wallet for long. :(

  19. Hi. Awesome blog with great content. I'm seriously in love with the way you write articles. I mean i can imagine the way your mind things when you sit in from of your computer and start pouring your heart. Anyways I'm HS Sandesh from Bangalore and it would be my privilege to have your link on my site. Can we exchange Links..?? Have Fun..CHEERS


  20. here's mine: i never start working on a homework/exam/presentation anymore that 12 hrs before it's due.

    The last time I did that, i finished well before the due time, decided to take a nap, overslept, and lost points for being late.

  21. Hmmm.... superstitious, even i am pretty much in2 this....
    my mom giftd me ear rings(pretty rare of a kind) which i find very luck 4 me........ so most of the daysz u can find me wearing that...

  22. @sawan: well, you know that, 'when in the land of romans..' story, don't you! :)

    @seema: oh i dint know you carry antique pieces in your purse!! :P
    btw, probably that 25 paise's idea of prosperity was the no. of dollars coming into it, than what stays! what say? ;)
    btw, vaishno devi is some place very close to heart. i cant wait for the next time i go there!

    @sandesh: oh thanks for letting me know that you think my heart's fluid enough to pour! :P
    linking is always welcome, and thanks for stopping by! :)

    @rukmani: lolz! loved the 12hr logic!

    @devil: that's sweet! :)
    btw, even i wear the same boring old pair of ear-rings everyday.. not for luck, though.. just out of sheer laziness. :|

  23. lol, i kinda forgot :) wud luv to hear tht from ya again :P

  24. I have not seen 13B, i have heard 13B. yes i mean it, i have heard 13B

    I asked a collegeue at the cafeteria, if he had seeen this and that chap took the next 30 minutes to narrate me the movie with sound effects, screenplay et all !!

  25. @sawan: yeah yeah, some people around are taking me granted for a good old story telling amooma, i say! :D

    @santosh: what a spoiler, the dude was, eh! we need to teach ppl some movie reviewing etiquettes.. to spare the detailed storyline atleast for the suspense thrillers.
    hmm.. seems like i'll also have to find a good old story telling amooma to narrate the story to me too! :P

  26. Here was something that went on from my school days: If I took even a small break from TV in the middle of a cricket match, India would lose. It happened every single time :-) (I only had ad breaks, lunch breaks and drink breaks to take a break)

    It changed about 4-5 years ago - Even if I watched a single ball, India had 62.89% chance of losing. So, I stopped watching cricket conveniently :-)

    Here's another thing: If I tell anybody else openly about something I only knew or planning to do, it won't happen. So, may be I can watch Cricket here after ;-)

    Superstitions are mostly mind games played when

    1) When we do not want something to fail but have no control over it (sports events)
    2) Strange coincidences - when X happened, Y followed.
    3) Habits which we do not need to alter to get better (not looking at the watch when riding)
    4) Sentimental attachments
    5) Other people unleash their dreadful fears upon us :-)

  27. @eswar: uyyo! you make it all sound like science, there!

    i'd rather have these superstitions and quirks hang around, for some element of drama in our otherwise mundane lives.. you know, something to fret about, and do some 'natak' about.. just like that! :P