Saturday, February 7, 2009

You don't choose your angels, do you?

God has his own ways of reaching out to us..
He chooses the ones through whom he means to touch our lives.
You never get to know them until the moment you have to hit an (God forbid)F1 in life.
It's amusing to see the way some do their Alt-F4 act, and it's doubly amazing to see some totally unexpected windows pop-up on the screen with a pinch of pleasant surprises.
God bless those Angels.
Thanks for being there! :)


  1. Waittt... this is somthing i can say "very true" blindly. Coz i have met some of the most intersting and loving ppl in the world, whn i thought i dnt need anyone, i bettr stay alone.....

    They jst become a part of our alive with us realising nd one day u jst realise that, wt if they were not there?

  2. Hmm... i have found so many angels in strangers who became friends and I have found angels in friends who became strangers...

    Can't say much, except that probably you are right:-)

  3. thats a unique way of expressing gratitude to someone.:-)

  4. @devil incarnate: yeah, they take you by surprise, most of the time! :)

    @orange: "and I have found angels in friends who became strangers..." you're so right there.. most of these angels happen for a reason, and then they just disappear into the oblivion. sad, we can't expect them to be around forever. But then, some do hang around.. and I count them in when I count on my blessings. :)

    @mathew: :) not quite some'one'.. a bunch of them, actually..
    lucky me, no? :)

  5. Some may change while Some dont but some how they have always been there when needed the most... I love them too :)

    nice post...

    take care... cheers...