Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What drives you?

Being hunted?
Being deprived?

Or is it something else?
What is it that drives you? and why?
alright, i know that sounds all like one of those beauty pageant question.. kindly excuse the tone! :P

I just realised that challenges drive me.. and to think that I've always thought that I'm a laid back person, true to being my lazy Leo self n all that.
I had this eureka moment today (no, not in the bathtub) when I realised that I'm at my best when I'm challenged.
And it's good to be hungry. It makes you get out there and hunt!


  1. really a nice question,. what drives me??
    hunger doesn't drive me since i am not deprived of foosd

  2. Hmmmmm, gr8 qstn.
    wT Drives me.... i guess its the thought of "Live life to the fullest, nomatter wt " that really drives me to do the craziest, impossible(according to others),and adventures things and make it sound as simple as posible.

    By the way i hav a frnd like u, who is driven by challenges. If i want him to do his best, the best way is to challenge him.

  3. It depends... sometimes it is the success while sometimes failure...

    life makes us find different factors to drive us forward :)

    nice post... take care mate.. cheers...

  4. Oopsie doopsie! Stumbling into something like that is awesome! Congratulations! This kind of good news stumble doesn't hurt at all... What drives me? Growth and everything that comes with it... challenge, change and (hot)chocolate fudge:-)

  5. @kunal: :) OK.

    @devil incarnate: that's an awesome attitude to have! :)

    @arv: you said it!
    life always gives us interestlingly different reasons to drive us forward. thankyous!

    @orange: hot chocolate fudge?! :D
    cool, i say!!
    actually, hot chocolate fudge makes me grow too.. grow fat, that is! :P but then, who cares about that as long as I have a blissful spoonful of it, melting away in my mouth! :)

  6. I agree.. from one Leo to another.. I like the way you sum it up:
    "And it's good to be hungry. It makes you get out there and hunt!"

    :) :)

  7. @usha: it takes a leo to see the point in that,you bet! :)
    Thanks for stopping by, Usha! :)
    ps: I like it when I bump into Usha's, specifically if I dont have to suffix it with an 'Aunty',which is what happens regularly! :P
    I'm glad you stopped by! :)

  8. From one laid back person to another - most of the times my motivation to "just finish it" and return to my lazy self drives me :-)

    Success - feels good

    Failure - A chance to review and learn mistakes

    Hunger (to learn / for knowledge) - Could be

    Spirituality - My Underlying current.

    Love, Peace, Anger, Aggression, Being Deprived, Being Hunted, Religion, Values, Principles -> More emotional ones. Emotion can act as a great catalyst, but an overdose can turn ugly

    Complacency - Hmmm... sometimes days of not doing anything productive can drive me crazy :-P

    Change - Yep! I do not want to be caught in a routine.

    Dreams - An escapism.

    PS: BTW, should I tell God to provide drive to you to write another wonderful travelogue? :-)