Sunday, February 8, 2009

quirky? who, me?

Whatever goes around, comes around..
And so, good blog-friend Santosh decided to give me a dose of my own medicine and tag me for all those year long tagging tortures I had unleashed on him mercilessly. :D
(hmm.. i liked the way the line turned up.. makes me feel all evil! *evil grin*)

Rules of the tag:
1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged

The moment I was told I'm tagged for listing my quirks n me was like.. 'oh, that should be easy like butter.. bole toh makkhan'.. but then, I wasn't all that right.. Quirks are more like one's trademark traits.. you don't even realise your own quirks, unless people around point it out to you as 'different' and quirky.. so, for the next few days, I had to watch my responses closely in an effort to quantify them!
(pls excuse the high voltage formal words.. lately, I've been working on the achievement statements in my Resume, you see!)

So, on to the Quirkometer now!

1. baal baal bach gaye - Some hairy issues.

I towel dry my hair after a wash. I'm not all that in favor of blow drying..
1. because I end up with a bad headache after that
2. it doesn't give a sense of accomplishment! :|
so, what's so quirky about it?
Just that I rub the towel maniacally on my hair for atleast a minimum of half an hour. So much so that I've had folks telling me that if there was something like a National Commision for Hair (oops! did I just say that?! :o ), they'd all go file a criminal charge against me for manhandling and dis-respectful behaviour. :|
Some even check up on me now to know whether I have finally ended up bald headed as they had predicted decades back!

But I also pamper them, by doing my 1 hour chumpi with coconut oil (who's surprised, anyways!) whenever I get those bouts of headaches.. (which is also a regular thing, btw.. processor inside has started displaying signs of misuse.. I decide to blame it all on old age.. hmmph)
The hair union seems to have issues with that too now! Apparently, their counterparts on other people's heads are giving them catcalls, calling them chipkoos!
Why the hell don't people mind their own hairy businesses, I say?

And when I'm irritated with anything in life.. be it the hot tropical summer, the loud music next door, or a tightrope-walk deadline, I retaliate by announcing that I'm irritated with hair brushing the back of my neck. And then, I go ahead, collect them all together in a bundle on top of my head, safely secured with a band.. (this, as I would realise later, was to become my trademark style, so much so that even now when I bump into old college hostel mates, they make it a point to explain that animatedly and embarass me in public! *squirm*) Btw, I don't quite do this stunt these days. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's because I've stopped getting irritated, or is it because Im just turning more lazy. :/ Talk of self-discovery!

2. I get hysterical and giggle like crazy, when I'm nervous.
People think I've lost it/ I'm finding something very funny. Some laugh along. One had even told me very thoughtfully once, that he's happy for me, for I look happy! :D teehee..
But trust me, it isn't a conscious effort to camouflage my nervousness. It's my genuine instant reflex action.
I also talk non-stop and cathartic during those times.
I turn a drunkard too then.. shh.. plain harmless H2O, I meant. but I'm very particular about having it in bottles and not glasses, just for the kick of it! ;)

Well I do all these regularly too, when I'm absolutely normal.. Though the degrees are high when I'm really nervous.

3. I sing in the bathroom, when I'm overwhelmed by something. I do this when I'm totally happy, sad, angry, guilty, relieved, depressed. Basically when I'm feeling very strongly about something. If you hear me singing in the bathroom, there's just one message. It's better to be cautious and stay away from me for a while till things settle down, and I regain my normalcy.

4. I can be a sick drama queen, if I have to travel by road, in any closed vehicle. (Read A/C cars and buses). I generally carry loads of orange candies / orange flavored soft-drinks on such unwelcome situations when I cannot afford to avoid those trips.
But I am making efforts in eliminating this version of motion-sickness totally. By boycotting any road-travel by these aforementioned means of transport, that is. :|

5. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke/smell. At one point, I used to store Polos at my desk, to save myself from the stink emancipating from this chain-smoker of a colleague who happened to be my cube neighbour. Everytime he comes back to his desk after a whiff, I'd offer him a Polo with all neighbourly affection. Once in a while, he'd try his tricks on avoiding it by a meek 'No, Thankyou's. and I'd shove it down his throat with an aggressive 'But it's not for you. It's for me, you have to have it!' Once again, eeevil me! :D

6. I get fidgetty/grumpy around evening time. If I'm not busy working on some deadline then, that is. I don't quite like that time of the day, what we call Thrisandhyaa neram. In the words of a dear friend: athum ithum okke irangi nadakkunna neramaa.. sookshikkanam . :D (times when ghosts are out on the loose, beware!)
I counter this by reading the newspaper, bloghopping, listening to music, catching up with friends or going out for a walk with them. But I dread that time of the day, nonetheless. Im not quite pally with the ghosts, you see!


Now lemme see how quirky you are! I tag:

Devil Incarnate
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  1. Good one :) I also towel dry my hair but for 1-2 mins n not 30 mins. Result mostly water will be dripping!
    Same with point 5. I just can't stand smoke..

  2. 30 mins toweling the hair? :O I too sing at bathroom - it is the only place where i can sing without being manhandled by people...
    thrisandya neram - in this life, i dont even realise when it is thrisandhya... :(

    i have done this tag already - will dig up the post and will post the link here...

  3. Thats a decent quirk list :)

    have a nice day... cheers...

  4. :-) I have seen a live demo of your hair quirk! You should be sent to prison for doing what you do to them.

  5. Hehe I like your quirks! Hope I could come up with a list as quirky!

  6. I have once attempted to sing in the bathroom once..the sound waves hit the walls and bounced back almost creating tremors around the city...never tried after that...

    Your 4th quirk is a fast I have heard off....appo planeil engane povvum!!;-D

  7. That's a very nice image header you've made out of sun smiley! It looks so good :)
    Needless to day, u look so cute in the pic. When did u take it? It's long time since I visited ur blog. And I see so many changes to it. Changed for better :)

  8. @dhanya: :) same pinch. though i have serious issues with water dripping down my hair.. hope I'll grow lazy enough someday to stop minding about that!! :P

    @xh: oh you too??! :( everyone is tagged, i tell you!

    @arv: thanks!

    @orange: teehee.. :D it so happens that they aren't much aware of the Indian Penal Codes.. thankfully! ;)

  9. @cris: :) dankes! I'm really looking forward to your list! 'How quirky can Cris girl get?' :)

    @mathew: plane-il ingane parannu parannu pokum! :D
    no, i have issues with road-travel only.. Im ok with air-travel.. touchwood! :)

    @sunitha: wowie!!! guess who's here!! :) good to hear from you! dankes, girl.. Hem clicked the pic for me a month back.. see..see.. I've lost weight! :)
    and you remember the smiley right, we had taken turns to click a pic with her when she was born! :)
    Thankyous for stopping by! :)

  10. Good Blog Friend ! Yeah ! Handshake :)

    Pt 1 # is not quirky !! its scary :)

    Pt2 # I also talk non-stop and cathartic during those times. SAME Pinch :) I always that this is normal behaviour so dint put up in my quirks :)

  11. :D look who's back in circuit! welcome, dude! :)

    pt#1: hair union says thanks for sympathising, and being so understanding. *misty eyed*

    pt#2: noo.. normally people just go silent, and withdraw into their own shells at such times.. though normally quirky people, behave this way normally, me thinks! :P
    yeah yeah, same pinch only! :D