Friday, February 6, 2009

Failures are the stepping stones to Success. Are they?

Sometimes, Success makes you so complacent that life becomes painfully/ blissfully stagnant. Because different people consider Complacency differently. Some identify it with being 'settled', and some think that it's identical to being 'stuck'

Sometimes, Failure makes you sit up and take stock of things gone by, re-do your prioritisations, and makes you take one step towards the better destiny that awaits you. And for some, it breaks them down to the extent to which they go on a path of self-destruction.

How do you deal with your Failures and Success?


  1. for me, failure is like throwing a rubber ball to the floor - the hard the failure throws me down, the high I bounce back...
    more often than not, a failure comes as a reality check and jolts back me to reality from the dream world. I have become complacent and have done some silly mistakes which caused me to fail, and yeah, it was the best check i could get...

  2. Usha, Thanks for sharing! I am in agreement with you. Though us humans try hard to avoid making and admitting to mistakes, the Native Americans have a nice phrase that sums it up, "Mistakes are Lessons!"

  3. @xh: that sounded like me talking to myself! :)

    @jennifer: you bet they are! :)
    Welcome! n thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

    @vaisakh: Success gives me a heady feel, just like it treats everyone. Though I make sure to stay rooted and not get too carried away.
    Failures, just like Success come unannounced at times, and could be mostly for reasons beyond my control. I take a deep breath, and smile.. and then take it head on.. the challenge of turning a failure into a bigger success. :)

    ok! i have cried n whined n made a fuss about it at times.. but the last i bumped into a so-called failure, I've been happy with the way I responded to it. :)

  4. To me personally, failure is a reality check, and the more it tries to pull me down, the more I strive to succeed. Also it is so satisfying to succeed after a long struggle cos' you know you deserved it.

  5. Success is easier to handle as long one doesnt get too excited :)

    failure - one has to get into a mindset of getting something better soon and work on it :)

    cant really appreciate life with just one of them :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  6. @seema: it is! it sooo is! :)
    same pinch! :)

    @arv: hmm.. you said it.. failures are good as long as you realise you have to work on it, and take necessary actions to turn the tables. dankes! :)

  7. Hmm... I am happy for you... If you read your blogs in continuation, it becomes pretty interesting to know that you will find opportunities where people will find blame, self-pity and lot of bullshit;-)

    I think for me, professional failures are a way to learn and a way to bounce back harder. Personal failures, I am not so generous with myself there:-)

    It's tougher for me to deal with success. I always have a nagging fear of becoming stagnant and falling in a comfort zone. The best that I can do to dela with it is buy myself a new shirt or a great dinner and then continue being successful and scared of stagnation.

  8. @shweta: hey yeah, even im not too kind on myself when it comes to personal let downs! :|