Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bell bajao!

What could be worse than waking up in the morning from a nightmare, featuring a vampire, which has its head shaped like that of an alien and a face which has a superimposed image of a combination of the faces of two women you hated the most at work?
I realised it could get even worse.

The lady who stays in the building on the other side of the lane, just opposite to my place, suddenly happened to have some issues with her six year old daughter who got dressed up to go to school an hour earlier than she ought to. The lady was screaming on top of her voice, pulling her daughter to the balcony and threatening the poor soul of being thrown down from the second floor, snatching her schoolbag and doing a demo of throwing it down, terrorising the kid that she'll wring her neck and kill her.. What was worse than all this drama were those feeble helpless whines of the kid.. with all her 'Sorry Mummy's and 'Please Mummy's in between those eerie sobs.

A few months back, a similar showdown was happening between the couple who lived next door.. The lady's been through this for a few years before she decided that she's had enough and walked out forever. I'm glad for her.

A few years back, I remember being disgusted by the way the landlady of the building (where I lived then) used to terrorise her husband. i.e, when her toddler son would get a breather from his share of 'treatment' for the day.

Today, what I saw was something which was definitely domestic violence, but something which somehow escapes being classified into it. We generally look at it as parents disciplining their kids, just the way men were supposed to control their womenfolk and pull their harnesses tight when they start displaying signs of having a mind of their own.

What we tend to oversee always is the fact that terrorising is abuse.
And Violence is Violence. Be it physical, verbal or emotional abuse.
It is what cowards do to vent out their frustration or anger on something quite unrelated, in most of the cases.

So, what do we do about it?
Let's raise an alarm... and teach our kids to do the same.. Educate them that it's the most cowardly thing to do. If every parent could teach their kids these lessons along with their ABCDs and 1234s, we'd have a generation of people much more aware about abstaining from abuse and knowing how to deal with it.

Some videos of the bell bajao campaign.. I couldn't stop myself from putting up these links.>>

And here's this testimonial from a family which's lived through such terror for 25 years. The perpetrator was the woman of the family in this case. Proves it could be anyone.. Parents, Siblings, Spouse, In-laws, Relatives in general.. just about anyone who just 'lose control' way too often and in bizarre ways.

PS: Is anyone aware of a helpline like this to counter domestic violence in India?

On a lighter note: While you're busy whistleblowing, just make sure you don't end up in a soup like this bunch of guys did, in one of my fave Malayalam movies.
(opening scene of the movie: In Hairhar Nagar)

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  1. ha ha - the famous 'thomasuttee vittodaa' scene :)
    yeah - wht she did to her child is really domestic violence - poor kid. thnx for sharing the links of bell bajao campaign...

  2. if only 2 people can talk things out without any violence... guess its not in the human nature :(

    nice post da... take care.. cheers...

  3. lets ring the bell :)

    btw ... i am still smiling after reading a serious post with a serious message. blame it on that bit from hariharnagar

  4. I read about this campaign in some other blog. Let's hope the reaction will be the same as in the videos if we ring the bell. :-)

  5. What happened to the kid? What happened when you rang the bell?

  6. hey that day itself, we were discussing this issue... great post and yeah, you have been tagged!

  7. Hi Usha,

    I'm Kritika Dey and I moderate the Bellbajao website. The sensitivity you show in your post is most inspiring, and it is this sensitivity that we at bellbajao want to tap. Also the eloquence with which you express yourself is great!

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  8. @anoop: i know, the movie's a rockstar,i say! :)

    @arv: hmmpph..the thing is, some of us do the talking too, but then who said verbal fights are any less violent!

    @sandeep: you bet, even me lost out on the gist of the post by the time i put up that link.. sometimes, we just need to, need to look at the lighter side of things when it all gets too overwhelming.
    thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

  9. Hi Usha,

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  10. @bindhu: the reaction's are all bound to be different, for sure.. but then, nothing that we face in life, follows any kind of protocol, right? we can probably act silly or something, while making sure we dont lose out our cool on the fuming cowards.

    @sophroniscus: I did not ring the bell, that day... worst still, I dint even step out into the balcony.. later realised, doing just that and staring at her could have possibly done it for the kid. If she had reacted to my presence, I could have just said that 'my TV is not working, so I stepped out for some cheap entertainment as I was missing Balaji Telefilms serials', or something!
    btw, the girl's doing good. Kids are blessed angels.. they have a short memory span for bad experiences.

    @shweta: tagged?! :) dankes, girl!

  11. @kritika: Thanks for letting me know about this, Kritika. I'd be glad if I could contribute to your efforts. Will surely get back to you soon.

  12. "...Violence is Violence. Be it physical, verbal or emotional abuse."

    Right! Only cowards indulge in violence, especially towards little defenceless kids. The people you have mentioned are so familiar. They exist all around. I have a couple of stories on the subject on my blog:


  13. @shail: touching posts, they are..

    on a positive note, it's good to know that a lot of people are talking about it negatively, than just dismissing them all in a chalta hai attitude.

    The kids who are subjected to such violence are scarred for their lives. And to think that people do it to their own kids! :(