Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two sweet ones

Two years back, I clicked the 'publish' button for the first post on this blog.. not quite sure of what I wanted from it, or what I could possibly give it. I guess my initial idea of it was more or less that of a mouthpiece/punchbag/personal updates space for me. Over the time, I realised, it means pretty much the same to me. It always reflected my (state-of-)mind in one way or the other. Though it came with an added bonus I did not quite expect, and that's the people I bumped into in the blogosphere. (Online friends were never a part of my friendslist.. Though it's another fact that now I'm more of online-friends with most of my once-upon-a-time-realtime-friends! ). This space ceased from being just a mouthpiece, to a place where I get to hear from some nice folks, who left behind links to their blogs, and their worlds. It's been nice hearing from you and knowing you folks. From the ToothlessWonder boy, my first blogger friend who used to thoughtfully comment on some of my very first posts, to Dhanya, the first blog friend I met up with. I never quite knew when this blogspace kind of extended itself into my real-life. I'm glad it did... Thanks a ton to all you nice folks for being there, hearing me out, giving me gyan (though I generally don't quite appreciate unsolicited advice much), asking me questions, making me think and making me want to come back here and blog more. :)

Oh btw, incase you are wondering about what happened to the Brown Girl... she decided to take a break from the ring and go on a long vacation. She's promised to send me postcards from wherever she is. :) and she wanted me to let you know that she'll be missing you folks.
I do wonder about why I chose that title. (though I never quite bothered about it.. blame it all on the people who asked me 'Why?') Brown has always been one of my favorite colors.. probably because it's the same as chocolate... and coffee.. and tea.. you see, the best things in the world always comes wrapped in brown.. like Me! :P
The reason why I chose that title was nothing, but the fact that I was humming the nursery rhyme then.. that's it. It's much easier for lazy people to find blog titles, you see! Though, at a later time, I learned that the song has got racist overtures.. but then, I was too lazy to think up another title!
And today, thanks to the blog's birthday and all, I'm feeling a li'l less lazy than usual... and a li'l more enthu than usual, so I got it a makeover and all.. lemme know how you liked it! (it's not quite done though, but if I wait for me to find my own sweet time till I get it done, I'll be too late to wish my blog 'Happy Birthday'.. So. )The inspiration is a friend of mine.. the papercup smiley.. born on a day I was feeling too low, and was desperate for a happy smile. One of the office boys attempted to disfigure it, but it somehow managed to survive without much damage, and is still smiling away blissfully, at my work-desk. I'm dedicating this new avtar to this smiley dudette who's always given me the sunniest of smiles during some of the dullest of my days. I'm sure you'll like her too! Oh btw, she likes people who stop by to say Hello! :)


  1. Sweet indeed. May you have many more. God bless.

  2. :D Congrats.

    Brown gal... used to write less often and tagged more often :p.. Hope the smiley gal changes that over :)

    BTW : did i ever fall into the category of readers who gave gyan ??? :)


  3. ishe am greetings on the wonderful milestone...:-)

  4. Usha,
    And now this place looks like a happy kingdom. :)


  5. Hey congrats gal :) I know I'm late :(
    Let many more Happy Posts come (as that will be the reflection of your (state-of-)mind ;) )

  6. :( I am late but hey better late than never!!! :)CONGRATSSSS.. Love the new look totally and the smiley is so adorable.. Keep posting

  7. I am a little late but happy birthday Blog! Tell hullo to paper smiley and wandering brown girl. I like that song too! And hey the brown girl's replacement is a stunner ;-)

  8. @Ferox: Thanks! :)

    @Monika: Thanks! and Welcome!! :)

    @Santosh: Dankes Dude! :)
    nyo... I've taken a vow not to harass people by tagging! psst.. psst.. did I say I break vows for fun, too?! :P

    n thank goodness, you're not the gyan guru types! :) you know better!

  9. @mathew: thankyous, thankyous! :)
    wow 'milestone' makes it sound all nicey nicey! :)

    @nikhil: Thanks dude! :)
    'Happy kingdom'.. I liked that one! sheesh.. you should've told me this earlier.. that would've made a fun title! :)

    @dhanya:Gee.. I liked that wish.. thankyous girl! :)
    I somehow have this very strong feeling that this year's gonna be a happy one! :) so, Im also looking fwd to happy posts and happy state of minds! :D

  10. @seema: wow! you liked the smiley? :)Its my fave too! i never quite knew about the power of a smile until i made her! :)
    Thanks Seema, for being around and stopping by to comment..

    @cris: oh yeah, the brown girl's gonna be beaming with joy to hear from you! :) and the smiley dudette's all blushes, and says 'Thankyou' with fluttering eyelids.. she's so coy n girly n all that when she gets compliments, you know! :D

    @CM-chap: thanks, chapman! :)