Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't beat it? laugh at it!

Happie Happie Noo Year to all you nice peopleses!

Wish the RIF lists in your work places give you a miss this time!

err.. couldn't think of something better than that for now..
Hangover of having the same topic pop-up during all the discussions I've had with anyone in the past few days. So. :|
The thing about this phenomenon is that you just cannot beat it. But the good news is that you can surely find ways to beat the blues.

In case you haven't yet got a chance to watch the movie "Office Space", please get your hands on a copy of it.
Thoroughly hilarious. A decade old, but something we can relate to, even during these times.

Statutory warning: Please make sure not to get inspired or carried away by it, though! :)


  1. happy new year to you too :-D and yeah.. it is a harsh reality.. the pink slips.. have been asking a friend how the new year is and his answer was - "going good, I still have my job"... :|

  2. Happy New Year to You too.

    The text in your post reminds me of the saying... "Laughter is the Best Medicine".

    So laugh more, to be happy. Even, if requires you to laugh at your mistakes (Choices).

  3. A Very Very happy new year to you Usha.

    Whats RIF :o) Ok its a dumb question maybe... :o)


  4. Happy New Yr to you too, i will make sure that i wtach it...

  5. I was actually expecting to run into a few resolutions and somehow had this memory of seeing the ones of last year. I went to your last year's resolution page, and it looked, well - it looked once-read.

    Surely its not already a year since I tripped on your blog? Maybe not but the idea that years could run so fast, is a little scary I tell ya!

    Well.. Happy New Year dear! :-)
    (You will prolly find me writing the same comment next year. Btw how went the recylcing?)

  6. @xh: me too! me too! n cheers to that!
    though i'm not too sure for how long! :P

    @bindhu: hope you too have a goodie good one with a lot more backpacking trips n all! :)

    @ferox: and it's said to be the best exercise for facial muscles too! :D hifives!

    @Santosh: oops! should've used a more generic word, me guess!
    RIF=> Reduction In Force.
    Apparently , a more sensitive word than firing / layoffs.. but means the very mean thing, nonetheless! :D

    @devil incarnate: yeah! do that, girl! :)

    @Cris: you got me all senti there, girl! guess what, today its been exactly 2 years since I started blogging! :D

    n yeah, recycling worked well! and a new one too, which was 'learning to play guitar' (which dint survive for more than a quarter.. but it can always be recycled. so. :D) This year around, i thought of trying out some more of them recycled ones, without making much noise about it.. and its been working neat so far! :) touchwood!

    @rajarajeshwari: wish you too a blessed one! :)