Saturday, December 26, 2009

ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna...

...ghatte ghatte, lo yeh ghat gayi.

Good riddance!

Ah, no.. like the rest of the world, I'm not going to bore you to death with a round-up of the year. Because you see, that's too passe for my taste. Not to mention how uncool it is. :P
Ok, lemme be honest and confess that there were hardly any acheivements for me to be immensely proud of 2009, other than the fact that I learned to swim (which is quite some acheivement for a pseudo-hydrophobic like me. yippie!) and the fact that I got myself to read quite a handful of my must-read-before-I-die list of books (ah, now I can die in peace.. Aren't you envious of me? Please say so, no?).

Susan Miller of Astrologyzone said it best when she prophesised about the luckiest day of 2009 for me. That was my last day at work. And yeah, I wouldn't dare contest her prediction, which leaves the rest of my year to your imagination.

One of the most exciting events of the year happened a couple of weeks back, in a weak moment of over-enthusiastic toothbrushing. To make the boringly sad story short, I hurt myself as bad as you can possibly hurt your mouth with a toothbrush. And then went on and bit myself on the insides of my cheeks, as bad as you can possibly bite into your own flesh. Lived off one pathetic week on a banana diet. And as I was munching on tandoori chicken to satiate the mother of all apetites the week after, I thought there couldn't have been a more apt closing ceremony for my 2009.

Or so I thought, until last week when I launched myself into a projectile in a half hearted attempt to propel myself into the outer space, and depressingly landed on all fours, in the middle of a freaking road while trying to cross it running for my life before the signals change their mind. I'm still nursing the bruises while chanting one of my fave lines from jab we met : 'please babaji.. ab toh hadd paar ho chuki hai. ab is saal mein aur koi excitement mat dena. boring banaa do ji ab is saal ko. please'

So while 2009 is busy wrapping up, I'm more than happy that the ill witted bitch is finally gone for good. And I'm hoping that 2010 better be good enough to make up for it.

Here's wishing all you peeps a lovelier and happier 2010.
Be nice, stay cool, and make the most of life! muahs!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

UP, UP and Above!

The Sis is a die-hard fan of cartoon movies. If you ask me, she's a walking, talking cartoon. If you ask her, she'd blame it on my imagination which has grown up on an wholesome diet of cartoon movie watching.

When it comes to movies, we've both taken after Pops whose idea of TV watching is to toggle between the cartoon channels and news. The only things worth watching on TV, according to him. (The only other kind of movie which deserved his appreciation was that of Kamalhassan's, if we go back 15 years in history. He thinks the man was a genius.) When we were small, during summer vacations, he'd take us to the Children's Film Festival which used to be hosted every year at the Kalabhavan Theatre. A week full of movie watching, some days even a couple of them, back to back. (I still remember a few of the Russian movies they used to play then.) That's where we started developing a (li'l more than)healthy appetite for cartoon movies. People told me they can certify that I'm crazy, when I decided to give my all and spend an year trying to pursue a career in it after getting myself a certificate in Electronics Engineering. A year later, like one of those sad movies, my ambition nose dived calmly, noiselessly, like a kati patang . No, I wasn't much heartbroken (Ah! c'mon girl, be honest! whom are you kidding!). The lost ambition found itself some happy company among my long list of unfulfilled ones like 'Librarian','Journalist','Globe trotter' and co., while I continued my career-building for bread n butter's sake (and designer clothes too.. but let's not talk about vanity here, n stick to the basics, don't we? ;) ).

Alright, I'm feeling too nostalgic right now.. and I go on the same flashback trip every time I watch a cartoon movie which moves my heart. This time, it's Disney-Pixar's 'UP'. The Sis calls me up from work and updates me about it's India release and off we go today to catch the action. The best part about watching cartoon movies is that you don't even have to worry about booking your tickets in advance (which is good and sad at the same time). Just grab a bucket of caramel pop-corn and you're ready to go.

The movie's about a fine old balloon salesman who ties a beeeg bunch of balloons to his chimney and gets the whole thing (yeah right, the whole house) floating all the way to South America, to fulfill his promise to his wife, who died before she could realise her childhood dream, which she nurtured all through her life. And he does it. Though his new adventure begins from there.

Lovely story, told in such a tender way, despite all the fun and adventure. In fact, the li'l love story told in 5 minutess had me in tears. The cutest I have watched in a real long time. And this, after watching spoilers like 'The Proposal' and 'The Ugly Truth' -which I saw a few days back, n had me grumbling that they only seem to make love stories for 13 year old girls now.

This one's a heartfelt story of Dreams, Adventure, Love, Loss and Letting Go.
And while I get busy with my senti melodrama again, you GOOO watch it soon!!! 'coz such movies don't run for long in our multiplexes anymore. Sigh.


In other news:

I've been reading. like a maniac.
The past few weeks saw me get brave enough to approach some of them I've been running away from all the while. like 'The Godfather'. Whattay story. I was cheated of this awesomeness all this time by people who told me that it's only a Mafia story (which I find repulsive, thanks to RGV overdose), and others who told me that it's a typical Guys' story. Aaagh!! why did I listen to people??? Why??!!!

The other one was 'The God of small things'. I almost got my hands on this book a decade back, but was talked out of it by some of my Satyachristiani friends from Kottayam. 'Utter Nonsense only!', they said. and I believed. Why??!!
I liked it more for the fresh and interesting style of writing. "Chacko didn’t slap her. So she didn’t slap him back."

And then, 'The Fountainhead'. Someone said it's too deep and dark. And I thought the book was a li'l too much on the heavier side for bedtime reading. But now I discovered it! Tadaa!! They say that sometimes, the book finds its way to you when you need it, when you are prepared for it. Guess that's what happened. So much for good timing. One of the books which had a profound influence on my idea of Selfishness and Ego. It somehow made me feel better. like a warm cup of hot chocolate.

The one I've been reading yesterday: 'To kill a mocking bird'. Beats me that I've missed experiencing such wonderful books. There's something about stories in children's perspective/narration. Something about not subscribing to the regular way of seeing/telling things. The way they try to understand things, and grope through ideas, trying to get a grasp of things. It's something we all can relate to. albeit through Google and co. The narration was so good, I read the whole book in one day, flat.

And there's 'The Catcher in the Rye' waiting to be read.
Yeah, go sue me for missing out on all these gems!

Till I comeback with my bagful of random bakbaks, Take care peoples! and go watch 'UP', and go read books.. Buhbyess!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time is precious. Yeah, right!

People love to advice. Unsolicited, more the fun. You know, most of us are such unconditional givers when it comes to advice. "I can give you 101 of them. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, without expecting even one from you in return. No really. Actually, I'd be offended if you try to help me the same way."

I was given a fantastic piece of advice by an old acquaintance the other day. He called me up after some well meaning friend had forwarded my resume to this mutual acquaintance/once-upon-a-time-colleague.

He: "Oh.. you are out of job-aa? So sad, ya. You don't worry, ok?
The job market is so bad ya. So many people are jobless now, no? You don't worry, ok?

But I'm surprised ya. After you left your job at Q, you were working for the same company for more than 3 years -aa? Why, ya? That was stupid. You don't worry, ok?

Such a big brand you were working for, ya. Now see, you are jobless. You don't worry, ok?

Now what ya? Why not get married, eh? You see, it is so difficult to get leave for marriage and all, ya. You are lucky, no? You don't have to worry about leave only. Get married, no?"

Me: "Oh, what to tell you, ya.. I have a queue of 10 people waiting outside my door to marry me, ya. I'm busy making my choice, ya."

He: "Oh-ho.. like that, aa? I understand, ya. But you see, Time is Precious, ya."

I couldn't have been more thankful to him for not suggesting something like me getting pregnant or something. Imagine. "What ya? You could have got a live and kicking baby in one more month's time, ya. You don't even have to worry about maternity leave and all. Time is precious, ya."

Yeah, right!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Falling out of Love

The inevitable. Happens to even the most faithful of lovers, and how could me, lesser mortal, be spared? and so, I decide once and for all that I've seen the end of my two decade long love affair with Maggi. Yeah right, 'Everyone's crazy about Maggi'. So was I. It was a relationship I've long cherished, and tried my best to spice up our love life with roasted chilli flakes, oregano, and at times, even green chillies and black pepper. Nothing worked. Finally, I had to let go. sigh.. Why do all good things have to end? :(

Dunno, guess it's in the air.. yeah I know H1N1 is what's in the air... but I'm talking of something else. Something's making me fall out of love with too many things, at once. :/ I withdraw my support as a faithful loyalist to Imtiaz Ali movies too. I thought his movies could never go wrong, and he gleefully proves me wrong with his 'Love Aaj Kal'. I mean, I'm surprised how could he get it all so wrong? It's like the penne pasta salad I tried out at Sweet Chariot, the other day. bits and pieces of everything. but something was wrong. No salty olives. No mayonnaise. Too much of tomato ketchup..
So was this mish-mash of a movie, with a pinch of Jab We Met, a dollop of DDLJ, a sprinkling of Socha Na Tha, an overdose of Punjabi tadka and some mindless confusion to taste.

Why oh why, make a Sardar out of a Saif? He's got to have something against Saif, or something against Sardars. Really. Mebbe a Sardar stole his last girlfriend and this was supposed to be his sweet revenge? I shudder to think that this was the same guy who made us sit up and marvel at his langda Tyagi and Cyrus (of 'Being Cyrus'). He probably thought he could pull off another HumTum by playing a dumbass in the 'Aaj' part. Hmm.. sad for him.
And for the Padukone lady, the least said the best. Actually, I hoped she would also talk less, just like the shy Brazilian beauty. Her squeaky lines made me squirm. She reminded me of Anna Susan Jacob of 3rd grade when she used to read out passages from text books. So monotonous, so begging me to go to sleep, while I fight it out to stifle my yawns and try to keep my eyes wide open.

And that brings me to 'The proposal'. There was a time when I could swear by one of our bollywood / hollywood love stories, and here I am, a Sandra Bullock loyalist, coming out watching the movie, feeling like I just woke up from an afternoon nap.

The only relief was 'The hangover'. Thumbs up! in fact, Double Thumbs up! Hollywood always presents us the bestest of thrillers in the vein of horror/mystery. but a comedy thriller? Awesome, I say. I've been watching the good old, 'I know what you did last summer' series back to back for some much needed 'thriller' kick off late, and here comes this whiff of fresh air. Awesomeness.

Kaminey's good, they say. I'm yet to see that to believe it. Well they even said 'Rang De Basanti' was a cult movie. I walked out feeling pukish after that ordeal. Though I am really skeptical whether I do deserve to really punish myself to sit through a movie with Shahid boy doing a double role, after stomaching Saif's double role torture. I mean, all that the boy does is to switch between that silly long face which he makes and the cute-ish smile (which I appreciate 'coz it reminds me more of his Mom, and the good old Doordarshan days). But I'm intrigued enough to go watch it. I hope there wont be more of falling out of love to follow.

Another somebody I almost fell out of love with, was 'the' Rakhi Sawant. (Yes, the 'The' is intentional here, and not the after effect of living in North India, where they have to, have to, prefix every noun with 'The'. It's an obsessive compulsive disorder most of them suffer from. But I like them, they are nice people. They even called me "The Usha Dhanraj", which was like a wow! moment for me. :O ) I'm off the tellytube addiction, and am doing pretty good at that, but there was too much of hoopla around this swayamvar thingie, that I had to, had to, go check it out online. And boy! just give it away to the lady for taking good advantage of all that prime time footage to go justify herself and get herself a clean image chit. I like this girl! I've laughed with her, I've laughed at her, but I've always liked spunky women like her. Why? They're so different from me and most of the women I know. One has to have a certain flair and flamboyance to pull off such a mooh-phat image with an attitude to complement. No, I won't agree with you if you call her cheap trash. No, Ma'm.. not every other wannabe can come up with killer lines like her 'jo bhagwan nahin deta, woh doctor deta hai' and 'jo dikhta hai, woh bikhta hai'. Show me a bollywood scriptwriter who could come up with originals like that! Though it was increasingly difficult for me to warm up to her new 'coy' avtaar, and her rather ermm.. tasteless outfits, but sab maaf for the plucky woman. Though honestly, I hoped it's all just a farce and that it isn't real as in Really Real. Gawd! I genuinely wish no woman has to go sifting through a bunch of assorted dumbheads like that, to find a spouse. No, not even for that most conniving, backstabbing, nightmare of a woman I knew back at work. *shudder*

Well, that's as much of bi*ching I had to do for now, I guess. (Sigh! what a relief) I'm pretty much at peace with most of life, as of now(Or so I believe).

Until I fall out of love again, Ciao!

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Year Younger

Another year flashed by, before I could say Jack Robinson. (why Jack Robinson? why not John Abraham? :/ )

Last birthday was something I was looking forward to. THE THIRTIES. I was all mesmerised by it. Since the time I was 27, I've been looking forward to it in awe. I'd be excited to associate myself with my 30 something friends, who'd go "silly bachha" at me with a loving pat on my cheeks. By the time I was 29, I'd only refer to my age as "I'm almost 30". Such was my fascination with it, and the apparent adult status that comes with it, that I had gone extreme lengths to look my part. From choosing that perfect pair of mature looking glasses (the one that best resembled Amumma's, with a cat eye frame to satiate the style quotient, of course!), to parting my hair such that I could show off that grand li'l patch of grey hair which lobby along on only a specific area of my crowning glory. And for the visually challenged, adding in a good measure of verbal show off, by announcing that "I have more grey hair on my head than I can possibly count", and even dumping my most faithful pair of jeans for more mature looking trousers. All was fine till there. Till the glorious Thirty, that is.

Surprisingly, I'm not finding 31 very appealing. Well, I'm not even liking the sound of it, so much that I've been actually hanging on to my real age all for the past year, than rushing to the '1 more year older' status as I usually do. So much so that, this year I've made up my mind that I've done enough of growing old. Why not grow younger every year from now on! So all you sweet peopleses, please do join me as I celebrate my second 29th birthday in style. :) geee. (Also, it delights me that chuddy buddy Tina can't get one up on me as she does every year on my birthday. Her birthday comes 1 month ahead of mine, and I make the most of it by reminding her in the most gruesome and torturous way on how old she has become.. all the while she keeps seething, and waiting for another month, to get back at me. teehee.)

For starters, I've dumped those glasses for good, and got my hair cut short.. real short.. so short as they've never been since my primary school days. ('Boy cut' is how I described it to Mummy, who surprised me out of my wits by miraculously managing not to faint. Guess my horror charms have stopped working on her. :/ ) And yeah, the new hairstyle isn't too kind towards my grey hair either. They can safely go hiding in their secret hideout for now. RIP honeys.

The Birthday was kinda interesting.

Some nice people called up ever so thoughtfully.

Some nice people forgot (and cruel me is really excited to see them do their guilty pout when they'd remember it someday later :P).

Some nice people made me feel so blessed by just being around.

Some nice people were too busy.

Some nice people were thoughtful enough to call up eventhough it was almost too late in the day, because they just got back from work then.

Some nice people sent their wishes and thought I must be indebted to them for their thoughtfulness. 'See, I sent you a wish. Who else would do it for you, silly scum on the face of earth?'

Some nice people (well there can't be any like them, parents of course!) made sure they sent me that cute li'l e-card. Mummy's been doing that every year since she got a hang of the internet. A decade later, it still thrills me to bits when she does that!

Some nice people took the opportunity to do what they do best. Crib about their misery. They know just too well the art of hijacking your special day, and somehow making themselves the centre of attraction as always.

Some nice people overwhelmed me by being there for me all through the years and still not thinking twice before calling me up at 12 o' clock sharp to wish. How do you guys still manage to be so supersweet all the way?

Some nice people wanted to display their tact of making anyone feel like lesser mortals. 'What? no party? no gifts? no cake cutting? how sad, na? poor you.'

Some nice people called up to wish me best, even while they're going through utter misery and feeling the lowest they've ever felt in life. But still being kindness and love personified. I talked to them with moist eyes, while swallowing that li'l lump in my throat.

Some nice people wanted to remind me that I'm at an awkward age for a single woman.

Some nice people were just as they always were. Giving me the best piece of gyan, in the best way possible, that only they knew how to do gracefully.

Some nice people were too keen on asking whether I've landed on a job. (Yeah, the very same people who only wanted to know why I am single, till the time I was comfortably employed. Now all of a sudden, they are more worried about my employment status. How thoughtful!)

Some nice people re-assured me that there are some things, refreshingly stable in this ever changing world. Be it your Teens, your Twenties or your Thirties. Why, I know they'd always be there, even in my Sixties.

God bless you all, nice peoples. :)
Muahs!! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

whose land is it, anyway?

Some Maharashtrians are totally cross with the bhaiyas. "So what if you too contributed to making the place what it is? Now that all's well, and Mumbai's become the land of opportunities, we'd like to thank you for your services, and ask you to vacate the premises ASAP. Oh yeah, we know to push and shove too, if need be."

Someplace else, a bunch (very small -thankfully!) of Kannadigas feel they've been shortchanged too."We need to reclaim our Bengaluru", they say.
A young educated lady, who's come back from Pune to Bengaluru, and works for an US based MNC (notice the irony) spits fire at a meek Malayalee salesman at a grocery store in Madiwala. "How could you work in a shop in Karnataka, and say that you don't speak Kannada? If you want to talk in Malayalam, go to Kerala and do business, okay?". And she triumphantly describes her valiance to her Mallu colleague who smirks, scheming in her little evil mind, about posting this interesting piece of acidic office banter at her blog. ;) (*)

Meanwhile, there's this bunch of woeful men in Mangalore, busy deciding and designing the new spring summer collection of women's wear for the Indian Woman of 2010. They kick started their ad campaign, rather fashionably at a local pub. And if media reports are to be believed, women all over India are so ecstatic about it, that they've been showering the team with their choicest pink under wears, and lending a lot of support with their handpicked caustic words. Latest on that was that they are busy recruiting designers from the best Fashion schools across India. The company somehow is untraceable after the Elections though (not-so-surprisingly).

At the other end of the spectrum, some enlightened people have made up their silly li'l minds, that fighting over religion is so passe. It's so 20th century-ish, you know. Welcome to the 21st century, we fight in the name of castes. Its so much more fun. For starters, we have more number of castes in the country, as against religions. And then, to add more fun to it, we also have divisions on the basis of languages, states, political parties, and sometimes, for the heck of it, we even do subdivisions in all these, just for the sake of variety. We're a very colorful bunch of people, you see.

In separate events across the country, religious leaders have started noticing a new worry line on their foreheads (God save their foreheads!). They are just realising that they've overlooked something while they were busy fighting with other religions and sorting out those petty caste fights within. This, now, has led to the outbreak of new hybrid sects like 'Hindu-Christian', 'Muslim-Brahmin', 'Parsi-Sikh', 'Bengali-Punjabi', 'Bihari-Maharashtrian', and some other more innovative combinations.
This implies that there will be new interesting sects to fight with.. which of course, is exciting them to bits. However, the low side is that these combo names are all so confusing (and tasteless too. -they maintain), and secondly, the followers of these sects are such dimwits, they don't even like fighting!
"I mean.. what's the fun!! What if all the pure breds convert to these hideous combo religions! What will that bring us to? The whole country will become so boring without religious and caste feuds, which incidentally happens to be our main source of entertainment besides cricket and politics, of course."

But hey, in case you are wondering whether we do feel like a country, like ONE, ever, then yeah!! what were you thinking of us? We feel proud when our national anthem rings, when we witness the Wagah border parade, while we do those candle light vigilance acts and... uhmm.. and.. err.. etc, etc. you know..

Remember our show of strength irrespective of political standings, region or religion, while we displayed our majority disgust against possibility of a woman of Italian descent's ascent to the Prime Ministryship of India?

No No. Don't you take us for some narrow minded, prejudiced bunch of people. We do get selectively broadminded too, like when someone of Indian descent becomes the Prime Minister of Fiji or the Governor of a US state. See?

So you see, we don't always discriminate in terms of caste and creed and region. Especially when someone from here, wins an Oscar award, he's no longer a Muslim or Tamilian or Malayalee. He's an Indian. You follow?

Now, we don't understand why the new US president is so rest-of-the-world unfriendly when it comes to letting us, smart outsiders work in their country(**). And now there's Australia which bashes up our people. We dont understand what's happening to the world! Why are they so intolerant? Why isn't their government doing anything? I mean, why are the people so unfriendly afterall?

And that too, to us, Indians of all the lot. We, the most tolerant people of all (specifically when we are outside our country). Rather, you should be thankful, we are gracing your country with our esteemed presence. You understand? We, who have actually invented and practiced the art of Racism, since time immemorial. You might find it amusing to know that our country's whole social structure was based solely on Racism. Now you know! We think it's high time we get "Racism" patented, before you guys get it also done like that infamous Basmati rice patent. Huff!

(*)Mostly, the original inhabitants of these cities are refreshingly cosmopolitan, which really helped the cities grow into what they are now. The people who have issues now, are mostly people from within the State, but outside the city, who are desperately putting up an effort to reclaim it, without realising that the city has long outgrown it's status of being just another State constituency.

(**) I wish he had better insight to realise that in a world which is truly globalised now, it is not practical wisdom to try and implement such a short-sighted approach.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade..

...and when life gives you the chills, go drive some zambonis!

You find nothing too funny about it?
On a regular day, I would've just chuckled over that too..
Though I roared out laughing, today.
And nodding my head vertically (which I realised isn't all that comfy to do, when you're banging your head on the wall too!)

Random conversations with random friends these days have been along similar lines.

Random Friend: What's happening?
Yours Truly: nothing much.. having fun playing games.
RF: what games?
YT: trying to make happen, things that are not happening. And trying to resist things that are happening.
RF: Over Head Transmission!
YT: (As if I know what Im talking!) Same here! :D no wonder we are friends, eh? Same pinch!
RF: (WTF! She's lost it!) Sweety, all well?
YT: :D :D :D I'm smiling.
RF: Honey, You're GRINning.
YT: :| (Lesson learnt: Don't over do things, stupid!)

RF: Hows job hunt going?
YT: No progress. Market's real bad, I tell you.
RF: I feel you are hiding behind this recession facade and not looking out seriously.
YT: (Yeah, as if I'm being paid to do that!) You think so?
RF: Yes. You should be more serious.
YT: hmm (Ah, so that you can advice me to take it easy, then.)
RF: Look out more aggressively.
YT: mm hmm?(Yeah, the delicate darling that I am, need to be told that! *smirk*)
RF: It's been sooooooo long!!
YT: sigh! yeah..(As if I dont know! I keep counting days for heaven's sake! And typing mistake: so doesn't have that many 'o's)
RF: How long are you planning to sit at home?
YT: err.. (??!)(Am I living on your expense? Just, am I?)
RF: Why don't you take help from others?
YT: (yeah, the world is full of philanthropic people, who are always looking out to help others, when they get some time between worrying about their own friggin lives, and making life difficult for others around them. How could I not have realised that? Silly!)
YT: Yeah, mebbe you are right. So thoughtful of you. And I appreciate your concern. Will keep it all in mind. Thankyou! (and burst the poor li'l thing with all that crap! No, Thankyou!)

RF: What do you keep doing?
YT: (Like no one took a vacation or a day off from work ever! What do I do? What do you think I do? masturbate all day? #@%@$%$@!!)
YT: oops! You sound like a manager interrogating her billable staff!! :P
RF: No, really.. what have you been upto?
YT: Guess what, I learned to swim!
RF: wow! that's good.
YT: I know, it's better to use times like this to learn some life saving skills.
RF: Yes, I guess (WTF?)
RF: hmmph. What else?
YT: Planning to re-join my guitar classes. I left that mid-way during the last oh-so-important product update release.
RF: Oh! good.
YT: need to find a good place where they can help me with vocals too.
RF: nice! what else?
YT: have been planning to join a dance class.
RF: mm hmm? (I'm envious of her)
YT: I figured out that there's a Belly Dancing Institute nearby.
RF: Wow! belly dancing?! how exotic!
YT: yeah, its all about investing time into some life saving skills, you see.

There!! Right there! I see them giving me the same look as Marcie's.
And I can't stop laughing since I saw this cartoon strip in today's newspaper.
Talk of life saving skills. One always needs to be prepared, you see!

Btw, "Laughing" is one, incase you didn't realise! :)

Image courtesy: Times of India, Peanuts.

There's this video link which I incidentally bumped into.. Belly dancing never looked anymore cuter!
courtesy: Youtube

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

why do we look back in life?

Sometimes, I look back in time and wonder..
where was I an year back?
what have I been doing then?
what were my thoughts then?
what were my plans then?
what were my dreams then?

Today, I peeped into my e-mail inbox to look at those one year old e-mails.
And I cried.. howled into my pillow.. and wept like a child.

There are some moments in life, we never want to let go off..
and hold on to it, even if it's just supposed to be a withered memory, like many others..
but there's always this urge to think it's real..
like walking into a framed photograph, and living a life in there.
(Incase you are wondering.. No, I'm not Schizophrenic. Not yet. Honest! :) )

Introspection is one thing, and living in the past, another.

How often do you look back in life?
D'you like doing that? Why?
Do you think it's a good idea to do that?
Or should we just look ahead and do our best military march?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Honestly, I swear.

Guess what, my blog gets its first award ever!! *Drumrolls, please*
Yeah I know, I know.. I've also been taught that bragging isn't a nice thing to do and all that. But hey, for a change I'm asked to brag this time, thanks to Dhanya for sharing the Honest Scrap Award with me, and its a li'l more special to me, considering the fact that she's a friend whom I've met up with, after knowing each other through our blogs first. Thanks, Dhanya!! I'm all flattered to know that you still find my blog, honest! :P

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Now for the 10 random 'honest confessions', lemme start it off with the first dishonest / untruthful act of my life, which I can remember.

#1>> At 1st standard, used to rank among the 1st 5 of the class in academics (also in naughtiness quotient) for the 1st two terms in a row. During the course of an year, my naughtiness quotient had taken over my academics, and when I was given my progress card on the first day of 2nd standard, I was ranked 14 in my class. (I never made it to the first 10 ranks ever during school after that, except for twice. Yes. Talk of consistency!) I had no clue how I was going to present this news at home. So, initially, I tried leaving the progress card under the desk and just walked away, hoping the cleaners would just sweep it away. But no, the teacher called me back and gave it to me. I tried dropping it in the corridor, hoping eeryone would just walk all over it and destroy it. But again, someone called me back and gave it to me. I was running out of time. I had to get rid of it somehow before Papa came to pick us up from school. And then it occured to me. I went into the playground, where the kids were all playing and dropped it for good.
I never got to hear about it ever.
I told my parents that I did not get the progress card, somehow.
They must've guessed. But they never taunted me ever about it, somehow.

#2>> Now for a so called truthful act, which I'm finding silly to even state here. But then, there has to be a balance in everything. So here you go..

When I was in 8th std, there was this inhuman and queer rule of not allowing the students to talk in any language other than English, within the school premises. Agatha Christie wannabes from 6th std, used to be let loose by the nuns in the playground, during lunch times. These shady beings would hang around those wide tree trunks, behind the stairs, lurk around the sweet stall, and catch the seniors red-handed in the act (of talking in Malayalam, that is). I was caught once by one of these school sponsored detectives. I had to give her my name and class info. Post lunch, these self proclaimed detectives, used to walk into classrooms with a self important air and call out the culprits from their callsheets, to be produced before the nun in charge. That day, when I was produced before the brain-behind-the-plan nun for punishment, I saw there was only another accused in there, along with me. Apparently, everyone else gave wrong names / wrong class info / a combination of both. I had heard about it, but was lazy to think up something anyways.
The good part was that, the nun was so mad at the rest of the girls, and was so overwhelmed by our honesty, that she literally hugged us. Me and my co-culprit, just winked at each other, while we grinned in utter disbelief. We also made an under-the-table pact that none of us would tell anyone about it, or else we'll be called the stupidest beings alive on the face of Earth.
Yeah, Honesty wasn't a cool thing to do at schools, even then.
Laziness was common. But there was no point in proving our laziness, after the nun had stamped us, "Honest". hmmph.

#3>> I claim that I am brave.
Though during some real difficult and trying situations in life, like a roller coaster ride or a giant wheel, or even a kid Boo ing unexpectedly to scare me, I end up screaming "Mummmmyyy...."
Pretty embarassing that is.. especially with the kids! :(

#4>> I'm good at debating. Even when I know I'm wrong. I don't actually fight. I just state my logical arguments.
It's more like this, implies that, which means this, which is the same as that, which is equal to this. So this = that.
People who don't know me, get confused.
People who know me, just give up.

#5>> My tastebuds have seasonal preferences. I don't like the same kind of food all through the year. Even if it's chocolates. The only exception is : Poppins.

#6>> I was oblivious of the process of procreation, till I was 18. My hostel mates had the last laugh at the harrowed and disgusted look on my face, when one of them took the pains to explain it to me.
I really hoped that was a nasty prank they played.

#7>> I like running away. I have done that stunt quite a lot of times. I do other things to escape something else, and people end up thinking that I was brave enough to do it, while in reality, I might have been just running away from something, anyone else could do. It doesn't always happen that way. But it's happened quite many times.

#8>> I like talking. Nonsense. (The full-stop in between is supposed to be silent. I'm supposed to be honest, you see!)

#9>> I still maintain I'm very girlie, except for when I go out anytime during the day, you'd find a 2 litre bottle of water in my backback, rather than sunscreen and make-up for touch-ups.

#10>> I was so pathetically slim during my adolescent days, that on the last year at college, one of my classmates told me that I should be the last person worrying about an occupation, as he thought, lookwise, I would make a convincing beggar.

Now for the 7 blogs, I would want to share the award with:

Seema - I've found her blog, and her words very true to her heart, and could always connect to what she's talking about.

Div - A lot of depth in her words and thoughts. The USP of the blog is that, it all sounds heartfelt.

Cris - Fresh and Real and Friendly and Honest. I like going back to this blog.

Now, for some bloggers, who probably don't know of my existence. The ones, whose blogs I have been ghost reading for a while. I go back to their blogs and read them, but mostly won't have anything else to say, other than nodding my head vertically, or swallowing that lump in my throat, or smiling with tears welling in my eyes, or just grinning away.



Random Chick


Thanks for blogging, peoples! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

pot pourri

It's been a comparatively happier and happening couple of weeks, now.. the best part being that I've really started to take things lightly, as against 'talking' of taking things lightly.

The second being my eureka moment when I discovered that I really really like being around boring people. Boring, going by the general public perception.. but I like them more, probably because they are as boring as me, which makes me feel more comfy with them!
I realise, the so-called interesting people end up boring me after a while.. mostly they have no depth.. and whatever is there to them, it's all at-your-face kind of thing, which can be quite a put-off. At the same time, I find the apparently boring people, more interesting everytime I get to know something new about them!

And thirdly, the realisation that the bestest of my long-time friends happen to be people with whom I have absolutely nothing in common.. no same view-points / thought processes / ambitions / aims / likes and dislikes. What binds us together is a whole lot of respect, unconditional support, unrelenting love and total faith in each other. And they also keep my interest levels in them healthy by sharing their view points, most of which are different and thought-provoking for me.

hmm.. It's as though I've got a summer vacation all set aside for some self-discovery. Well, whatever!


Sankey Tankey!!

That's what I call the most loved lake of the city... Re-discovered the place again a couple of weekends back for a happy happy evening stroll.. The thing about this place is that it's totally worth the 10km ride, what with Bangalore traffic police's idea of toggling one ways for fun, hiding around corners and then jumping at unsuspecting drivers for added adventure.

Malleswaram is just as charming as ever. If you happen to be one of those unlucky few who is yet to experience this part of the city, then please do check it out!
Incase you don't have friends there, carry a copy of this blog-post by a die-hard Bangalore enthusiast blogger. I swear, I carried a printout of this, along with an Eicher city map and my sister (it's always better to experience good things in life with good company).

Btw, did someone notice the waterspray-screen ad that the Aircel folks have put up there? Some awesome show! For the not-so-tech-savvy's: It's this technique of using the good old projector to play video on to a screen created by water-spray. The results are more spectacular than what it sounds like...

...err.. or what it looks like in the pic, for that matter!

And whoever said man-made lakes are boring?! For one, Sankey Tank always reminds me of another one of them, beauties..

The Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh..
Feeding ducklings on a pinkish blue winter morning..
Late evening strolls with good friends, munching on channa choor..
And even that bizarre late evening walk with a bunch of team mates, when a couple of horny stray dogs decided to indulge in some PDA along the walkway some 20 feet right in front of us, much to the horror of the whole team struggling to maintain their professional decorum and walking as though the dogs were non-existent..
The whole situation was so hilarious, it was tough to suppress the urge to laugh my head off, which almost had my eyes welling up with tears.. to which one of them chauvinistic guys in the team gave me that smirk, which said "silly sensitive girls.. anything is enough to outrage them enough to cry! I hate this species!" :))

Somehow the dogs in Sankey Tank seemed not-so-sexually-active types, and I even found one of them indulging in some serious moral policing, harassing a harmlessly coochie-cooing couple.. I thought I almost saw some sene badge on him! Gawd, Bangalore is really going to the dogs, or what? :|


Happy Ugadi!

Ugadi was nice this year, what with me getting to taste the Ugadi pachhadi for the first time, thanks to good friends Suni and Sundar. For regional harmony's sake, we even got them some Ada-pradaman, which somehow turned out to be the bestest compared to our earlier trysts with it. (The secret to which, was some generous use of bananas + simmering the jaggery syrup a bit too longer, just before it reaches caramelisation.) Sundar wasn't around at the kitchen, as he thought there were already too many cooks to spoil the lunch.. but he did make it a point to tell us that he usually helps Suni in the kitchen, so that I don't haul him up at my blog for mis-treatment of wife. Sundar, we solely trust your word at that and be nice to you just for the fact that you praised our ada-pradhaman! :D

Wish you all a very very prosperous new year peoples! Belated Ugadi wishes! :)



As an 8 year old, I shrieked at Papa's idea of sending us to a summer camp to learn swimming. "What are you saying? I am a big girl now.. Can't wear something skimpy as a swimsuit and go learn it with the guys! huff."

Now, at 30, I'm going to do just that, minus all that drama.
All of a sudden, I find myself worrying about a 101 things like
#what if I turn out to be hydrophobic or something!
#what if I drown in the pool and no-one realises it.
I'm contemplating on exchanging my black swimsuit to something more bright and visible, so that I'd be saved, just in case!
#will I puke if I see some gross looking big burly flabby man in a swimsuit? aargh!

Nonetheless, I'm all too excited about it, and boasting around that it was worth the wait to learn as I'd be learning from an Olympian, and all! :P


What's the movie tonight?

I got to watch 'Straight' the other day. Light, nice, comfortably boring, and disappointing to an extent, as one feels it could've explored more possibilities and gone a bit too deep, what with an actor like Vinay Pathak to pull it through. But unfortunately, it didn't. I'd still vote for a one-time dekko. I did catch myself laughing quite many times in between. :) If you liked Parvati's other movie, Rules, then you might like this as well.

For a while, my fave bollywood hero's been Farhan Akhtar, but that's before he started acting. Sigh! I found 'Luck by Chance' disappointing considering the hype it created, and thought Konkona was the only saving grace. I kinda liked 'Rock On', but thought he did a better job at showing off the fact that he's been working hard on his body, than acting per se. Anyways, for me, he's moved out to make way for Vinay Pathak now. Isn't he adorable? Right now, he's placed half-a-point above Abhay Deol on the scale. :)

Talking of movies, the one I'm excited about right now is 'To Harihar Nagar'. The 1st part had us in splits, and I really really hope this sequel lives upto it!

I'm very skeptical about 8X10 though.. I just can't bring myself to imagine that Nagesh Kukunoor can make an action thriller.. somehow! :| I've liked his other movies for their sensitivity and simplicity. So.

update: I watched the movie, and I found it good. Good change from the Abbas-Mastaan thrillers we're used to. Though there were many bloopers and loopholes in it.. more than I can count on my fingers. Why do makers of Bollywood thrillers think that we are morons?


In other news, I've been getting really really serious about studies, what with me spending a comfortable 6+ hours on it very diligently, without getting bored or bugged up. And I'm surprised at how smartly I've been fooling myself all this time, that probably I'm getting too old to study!

Hema thinks, chuddy buddy Dimple could be the reason for me taking it seriously, and I wouldn't contest it, as she's proving to be the most motivating remote manager I ever worked with. I'm submitting status reports, and having 1:1s twice a week now. (Yes, I'm serious) Good friends can be great task masters too. And who's complaining, anyways?!

Also, the recommendation of the week is Commercial Street. I hung around the place two days in a row, last weekend, and didn't get bored a bit. On an afterthought, have you ever heard any girl talk about getting bored out there? Nah, me neither! ;)

Have a lovely week ahead, peoples! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'singles are unlucky', did you know that?

Waiiiit!! Before all the singles around start throwing whatever-they-could-get-their-hands-on at me, kindly let me clarify that I'm talking about those harmless li'l dangles.. yeah the kinda ones women hang on their earlobes.. Okay okay... not alllll that 'harmless', mebbe.. going by what some guy friends would swear on.
Now What?! I was just talking about them making the guys skip a heartbeat and fall head over heels for the bearer of the dangles.. And what were you thinking, dirty, perverted minds? :D

Ok, so the thing is: yours faithfully has developed this taste for collecting dangles since the past 8 months or so, thanks to Su and M, who made me wait on them at all kinda ladies' fancy stores whenever we went shopping. I munched on pop-corn for a while, tried to make faces and scare that li'l girl who was fooling around in the shop (pretty much like me) while her Mom dug her head into a box of designer bindis, indulged in some salesman harassment for fun, helped my friends decide between two neckpieces (that looked strikingly similar to me. You know how thoughtfully helpful I am.. I did a quick eenie-meenie in my head, and told her exactly what to choose. She still thanks me for helping her make that brilliant choice, and swears on my fine taste :P), gave some very valuable gyan to the other friend on how asymmetric patterns in jewellery are totally classy (duh!).. and at the end of that ordeal, I found myself buying a couple of them, silly things for myself..

Now, the problem is that I've become a compulsive shopper of dangles, the kinds who would sift maniacally through loads and loads of ear-rings, hunting for that perfect piece as if their life hangs on it. So the other day, I was on with another such dangle-hunt, when I bumped into this piece which seemed to have lost its pair. And I suddenly make up my mind that my heart's all set on getting only that, and start harassing the salesman to find me another twin of that set. He started acting weird, and then told me empathetically that single ear-rings w/o their pair are soo sooo unlucky! 'dikhe, toh bhi andekha kar dena chahiye'.. I just put it back on impulse (rather dug into the stack and hid it underneath) and he gave me that pitiful look at my plight for having brought down all that ill-luck on myself.. How sad!

Hem wasn't all that convinced. Her gyan-speak: 'Silly lazybum's excuse for not finding its pair, I say! Remember Ramani Ayah of kindergarten, who'd scare us kids by telling us stories so that we don't pester her with our soo-soo calls every now and then? Stories of this ghost who lived in the toilet and killed the kids whom he liked? And the one about the lone rocking chair which was spotted there, and the other one about a kid's little finger wiggling in the air during evenings? Same case only!'

I came back home, and the first thing I did after trying on all my newly acquired jewellery to my satisfaction, was to throw away that single dangle I had been treasuring since a while now.. (yeah, the 1st one I got when I went with Su and M. I lost its pair on the very first day I wore it. Talk of inexperience!).. Hem smirked, but then it's OK.. I have this habit of doing things which always call for that reaction from her. Hmm.. so much for getting rid of my ill-luck. I'm suddenly feeling very lucky, altogether! :D

Which made me realise how superstitious I've been getting of late. I can trace it all back to that silly old 'One for sorrow, Two for joy' thingi during primary school, and the even siller 'pass my sorrow pinch' ritual after which you need to cross your fingers to make sure that the bad luck doesn't come back to you. Psst psst.. tell you what, I still practice that very religiously till date. I do feel guilty at times when I pass it on to that innocent looking spoon in the ice-cream tub or that random tree in the park which can't pinch me back. :| But still, I have to get rid of my bad luck, don't I?

Shucks, now Im feeling all silly to have shared my secret superstition with you. Let's get even with this.. Why don't you tell me your secret superstitions? I swear, I won't tell anyone. God Promise! :D

ps: Did anyone watch 13B, yet? I'm dying to watch it. But can't afford to get carried away by it and scare myself to death, more so because I'm spending most of my time alone at home these days. Is it way too spooky? or okie-dokies?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

'coz love DOESN'T hurt

She was barely 6 when she saw her kindergaten going sibling being beaten up by Dad for having lost her golden earbobs at school. She doesn't remember doing anything other than crying out loud.
Golden ear-rings are very valuable. Not to be lost. That's the lesson she learned that day.

She was 9 when she saw Dad getting mad at Mom. Mom tried to reason. She was beaten up more. That evening before he stepped out, he warned that if he comes back to see any of them home, he will kill them all. Mom wept till there were no more tears.
She was petrified. She begged and pleaded with Mom to go to their grandmothers place. She didn't want her family dead. A few days later, Dad came to take them home. The first time she had a heart-to-heart talk with Dad.. The first time she saw him cry. He said he was about to kill himself that day, when he didn't find them home. But he didn't.. just for them kids. She felt guilty that day, to have coaxed Mom to leave home.
Hell or Heaven, you just can't run away from Home, no matter what, 'coz the consequences could be worse. That was her lesson learnt.

She was 12 when Dad threw them out of Home in the middle of the night, after another frightful show of rage. Sitting outside the door, she wanted to cry out loud, but wouldn't as she didn't want the neighbours to know about it too.
She leant, Whatever happens within the four walls of home, you need to keep it a secret.

She was 15 when she tried to hold his hands back, from punching Mom. She said "Don't you dare hurt my Mom anymore". He beat her up black and blue. That day she almost got stabbed by an iron rod.
Mom got mad at her too, later. She didn't want her daughter to end up with a broken arm or leg, because she has a long life to live and it would make it difficult if she gets crippled for life.
She learnt, she has to think of her safety, first. It's a long life ahead, afterall.

The next time it happened, she just cowered in her bed, beneath the sheets.. She prayed that it got over soon.. and when the noises would subside, she'll wonder how badly Mom could've got hurt..
She might have to be taken to the hospital?
Could she be possibly dead?
What would she tell the police, then?
Would she tell them the truth?
Will they then take away Dad too? or should she just lie? could she do that?
What if Dad then kills himself too? how will she live the life of an orphan, then?

"Why don't you leave him, Mom?" she would ask Mom. Mom said she's putting up with all this for the sake of them kids. The world isn't too kind to kids from broken families.. more so to girls.
Somewhere deep within, she felt a pang of guilt. "Mom's suffering all this because of us. If we weren't there, she could've lived a li'l more human life."

She was 18 when she tried to kick Mom and hit her, because she got angry with Mom for something. Mom told her: "You're growing up to become just like your Dad".
She learnt what she has got in inheritance, without even realising it. She did everything in her powers to get rid of her bad temper.

She was 21 when she raised her voice to stop Dad from hurting Mom. She was told to stay away from his family matters. It's his Home, he'll do what he wants, he said.
That day, she learnt that her Home wasn't quite 'her' Home.

She was 24 when he came charging towards her to hit her for not listening to him. He slapped her across her face. The whole world was swinging in front of her eyes, before she could try and hold his hands back. You don't quite manage to strike the right balance to stand straight when the world swings around you, do you? By then, the next blow would land on the other side of her face. And the next, and the next..
She learnt that there's only one way to live in a world that doesn't swing. And that's to create a world of her own. Far, as far away as possible, from this unstable world. Which she did, eventually. Somewhere deep inside she knew she was running away, but then, running away is better than fighting a lost fight, right?

At 27, she could never have a steady relationship, and always blamed herself for sending out some jinxed vibes which always attracted the wrong kind of people.. the ones who broke her trust, her heart and crushed her spirit, in their own ways.

At 30, she got a call from home, in the middle of the night. It was Dad, who called up to let her know how Mom didn't obey him and did something which drove him mad. She talked to Mom, who was sobbing and mumbling incoherently. "He woke me up in the middle of the night and started hitting me. I don't know what's happening". Dad took up the phone and told her that he's going to teach Mom a lesson. He's going to throw her out. or else, kill himself. "Only then she'll learn her lesson", he said.. She begged him not to. And prayed the whole night to God, to send his angels around her family and keep everyone safe. Her mind raced back to all those fears which were rooted in her heart since childhood.

How badly is she hurt? Her body wouldn't be able to stand all this abuse at this age..
Will he kill her?
Will he kill her and then kill himself?
How will I deal with it?
Will he throw her away?
Where will she go in the night, then?
Should I go home?
Mom went through all this for me. She doesn't deserve to be put through all this for my sake anymore..

She knew her mind was working insane. She wondered whether she'd ever feel normal again?

And then she decided, she's never going to live in fear.. If something goes wrong, she'll face it when that comes.. She's not going to die another thousand deaths in the fear of one. She had made up her mind.

What would she do to see an end to her misery?
Your guess is as good as mine.


True, you wouldn't want to ring the bells and have the offender and the sufferer, both blame you for intervening in their personal matter. Just give a thought to those tiny souls inside who are terrorised to death. They'd sure thank you for atleast bringing a pause to their misery.

Just like anyone of us, even I'm skeptical whether ringing a bell would really bring domestic violence to a screeching halt. It probably wouldn't. But it can surely help curb it. You wouldn't want to talk to them? Then Don't. Just ring the bell and go away. Keep ringing the bell everytime it happens. Being passive about it is as good as encouraging it.

What can we do to ensure that this doesn't become a way of life and gets passed down to the next generation? Make sure that our kids are taught that it's the most cowardly thing to do. For that, we need to set them good examples.. by not indulging in Domestic violence, not suffering it in silence, and by being there to rescue the hapless souls who're subject to it.

Do watch this video - How come, How long?.. A very deep video on Deomestic Violence. If you are one of those people like me, who has ever tried to increase the Television volume, so that the disturbing noises of verbal and physical abuse from the apartment nextdoor wouldn't reach your ears, then this would definitely touch your hearts.

Home is the safest place we have on Earth. No one deserves to live a scared life in their Homes.

You would ring the bell, won't you?

[Cross-posted here at for their blogging event on International Women's day]

ps: okay, I know it's been too many video links from this single post.. but I HAVE TO, HAVE TO put up this very inspirational long-forgotten song which I bumped into, today.. An ode to all the women I know who had it in them to break those shackles which bound them away from life.

Happy Women's Day!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tell you what..

One more time someone's going to get started with an advicing spree and I swear I'm going to hit their head with the frying pan (yeah, I can afford to do that now..the teflon coating's coming off, so I'm getting a new one now). The last few weeks I've been bombarded with "How To's" and "Why To's" and "What To's" to such a great extent that I've made up my mind, I've already lived through this year's quota of unsolicited free advice. So, if you have more advice for me, see you in 2010!!! :) *angelic smile, with fluttering eyelids*

I generally prefer donning my soft-spoken avtar, which implies not reacting with "GO TO HELLLLs", but with "Do you mind taking a long walk alone to hell? err.. if you don't mind, that is.. " with a nice toothie grin which's very tactfully executed to look like an angelic smile (some people claim to have seen a halo around my head when I do that.. no, really! :P). Though I've been feeling heavily challenged this time by a string of questions, by a bunch of people who made me wish I knew this trick of doing a disappearing act or something, you know.. The moment they start with their "Hey Usha.. so, what's happening?.." I would've gone pooof!! how much fun that would've been! but no, I had to smile at them and answer their silly questions, all the time consoling myself that this would be the last time I'm seeing them.. hmmph..

btw, it's eureka time!!!! I cracked the code of why I get bored of some people very soon. I've always thought that it's highly unthoughtful and unkind of me, but now atleast I know the reason. Okay, or so I think...

My theory is that :
#1: Some people are good at marketing themselves. Nothing wrong with it! That works well for the 1st impression. I fall for it just like anyone else, only to realise that it's alllll that's there about them. What fun is a book,if you have the whole story written on the cover page, I say? Makes sense, no?
#2: Some are better off at this skill than the earlier lot.. they cook-up make believe stories to sound interesting.. the thing is you open those books to find only blank pages.. or worse still, no pages at all. Now you wouldn't call a book like that interesting, no?
(ps: Thanks Cris, for asking me this question once! See, I think too! okay.. once in a whiiiiile... but still, I did no? no no.. it's ok.. you can buy me a chocolate for all this hardwork! see, I'm kind too! :D)

The biggest showdown of this period was staged by my dear laptop, who's currently cooling his heels among a bunch of newspapers and the telephone directory, stacked away in the lower rack of the TV stand.. His monitor conked, just when I had big plans for him (read: lotsa work). I've been running around for most of the week, trying to get it fixed. They all said they were sorry they couldn't find another compatible monitor for a laptop as primitive.. err.. I mean, 'precious' as him. (I wouldn't want to hurt his sentiments, you know..). Finally I ended up getting a new one, amidst high drama and heartburn, which saw me running to the mall late in the evening just before they pulled down the shutters.. Did I tell you, I was desperate? well.. that would be an understatement. btw, this is the first blogpost from the new laptop! cheers to that! :)

Though online life is something hard to live w/o, I realised I could do away without the television!!! yeah! I've succesfully completed two months of life with a blank TV and no cable connection. Result of a showdown with the cablewala who thought of duping me into paying an extra month's charge by spinning stories.. I have been reading about all the other branded service providers just a day back, so I asked him to pack up his stuff and leave for good. On further research, I realised the branded ones are even worse. Only that they loot us a li'l more professionally, armed with their 'Terms and conditions' which are 'subject to change with no prior notice'. How kind. :| Net result is that I'm living a TV-less life now, and the good news is that I'm not missing it either. It has been replaced with newsapers and trips out in the evening to anyplace.. just about anyplace, for just about any reason. Though I find myself going to the petrol bunk way too often than anything, that I guess I would now qualify to ask for some membership card or discounts there. :|

I've been cooking my food too, quite often these days.. which is good.. better is the fact that we're experimenting too. So we got this Black current fruit crush (which is supposedly a jelly like variant of good old squash) that is purple in color.. more on the lines of that wicked Potassium Permanganate.. now we're having it as spreads with rotis and buns. purple spreads!! buhuhahaha.. (for some reason, it makes me feel evil) Somehow I find them pretty appetising this time. Which is a breakthrough achievement for me, who used to find the idea of a black current ice-cream, highly repulsive, for its color.
Guess we took the experimentation a li'l over the top, when we went to M's place this weekend to celebrate her home-alone time. Had golgappas at her place with home-made pani, meetha pani, bhakarwadi, raw green peas, channe ki dal and laddus. (basically, everything else that was available and could be stuffed in w/o cooking) I wasn't feeling all that experimental that day, though Hem and M were both in full form! Loved that evening. Nothing better that lazing out and catching up with a good friend, I say. Discovered HSR Layout this time.. In the coming days, I'm planning to go checkout other places around the Bangalore I know.

On the down side, there were things that were happening back at home, which made us realise that our parents are growing old.. to know that you can neither afford to be near them, nor away from them, when you have to be.. you can neither be dependant nor can you be independant of them.. There are things that need to be worked out, there. How, What, I'm not too sure right now..

I've been living this secluded life since the past one month now, which means I spend most of the day all alone with almost no interaction with any other souls. But the interesting part is that I've been learning a lot about people in general during this sabbatical.. and once again, I learned to be friends with myself, something that I had more or less forgotten.

Generally it's been a time which saw me go through a lot of highs and lows, bliss and frustrations, uncertainities and tranquility, all at the same time. Things will be alright, I know.. and it's going to be better, 'coz everytime I've hit similar terrains in life, it has always led to things way better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for what's to come! :)

Ok, let's leave all that for now.. another disaster that happened this weekend was this movie we watched.. the Delhi-6 one. Disappointing, which is an understatement, considering the fact that I did not have any expectations out of it anyways. Guess Rake'y'sh Mehra makes better movies w/o that extra "Y"! :P Talking of which, I didn't quite like RDB either! Guess I have a problem with not-so-happy endings. Ok, it had a message and all, but it dint quite suit my taste, mebbe. On the other hand, I liked SM, btw, though everyone's highly critical about that sweet li'l movie for some reason. It's my idea of this positive, optimistic story for a movie. decently paced, and tastefully executed. That's what I expect when I go to watch a Bollywood movie.. and for me, it delivered! Let's be nice and give them the credits! :) And yeah, for the first time ever, I found a take on Devdas interesting! I've always hated that story of a loser, despite the presence of two very strong women in it. The difference with DevD is that they didn't bother much to glorify the misery or overdo the melodrama as in the original storyline. The brutally blunt way in which the story was told, made it a treat to watch. Probably, the fact that the loser happens to be a 'cute' loser too, helped! ;) Talking of movies, our new laptop was inaugurated by screening the movie 'In Harihar Nagar'. We still found it super hilarious, even when we always knew what's coming!! What we realised this time was that it is a Brilliant movie too!

Okies, guess I've been doing a hell lot of bakbak for now.. hmmph.. so much for making up for my on-n-off posts. I'll try and be more regular now on.. now that I no longer have that bahana of a whitening out monitor.
Buhbyes for now! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bell bajao!

What could be worse than waking up in the morning from a nightmare, featuring a vampire, which has its head shaped like that of an alien and a face which has a superimposed image of a combination of the faces of two women you hated the most at work?
I realised it could get even worse.

The lady who stays in the building on the other side of the lane, just opposite to my place, suddenly happened to have some issues with her six year old daughter who got dressed up to go to school an hour earlier than she ought to. The lady was screaming on top of her voice, pulling her daughter to the balcony and threatening the poor soul of being thrown down from the second floor, snatching her schoolbag and doing a demo of throwing it down, terrorising the kid that she'll wring her neck and kill her.. What was worse than all this drama were those feeble helpless whines of the kid.. with all her 'Sorry Mummy's and 'Please Mummy's in between those eerie sobs.

A few months back, a similar showdown was happening between the couple who lived next door.. The lady's been through this for a few years before she decided that she's had enough and walked out forever. I'm glad for her.

A few years back, I remember being disgusted by the way the landlady of the building (where I lived then) used to terrorise her husband. i.e, when her toddler son would get a breather from his share of 'treatment' for the day.

Today, what I saw was something which was definitely domestic violence, but something which somehow escapes being classified into it. We generally look at it as parents disciplining their kids, just the way men were supposed to control their womenfolk and pull their harnesses tight when they start displaying signs of having a mind of their own.

What we tend to oversee always is the fact that terrorising is abuse.
And Violence is Violence. Be it physical, verbal or emotional abuse.
It is what cowards do to vent out their frustration or anger on something quite unrelated, in most of the cases.

So, what do we do about it?
Let's raise an alarm... and teach our kids to do the same.. Educate them that it's the most cowardly thing to do. If every parent could teach their kids these lessons along with their ABCDs and 1234s, we'd have a generation of people much more aware about abstaining from abuse and knowing how to deal with it.

Some videos of the bell bajao campaign.. I couldn't stop myself from putting up these links.>>

And here's this testimonial from a family which's lived through such terror for 25 years. The perpetrator was the woman of the family in this case. Proves it could be anyone.. Parents, Siblings, Spouse, In-laws, Relatives in general.. just about anyone who just 'lose control' way too often and in bizarre ways.

PS: Is anyone aware of a helpline like this to counter domestic violence in India?

On a lighter note: While you're busy whistleblowing, just make sure you don't end up in a soup like this bunch of guys did, in one of my fave Malayalam movies.
(opening scene of the movie: In Hairhar Nagar)

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

quirky? who, me?

Whatever goes around, comes around..
And so, good blog-friend Santosh decided to give me a dose of my own medicine and tag me for all those year long tagging tortures I had unleashed on him mercilessly. :D
(hmm.. i liked the way the line turned up.. makes me feel all evil! *evil grin*)

Rules of the tag:
1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged

The moment I was told I'm tagged for listing my quirks n me was like.. 'oh, that should be easy like butter.. bole toh makkhan'.. but then, I wasn't all that right.. Quirks are more like one's trademark traits.. you don't even realise your own quirks, unless people around point it out to you as 'different' and quirky.. so, for the next few days, I had to watch my responses closely in an effort to quantify them!
(pls excuse the high voltage formal words.. lately, I've been working on the achievement statements in my Resume, you see!)

So, on to the Quirkometer now!

1. baal baal bach gaye - Some hairy issues.

I towel dry my hair after a wash. I'm not all that in favor of blow drying..
1. because I end up with a bad headache after that
2. it doesn't give a sense of accomplishment! :|
so, what's so quirky about it?
Just that I rub the towel maniacally on my hair for atleast a minimum of half an hour. So much so that I've had folks telling me that if there was something like a National Commision for Hair (oops! did I just say that?! :o ), they'd all go file a criminal charge against me for manhandling and dis-respectful behaviour. :|
Some even check up on me now to know whether I have finally ended up bald headed as they had predicted decades back!

But I also pamper them, by doing my 1 hour chumpi with coconut oil (who's surprised, anyways!) whenever I get those bouts of headaches.. (which is also a regular thing, btw.. processor inside has started displaying signs of misuse.. I decide to blame it all on old age.. hmmph)
The hair union seems to have issues with that too now! Apparently, their counterparts on other people's heads are giving them catcalls, calling them chipkoos!
Why the hell don't people mind their own hairy businesses, I say?

And when I'm irritated with anything in life.. be it the hot tropical summer, the loud music next door, or a tightrope-walk deadline, I retaliate by announcing that I'm irritated with hair brushing the back of my neck. And then, I go ahead, collect them all together in a bundle on top of my head, safely secured with a band.. (this, as I would realise later, was to become my trademark style, so much so that even now when I bump into old college hostel mates, they make it a point to explain that animatedly and embarass me in public! *squirm*) Btw, I don't quite do this stunt these days. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's because I've stopped getting irritated, or is it because Im just turning more lazy. :/ Talk of self-discovery!

2. I get hysterical and giggle like crazy, when I'm nervous.
People think I've lost it/ I'm finding something very funny. Some laugh along. One had even told me very thoughtfully once, that he's happy for me, for I look happy! :D teehee..
But trust me, it isn't a conscious effort to camouflage my nervousness. It's my genuine instant reflex action.
I also talk non-stop and cathartic during those times.
I turn a drunkard too then.. shh.. plain harmless H2O, I meant. but I'm very particular about having it in bottles and not glasses, just for the kick of it! ;)

Well I do all these regularly too, when I'm absolutely normal.. Though the degrees are high when I'm really nervous.

3. I sing in the bathroom, when I'm overwhelmed by something. I do this when I'm totally happy, sad, angry, guilty, relieved, depressed. Basically when I'm feeling very strongly about something. If you hear me singing in the bathroom, there's just one message. It's better to be cautious and stay away from me for a while till things settle down, and I regain my normalcy.

4. I can be a sick drama queen, if I have to travel by road, in any closed vehicle. (Read A/C cars and buses). I generally carry loads of orange candies / orange flavored soft-drinks on such unwelcome situations when I cannot afford to avoid those trips.
But I am making efforts in eliminating this version of motion-sickness totally. By boycotting any road-travel by these aforementioned means of transport, that is. :|

5. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke/smell. At one point, I used to store Polos at my desk, to save myself from the stink emancipating from this chain-smoker of a colleague who happened to be my cube neighbour. Everytime he comes back to his desk after a whiff, I'd offer him a Polo with all neighbourly affection. Once in a while, he'd try his tricks on avoiding it by a meek 'No, Thankyou's. and I'd shove it down his throat with an aggressive 'But it's not for you. It's for me, you have to have it!' Once again, eeevil me! :D

6. I get fidgetty/grumpy around evening time. If I'm not busy working on some deadline then, that is. I don't quite like that time of the day, what we call Thrisandhyaa neram. In the words of a dear friend: athum ithum okke irangi nadakkunna neramaa.. sookshikkanam . :D (times when ghosts are out on the loose, beware!)
I counter this by reading the newspaper, bloghopping, listening to music, catching up with friends or going out for a walk with them. But I dread that time of the day, nonetheless. Im not quite pally with the ghosts, you see!


Now lemme see how quirky you are! I tag:

Devil Incarnate
Cris girl

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You don't choose your angels, do you?

God has his own ways of reaching out to us..
He chooses the ones through whom he means to touch our lives.
You never get to know them until the moment you have to hit an (God forbid)F1 in life.
It's amusing to see the way some do their Alt-F4 act, and it's doubly amazing to see some totally unexpected windows pop-up on the screen with a pinch of pleasant surprises.
God bless those Angels.
Thanks for being there! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Failures are the stepping stones to Success. Are they?

Sometimes, Success makes you so complacent that life becomes painfully/ blissfully stagnant. Because different people consider Complacency differently. Some identify it with being 'settled', and some think that it's identical to being 'stuck'

Sometimes, Failure makes you sit up and take stock of things gone by, re-do your prioritisations, and makes you take one step towards the better destiny that awaits you. And for some, it breaks them down to the extent to which they go on a path of self-destruction.

How do you deal with your Failures and Success?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What drives you?

Being hunted?
Being deprived?

Or is it something else?
What is it that drives you? and why?
alright, i know that sounds all like one of those beauty pageant question.. kindly excuse the tone! :P

I just realised that challenges drive me.. and to think that I've always thought that I'm a laid back person, true to being my lazy Leo self n all that.
I had this eureka moment today (no, not in the bathtub) when I realised that I'm at my best when I'm challenged.
And it's good to be hungry. It makes you get out there and hunt!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two sweet ones

Two years back, I clicked the 'publish' button for the first post on this blog.. not quite sure of what I wanted from it, or what I could possibly give it. I guess my initial idea of it was more or less that of a mouthpiece/punchbag/personal updates space for me. Over the time, I realised, it means pretty much the same to me. It always reflected my (state-of-)mind in one way or the other. Though it came with an added bonus I did not quite expect, and that's the people I bumped into in the blogosphere. (Online friends were never a part of my friendslist.. Though it's another fact that now I'm more of online-friends with most of my once-upon-a-time-realtime-friends! ). This space ceased from being just a mouthpiece, to a place where I get to hear from some nice folks, who left behind links to their blogs, and their worlds. It's been nice hearing from you and knowing you folks. From the ToothlessWonder boy, my first blogger friend who used to thoughtfully comment on some of my very first posts, to Dhanya, the first blog friend I met up with. I never quite knew when this blogspace kind of extended itself into my real-life. I'm glad it did... Thanks a ton to all you nice folks for being there, hearing me out, giving me gyan (though I generally don't quite appreciate unsolicited advice much), asking me questions, making me think and making me want to come back here and blog more. :)

Oh btw, incase you are wondering about what happened to the Brown Girl... she decided to take a break from the ring and go on a long vacation. She's promised to send me postcards from wherever she is. :) and she wanted me to let you know that she'll be missing you folks.
I do wonder about why I chose that title. (though I never quite bothered about it.. blame it all on the people who asked me 'Why?') Brown has always been one of my favorite colors.. probably because it's the same as chocolate... and coffee.. and tea.. you see, the best things in the world always comes wrapped in brown.. like Me! :P
The reason why I chose that title was nothing, but the fact that I was humming the nursery rhyme then.. that's it. It's much easier for lazy people to find blog titles, you see! Though, at a later time, I learned that the song has got racist overtures.. but then, I was too lazy to think up another title!
And today, thanks to the blog's birthday and all, I'm feeling a li'l less lazy than usual... and a li'l more enthu than usual, so I got it a makeover and all.. lemme know how you liked it! (it's not quite done though, but if I wait for me to find my own sweet time till I get it done, I'll be too late to wish my blog 'Happy Birthday'.. So. )The inspiration is a friend of mine.. the papercup smiley.. born on a day I was feeling too low, and was desperate for a happy smile. One of the office boys attempted to disfigure it, but it somehow managed to survive without much damage, and is still smiling away blissfully, at my work-desk. I'm dedicating this new avtar to this smiley dudette who's always given me the sunniest of smiles during some of the dullest of my days. I'm sure you'll like her too! Oh btw, she likes people who stop by to say Hello! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't beat it? laugh at it!

Happie Happie Noo Year to all you nice peopleses!

Wish the RIF lists in your work places give you a miss this time!

err.. couldn't think of something better than that for now..
Hangover of having the same topic pop-up during all the discussions I've had with anyone in the past few days. So. :|
The thing about this phenomenon is that you just cannot beat it. But the good news is that you can surely find ways to beat the blues.

In case you haven't yet got a chance to watch the movie "Office Space", please get your hands on a copy of it.
Thoroughly hilarious. A decade old, but something we can relate to, even during these times.

Statutory warning: Please make sure not to get inspired or carried away by it, though! :)