Saturday, December 27, 2008

just another break-up

She never believed in 'love'. It belongs to the movies and books.. or in 'happily everafters', which is a phrase made just to make pretty ending notes for fairytales. Not that she's got anything against the words, but she prefers they better stay where they have to. In the books and movies and fairytales, i.e. They're beautiful as long as they're there. You bring them into real life, and they just lose their life.. just like fish out of water.

And then, He walked in.. said the very same words, and the only thing she wanted to do was to believe in them. It wasn't easy for her, but she did.

And then, He walked away. But now, she doesn't know what to do with the words. Heck, they don't even fit back into the fairytales anymore.


  1. No matter who walks in and who walks out... the only thing that remains is "Belief". Belief is different from Hope in a little way. Hope is something which could let you down & Belief is something that stays with you Even after you Die... Believe in what you do... Whether it is LOVE or HATE.

  2. What's happening gal? Give ups, break ups! And Believe in love it does exist but might be little shy in turning up ;) Anyway have a great holidays and a wonderful year ahead :)

  3. its a floating club... this too shall pass... take care.. cheers...

  4. hmmph.. since no one seems to be noticing the tag of the post, I guess I better start accepting all the condolences and kind words gracefully. :|
    But I'm determined not to let my tryst with storytelling die a silent death like that! I'm gonna be back with a vengeance. *evil grin*

    and Dhanya, you made me think there! It's ironic, right, that supposedly negative-ish things like giving up and breaking up are suffixed by 'UP', rather than 'DOWN'!

  5. mmmmm

    i knew that i could walk alone
    ... only when you left me....

    simple .. happens to everyone.. err..almost everyone... lets move on

  6. "They dont fit back into the fairy tales anymore"
    Very true, even i am a person believing in love, yeh that rare species who still believes that true loves exists, bt didnt find yet.

    And the reality is this is something i see in my everyday life among my friends and close ppl. Whn i read books and see movies with those "happy endings" i really wonder, does it still exist???????????

  7. She neednt worry. It takes time but she will figure out that it will go back and stay in those books and fairy tales. And after that she wont even care to think about such things!

  8. Love it just a feeling until one decides to do something about that feeling. I believe in going with the flow!! Take care

  9. @Chriz: so much for positive thinking! :)

    personally, i'd recommend 'walking alone' to people.. if only they have the courage to do that!

    @Devil Incarnate: (John 20:29):Blessed are those who believe without seeing

    @Cris: Same pinch! Me too believes she'll do the same! :)

    @Raji: that's good! :)

  10. Well it's tough to believe that the girl in the story isn't you... Hehehhe (Evil grin like yours)... I wish I could say in a convincing way that the journey matters more than the destination and we learn to love without barriers after the melodrama and the blame game of a break-up is over:-) But I am not convinced yet nor with reality, neither with the fairy tales. Let's just say, let the love be and take over life when it has to and take us along when it has to...

  11. Girl... cheerup. Only at these times you will realize how strong a individual you are? Hope to see you back with full of enthu.

  12. ***they don't even fit back into the fairytales anymore

    so true :)

    captures the essence of it all just perfectly... havent come across nethin tht explains love n heart break more prciesly n

  13. @orange: wow! what are you, Sherlock Holmes Jr. ? :D

    @CM-chap: OK, I cheered up. Thankyou! ;)

    @Div: lols! :D