Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Give up!

I do give up on things. Some things.
What I believe is: Giving up of some things is important, to move on..
It is important to make sure that I don't give up on things more important.
Does that make me a loser?
No, I believe not.

I'm at the verge of giving up on something again. It's a pretty risky thing to do at this point of time. As with anyone who is rich in well meaning friends, I do discuss this almost everyday with one friend or the other. I need to. They always help me re-asses my decisions.
Most of them say, 'Giving up' is what losers do. Others fight it out.
But what when you know some Fights are not worth the fight?
Some times, you get so busy winning Fights that you end up losing the Battle.
And there are other times, when you know losing a worthless fight is OK, and that losing it might actually get you one step nearer to winning the Battle.

On a totally different plane of thought, of late, we've been hearing a lot about low financial tides driving people to suicides.. suicide is giving up on life.
Life is a Battle. Why did they lose the Battle? Because they chose to see their success in small Fights.
A broken relationship, a lost fortune. These are small failures.
It might make you look like a loser in front of the world. People might / will judge you.
But why align your success to their ideas?
There are always a bunch of people out there, ready to pounce on someone who's lost a Fight.
But the ones who win the War are those who don't give a damn about lost battles.
'coz they know how to win their Wars.


  1. "Some times, you get so busy winning Fights that you end up losing the Battle." so true. and no, personally, i dont think giving up is something done only by losers. there are times when we have to give up things - which may actually make us lose the fight, but will help us win teh battle.

    if you are in doubt - ask you mind-whether you will regret taking the decision after some time. if you get a NO as answer, then do it.

    If you cant find an answer, then trust your instincts. make sure you will not have any guilt feelings.. coz guilt is a feeling which can tie you down and make you lose any battle...


  2. Hi Usha...

    I heard of and believe that 'At times, you may have to lose a battle to win a war' and like you said, one just needs to know which ones a must win and which one is doomed.

    In the everything there is a reason for all the events in life... and they will all work out to the better...

    take care... cheers...

  3. If you wanna give up on something, I suggest to pick aging. I gave it up when I turned 19. And I am doing ok so far :p

    But yes, I do agree giving up is sometimes the right choice. Its difficult to say when, but I think you will know it when you do it. And its difficult to convince anyone, but you know you have to do it.

    The last para was brilliant. Go win your battle girl :-)

  4. Hi,

    Truly said. I have an addition to the same. When you find it hard to decide whether you need to continue the fight or not. Simply give your self a break with a good night sleep after a peaceful dinner. When you wake up in the morning. Beleive me... Your Mind guides you in the right way. Try it. It worked for me. I may work for others too.

    If you loose a fight, smile, you know a better way to fight the next time.

  5. New here...
    Its not really giving up, its just that when something more important is there, the otherone naturally fades away.And as u said, there are ppl always judging us, for good and bad.
    For me i live my way, i really dnt care much wt others r telling as long as i find i am right.Then ofcourse there are mistakes, we can learn and laugh later thinking abt them. We dont have to worry thinking abt the things that go wrong... By the way i liked the last para most, its sooooo true.

  6. "But the ones who win the Battles are those who don't give a damn about lost Fights.
    'coz they know how to win their Battles"
    oohhh loved it.. gave me goosebumps reading that and shamelessly copied it on my gtalk status message too.
    On a serious note giving up on things to move on life is not being a loser at all. Sometimes it is as important to let things go to get a grip on your future.

    Cheers!!! and you go win that battle and war to celebrate life. :-)

  7. Cheers ! I dont see any wrong in giving up at all

    Hope you win both the battle and the war in the end :)

    Best Always
    Santosh !

  8. all i will say is that if you think that thing that you are goin to give up is worth it... than fight it out and dont give up... but if its now... thn by all means go ahead!!

    u r ur best judge... frnds can only be thr for u n help... bst uv luck!

  9. Who said giving up is losing? Giving up is tougher than staying in the fight sometimes. Especially if I know that the fighting is just serving my ego, it's not serving the purpose for which it started. You go, girl! Keep sharing!

  10. @xh: you're very very true about the guilt trips.. most of the times, they are more destructive than a lost fight. I do act instinctively at times, but sadly though, I've realised that instincts may not always be quite aligned to logic. :|
    Thanks for those words, it really made me Think. :)

    @Arv: Thanks! :) There sure is a reason for everything to happen the way they do. It's like this line from some movie: 'When you ask for courage, God gives you opportunities to develop it'.

    @Cris: Danks, girl! :) Giving up on ageing?! wow!! I liked that one, I say! :D
    'When' is exactly what the question was all about. Most of the times, you kinda know what you have to do. 'Is this the right time to do that?' or 'Is it the right way to do that?' is what keeps eating us more often than the decision in itself.

  11. @Ferox: Thanks! :) Guess what, I gave myself a weekend. And that really helped me see things better. (n no.. I'm not talking about my eyesight here! :)

    @Devil Incarnate: hmmph.. its weird to address someone that way! :| Welcome, and Thanks for stopping by! :)
    You're right with the less important things fading away part.. though the healing comes with a premium mostly. But the good news is that it does fade away. :)

    @Seema: :) Thanks, girl! 'Letting go off things is important to get a grip on your future' ? Well that makes a whole lot of sense to me. Really. :)

    @Santosh: That made me smile from ear to ear instantaneously! :) Thanks, dude!

  12. @mirage: Thanks! :)

    @Div: and it's a blessing to have friends like that around.. :) Thanks, girl!

    @Shweta: You are so so so true there. Sometimes we just keep fighting for the sake of it. We are just so used to the idea of winning that we just can't accept defeat, even if that defeat will do us much more good than winning it! Dankes! :)


    Folks, thanks a ton for those thoughtful responses. They really made me think. And guess what, I made up my mind to fight it out, not bothering about the outcome of it. I realised that I must be underestimating myself by thinking that I can either win the fight or the battle. But on second thoughts, I believe I can win them both. Godspeed.

    I need to thank my workfriend M, for being this big sister and drilling some sense into my stubborn head in her own way. Thankyou so very much, girl! :)