Thursday, November 27, 2008

root cause analysis?

Terror's become a way of life. Every time, the news flash says, 'The worst face of terror India has ever seen.' The terrorists always seem to surpass all their previous records, consistently. So much that we don't even ask about "What" happened anymore. The only questions asked are "Where" and "When". The "Why"s are usually not asked at all.

On a broader perspective, we all know the answers to the "Why" behind this whole phenomenon of well-informed, well-equipped, well-backed new face of terrorism.

#The after effects of minorities (in terms of religious beliefs / money / power ) being oppressed for generations together. The bottled up bitterness had to erupt someday.

#The games played for power, where our political leaders turn a blind eye to the possible breeding grounds of terror. In most cases going ahead to defend / support them to make sure their vote banks aren't affected.

A generation later, we are just coming face to face with the outcomes of this.
Half a century later, the ever-hungry-for-power political parties are still resorting to the same old measures, by defending the Moulvis and the Sadhvi's.

When do they learn to do a root-cause analysis of this, and curb down on these activities?
As of now, the "Fight against terrorism" is more like a fashion statement among the authorities. How many more valiant heroes / innocent lives do we sacrifice, before they make up their minds to understand that a caste / religion / political party is not what they are supposed to defend, but the peace and prosperity of a Country, which is their primary responsibility.


  1. I hope our country wakes up atleast now and rage a war against Terrorisim. I mean a real war.

  2. I totally agree with you Usha.. Fight the crime not the criminal and today we are fighting the criminals.
    You have raised a very important point.

  3. @ferox: the sad fact is that, all of us are so busy juggling our work, life, investments, plans so that we can survive this mad race, that it becomes virtually impossible to do anything beyond that. come what may, we have to get on with our work and everyday life as usual, coz we have bills to pay at the end of the month!
    creating more jobs in combating terrorism effectively, should help. hope this ghastly incident forces the state to act proactively on that.

    @seema: you said it.
    as long as we are fighting the criminals, we are just trying to cut of the branches of this whole tree of terrorism, as the roots grow deeper and have much stronger branches.