Thursday, November 27, 2008

root cause analysis?

Terror's become a way of life. Every time, the news flash says, 'The worst face of terror India has ever seen.' The terrorists always seem to surpass all their previous records, consistently. So much that we don't even ask about "What" happened anymore. The only questions asked are "Where" and "When". The "Why"s are usually not asked at all.

On a broader perspective, we all know the answers to the "Why" behind this whole phenomenon of well-informed, well-equipped, well-backed new face of terrorism.

#The after effects of minorities (in terms of religious beliefs / money / power ) being oppressed for generations together. The bottled up bitterness had to erupt someday.

#The games played for power, where our political leaders turn a blind eye to the possible breeding grounds of terror. In most cases going ahead to defend / support them to make sure their vote banks aren't affected.

A generation later, we are just coming face to face with the outcomes of this.
Half a century later, the ever-hungry-for-power political parties are still resorting to the same old measures, by defending the Moulvis and the Sadhvi's.

When do they learn to do a root-cause analysis of this, and curb down on these activities?
As of now, the "Fight against terrorism" is more like a fashion statement among the authorities. How many more valiant heroes / innocent lives do we sacrifice, before they make up their minds to understand that a caste / religion / political party is not what they are supposed to defend, but the peace and prosperity of a Country, which is their primary responsibility.

Monday, November 17, 2008

*beep beep* new stress buster identified

Quite a freaky Friday, this was.
Recession induced paranoia seems to have gotten the worse of a teammie who goofed up something and found the perfect scapegoat in me, to put the blame on.
Me thanking my lucky stars to have had the controversial discussion recorded in e-mail, managed to save my skin.
Pretty neat.
But that did leave me quite irritated and angry.

And to add to that, I had to make rotis for dinner. 'All that happens, happens for the good', they say. Thanks to my roti making task, I bumped into an awesome stress buster technique.

Knead the dough: Hit it, pull it, tear it :relieves 90% of the stress.
Roll it on the rolling pin : the remaining 10% evaporates.
Don't believe me? Try it the next time you are angry. And the added advantage is that you get super soft rotis to hog on, after your destressing ritual. How nice!

Now I know the secret behind all those Maa ke haath ka khana made with a whole lot of pyar.
So, this must've been a well guarded secret among the womenfolk who always managed to keep their cool and maintained that divine smile while rolling out rotis after rotis to the whole household.
Little does everyone know that the secret ingredient may not necessarily be pyar

I'm back at work today, with a divine smile to my backstabbers (ok, make that a smirk) , and all that. But no, I'm not sharing my super soft rotis with them anyways. :|


In other news: Celebrated Children's day with a trip to the nearby zoo, with my Sis. No better way to becoming a child again than teaming up with a sibling and doing something which we've done as kids. We drove all the way to Bannerghatta National park, loaded with lots of munchies and a fruit juice can. Full on picnic, it was. Had fun. Though it wasn't all that nice to see some sad faces in their cages. And the safari was, well.. umm.. nice.
Hope you too had a happy happy Children's Day! :)

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