Monday, October 27, 2008


Tagged by my good blog friend, Cris to write about the 5 addictions of my life.

Hmm.. now that's something for which I had to "think", 'coz I realise, I never really gave a thought to my silly li'l addictions.. I've just been addicted, n that was it. Isn't that the nicest thing about addictions?
Lemme try and list down the top5 anyways! (So much for addiction awareness! :P)

As much as I can remember, I've been addicted to Addiction. It's been a looooong way through a series of seasonal, reasonless addictions one after the other.. I exercise them very ceremoniously, very passionately. :) How loyal!

#1: Change: I get bored. very soon. Be it Places, People (quite many of them, if not all -yeah, I know that's mean!), Lifestyle, Surroundings, Hobbies, Hairstyle anything. Could be that I'm addicted to 'Change', because I've always been enemies with 'Constancy'. Simple, ain't it?

#2: Memories: I have a photographic memory. I mean it literally. I can remember my best friend of 7th grade on the annual school day wearing this gorgeous pleated green skirt and this lemon green shirt. Thaaat photographic!
An addiction I'm not too happy about as it takes up a looot many GBs of space in my mind.. you know, this thing with photos and video files. The worst is when they keep running as a background process. It must be slowing down my mind processor quite a bit, I guess. Infact, I feel it's already eating into my short-term-memory-cache drastically. Scary!

#3: Sweets: I have a sweet tooth. And I spoil it to perfection. From those big round Dollar chocolates, through Sip-ups, Rose-mints, Poppins, Orange candies, marshmallows to Chocolates.. I've grown up with them. I love them. :)

#4: Reading: Anything. Again some addiction which's always been around as long as I can remember, after learning my ABCD's. From Comic books, through Newspapers (guess that's a full fledged addiction in itself!), to Books and even that odd interesting article that I find on that paper cover made out of used magazines (yeah, I've done that too!).

#5: Internet: Ah, like you didn't know! Why else would I be here at the first place! 10 years and still going strong! :)

And I tag:


  1. Hiya,

    First time here through Divs...

    You got some interesting addictions there Usha... Reading is one good addiction to have :)

    take care.. cheers...

    Happy Deepavali to you and your family :)

  2. Usha, God Bless you. You have developed some of the best addictions a person could have. "Change" : an desire to change is common. To implement the same, its is quite a task.
    "Memory" : I wish i could have such a memory. I could remember a little more in life.

    "Sweets": Being a girl, if you don't like sweets, then there is something wrong somewhere. So don't worry.

    "Reading and Internet" : It is quite common. But believe me, you need a good amount of Patience for both of them.

    Where is #5, or did you number your addictions incorrectly.

  3. Oh My one more tag.. You people won't allow me to be lazy ha ;)
    I'm also addicted to everything that u have listed except point 1. There I'm just the opposite :) And I liked photos taking significant amount of memory part :)

  4. "photographic memory"..oh i wish i had that...i forget so easily..the good thing is that I can re-read the blogs of my favourite bloggers and still laugh like I read it for the first time!;-D

  5. Thanks for taking it up dear. I liked the memories part, even I have this weird habit of remembering totally insignificant days and its totally insignificant details!
    Great list! Btw change people?

  6. Aaah!
    That makes it 8 tags to be done.
    I AM doing all in one shot now.

    #2-me too there.
    I remember useless information,really stupid details!


  7. GIRL
    i have done this one also earlier...LOL

    but guess wt, I have loads of tags lined up n this time I am gonna tag u for one of them - when i am done with them that is...LOL

  8. @macadamia girl: :)) lucky you, you dont have that memory haunting addiction! :)

    @arv: welcome! :) n thanks for stopping by to comment. hope you too had a happy happy diwali! :)

    @ferox: well, change sometimes thrusts itself on u when you are least expecting, n at other times, you are left craving for it and it never comes. either ways, its a welcome relief! :)

    n thanks for point out the wrong numbering! :P changed it! effects of old age, u see! :)

    @dhanya: :) we cant afford to let you be a lazy blogger, dear.. infact, we r too selfish to miss out on ur posts! :)
    n hey, thanks for taking up the tag. loved your take on it, especially, change. :)

  9. @mathew: teehee.. you are soo lucky to have ur mem that way, mathew!! ah, to think of all the fun i'm missing out because of this photographic mem!! :(

    @cris: thanks for tagging me, girl! I enjoyed doing this one. Though, to tell the truth, I was clueless about it initially! as i said, was addicted w/o awareness! :D
    wow!! you're also a silent sufferer of the mem issue!! :) same pinch!

    yeah, people do bore me at times. esp at work. I've always worked for product based companies, which implies, I've been mostly sitting at the same desk, same office, same people around for very long time.. and after say a couple of years, I get real real bored of them. I'm sure they must b feeling the same about me too! n then, there are some people who are a part of an environment which I get bored of.

    @div: againnnnn!!!!! :|
    ok, I give up! :D

  10. yummmm.. dollar chocolates and sip ups..
    Tag done and as a halloween treat you are being tagged too :P

  11. LOL :D Yeh acha hai... you go into a Hiatus, come back and tag people and go back again :-)

    On first thoughts as soon as i read this post, i could not count 5 addictions !!! hmm this will be tough but will be done :-)

    LOL i kinda pity you for Pt2 ; Dats such a bad additction to have :P

  12. @seema: :)
    i found those dollar chocs sometime back!
    n the sip-ups, i dunno if they still make that? i dont rmmbr having it in a real long time now!

    n hey, thanks for the tag, i'm taking it up! :)

    @santosh: yeah, sadly, bloging these days seem to depend solely on tagging! :| and poor u gets victimised all the time i get the tags, i know! :)

    'photographic mem' is really a sad addiction to have, u bet! thanks to old-age, its kinda fading out these days, thankfully! not the old ones, but the new ones.. cache issues, you see! :P