Monday, October 27, 2008


Tagged by my good blog friend, Cris to write about the 5 addictions of my life.

Hmm.. now that's something for which I had to "think", 'coz I realise, I never really gave a thought to my silly li'l addictions.. I've just been addicted, n that was it. Isn't that the nicest thing about addictions?
Lemme try and list down the top5 anyways! (So much for addiction awareness! :P)

As much as I can remember, I've been addicted to Addiction. It's been a looooong way through a series of seasonal, reasonless addictions one after the other.. I exercise them very ceremoniously, very passionately. :) How loyal!

#1: Change: I get bored. very soon. Be it Places, People (quite many of them, if not all -yeah, I know that's mean!), Lifestyle, Surroundings, Hobbies, Hairstyle anything. Could be that I'm addicted to 'Change', because I've always been enemies with 'Constancy'. Simple, ain't it?

#2: Memories: I have a photographic memory. I mean it literally. I can remember my best friend of 7th grade on the annual school day wearing this gorgeous pleated green skirt and this lemon green shirt. Thaaat photographic!
An addiction I'm not too happy about as it takes up a looot many GBs of space in my mind.. you know, this thing with photos and video files. The worst is when they keep running as a background process. It must be slowing down my mind processor quite a bit, I guess. Infact, I feel it's already eating into my short-term-memory-cache drastically. Scary!

#3: Sweets: I have a sweet tooth. And I spoil it to perfection. From those big round Dollar chocolates, through Sip-ups, Rose-mints, Poppins, Orange candies, marshmallows to Chocolates.. I've grown up with them. I love them. :)

#4: Reading: Anything. Again some addiction which's always been around as long as I can remember, after learning my ABCD's. From Comic books, through Newspapers (guess that's a full fledged addiction in itself!), to Books and even that odd interesting article that I find on that paper cover made out of used magazines (yeah, I've done that too!).

#5: Internet: Ah, like you didn't know! Why else would I be here at the first place! 10 years and still going strong! :)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

get well soon, madam!

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, a group of students in Delhi has apparently sent a bunch of roses to the Chief Minister of Delhi with a 'get well soon' note for her response on the death of a lady professional in Delhi.

What else could the citizens possibly do, when their elected representatives respond so irresponsibly to sensitive issues like these?

You are responsible for the safety of your citizens, which you shamelessly agree, you cannot provide. And you don't stop at that, but go ahead to tell people to go hide themselves in their homes soon! To address someone who was just minding her own business as "adventurous" is totally preposterous. An average working woman on the road is not flanked by black cats and security guards, as you are. You could definitely sound a li'l more sensitive than what you just did!

On an offshoot from the topic, I was just wondering how it's always women who react in the most insensitive manner when it comes to atrocities against other women.

Talking of atrocities on women, from rapes to eve-teasing, I've found more women blaming the victimised women on them dressing or behaving provocatively.
No one gives a damn about the perverted minds who commit the crimes.

When it's dowry harassment or dowry death or even a demand for dowry, it's the mother-in-laws who pull the strings more often than not.

Remember Kaushambi who was killed last year in a hotel room? I remember discussing this with a woman colleague then, who just said "Why did she have to go to a hotel with a guy? She deserved this only"
Just because she checked into a hotel with her boyfriend doesn't mean she asked to be killed, right?

Wouldn't life be a li'l better for women, if as women, we could be at the least (forget being sensitive or considerate) fair to the women around us?