Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black or White?

Once upon a time, during the days of comic books and fairy tales and grandmothers' bedtime stories, I knew only two kinds of people, the Good guy and the Bad guy.
The good guy beats up the bad guy and it's the End of Story.
How neat is that?

Later I learned that real people come in shades of gray. That's when I started placing people in different gradients of grayscale. (yeah, somewhat like those stupid color scale strips they show in the ads of skin whitening creams)
All's fine till that.

But now, I have a problem.
What do I do with people who are high on the Black level and equally high on the White level? You know, one moment you feel they are too good to be true.. and the next moment, they give you reason enough to believe that they are the latest earthly incarnations of the devil himself. Now this is where I'm at loss. Either I can see pitch dark Black OR blinding White. I find myself oscillating them between the extremes and never manage to strike a balance.

Do you come across people like that? How d'you deal with them, then?


  1. Hi
    I still categorize ppl I interact with into two. White and Black.
    I like someone a lot or I just hate him/her.

    Nothing in between.
    May sound stupid, still.


  2. No body is born bad in today's world. It is the race to lead, where every one of us picks up the bad qualities. If the both extremes exist in the same person then it is the upto us to re-analyse whether it right from that person's point of view and decide whether we need to continue the relationship.

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Life's simpler when you are a kid. Damn!!!
    The problem with me is that I dont see the shades of grey.. For me everyone has black and white levels... and then there are those who have just black
    Them I simply ignore :D

  4. I prefer to always keep people in the white. Give them benefit of doubt.. There will be some reasons why they are showing shades of gray or black. Ignore that part and you will find the whiteness underneath.. Try it and you will know it really works :)

  5. Hey just like Nikhil, even i place ppl in black n white
    no greys for me

    my funds is girl tht if sumone is even a hint of black then it can be towards u one day.... even if thy r all white towards u rite now... so better be with ppl who r really white, cuz thy will be white to all u know.

    Maybe i sound too rigid but well! thn thts me :)

  6. Listen to your heart.
    Forget logic :-)

    Instincts have always worked for me.

    Like if you feel that the guy/girl can be changed, he/she is like this sometimes; at other times he/she is sweet..This is the way mind works.

    Heart says..
    Be careful of him/her..
    Let go of your ego..

    something like that.

  7. Well arent most of us like that. I am sure I am an angel most of the times but people who know me may not prolly agree with that - not the angel part anyway.

    But I guess people who show entirely two different faces - they are not real, one of those faces is not anyway. Important thing is to know which is real and then you are safe.

    If those are really black (hey I like black, you should have chosen white for devils!) devils, keep off, the white part is all make-up! And if they are really white, the black part is just part of a bad day, it'd rub off, no worries. Yea yea I know it all.

  8. Like Dhanya, I always placed people in the white zone. However life experiences taught me otherwise. Now I just avoid those shady ones. It may sound as escapism but it works for me ;-)

  9. Lets make them Brown;)LOL Well its easier keepin them to just two levels and not bring in more colours....

  10. @nikhil: no, it is not at all stupid. Infact, it is simple.
    and at most times, keeping things simple is the best way.

    @ferox: re-analyse. mebbe this post is a part of that.. :)
    you are very true, people pick up their wicked traits along the way .. for survival, mebbe..
    we just need to make sure that we dont end up feeling victimised by that.

    thanks for stopping by to comment!

    @macadamia girl: wowiee!! :)
    nice to hear from you after long!

    'Ignore', that's exactly the word I wanted to use. Between the extremities of black and white in a person, I feel confused as to what to ignore? The black or the white?
    But then while one's confused like that, the bestest way of course is to Ignore the person at all! :)

    @dhanya: know what girl, Im so so glad to know that you could still keep that attitude intact.
    guess I used to think so too.. long long back..
    but then, experience speak: when you know you are giving someone the benefit of doubt, chances are more that the person in question ends up taking you for a dud and starts manipulating you!

  11. @div: so so true!! :)
    most of the times, you can see through people when they are mean to others. also whatever goes around, surely will come around to us too.
    and no, that doesn't sound rigid at all.. infact, it all sounds logical.. very very logical. :)

    @layman: welcome! :) and thanks for stopping by to comment!

    'listen to your heart'- that one's landed me in trouble more often! :P
    but then, mebbe you are right.. writing a post like this in itself points to the fact that my heart thinks 'be careful'! :)
    i better listen to it now! :D

    @chris: you said it! It's all about figuring out which one of them is a mask.. and the good part is that the masks do wear off eventually..

    n oye!! I'm so with you on that black-white thingie! infact, I was wondering if I can use any other metaphors to describe good and bad effectively to convey my point. but then decided to go with it finally! :|
    btw, I've been planning to base my next post on this color bias for good and bad.

    @seema: It is definitely not escapism, girl! Anything but that.
    I believe we have a primary responsibility towards our own self.. and that includes saving ourself from potential damagers.
    So if we feel like someone could harm/ manipulate us, then avoiding them is the bestest thing to do.
    It's always better to be not-too-adventurous in certain cases.

    @chaggoholic: brown? wha? :))
    well well.. keeping it easy and simple is the right way to go, I guess!

  12. I hardly find any black people ! :o) May be god made me lucky enuf to be surounded by White people or maybe i just dont categorize ! I Dunno, this one needs further analysis !!!

  13. Now this is where I'm at loss. Either I can see pitch dark Black OR blinding White. I find myself oscillating them between the extremes and never manage to strike a balance.

  14. @santosh: lucky you, I say! :)

    @smruthy: hey!! longtime! quite a long sabbatical, eh? hope you're doing good! :)

    @high roller: Thanks for stopping by to comment! :)