Monday, September 29, 2008

back to square one.

back to work after 2 months.

Initial reflex actions/ reactions/ realisations:
# The 1km drive to work today seems like the longest trip I've had in ages.
# The air freshener at office. It is repugnant. suffocating.
# The worst sound in the whole wide world- of swiping my access card at entry.
# People. Faces. Hey, who's this guy coming across at the walkway? Looks like a long-forgotten face.. lemme smile.. Wha?? Was it an exclamation or a question mark on his face? Gawd, I'm such a forgettable person!
# Another friendly-long-forgotten face.. ok, this one smiles.. He says I seem to have lost a lot of weight! good! nice! But, what's his name? gosh! I'm a forgetful person too, in addition to being forgettable. How nice a combination!
# I don't quite remember the current username-password combi of my desktop. Great!
# OK, now I don't remember my phone/voice-mail password too!! Double great!!
# I'm growing old.
# I hate this place.
# Why am I here?
# This is not a profession. It's just a job. Just a job.
# After 2 months, it's back to being a RESOURCE.

How does it feel? well... umm.. ahem...
God bless my soul!

The best thing about being on hibernation from the world for a while is that, I got to know who cares, and what matters the most. Time, which helped me re-assess my priorities. But then, once back to the same old world, it needs to be seen how I manage to implement it differently this time around. I hope I do. Wish me luck!!


  1. Hurray, You are back to work. Good luck and Happy Diwali to you.

  2. @ferox: hey, thanks dude!
    infact, i got back to work in oct, just that i forgot to publish this post i had written then!
    late posting.. u know how it is with lazy/careless people! :|

    thanks for your wishes! :)
    hope you had a good one too!