Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good News Bad News

Bad news is: I have called out sick, been advised to take some much needed rest for 4 weeks.
Good news is: Not going for work for one whole month. That couldn't have got any better!

Bad news is: One week of bliss is almost over.
Good news is: I have still got 3 weeks left. (ah, the eternal optimist in me, who wakes up not too often to make her point)

Bad news is: Not meeting people is soo not happening for a people's person like me. No gappe marofying, no shopping, no eating out, no hogging on chocolates. :|
Good news is: It's fun to wake up in the morning and smile, thinking of not having to meet the colleagues. :P

Bad news is: I guess I'm going to gain all the more flab, as much as I've (tried to) reduce in the past coupla months.
Good news is: those witch-like dark circles around my eyes are GONE! poye pochhu! (Do witches have dark circles? :/ The fact is: I couldn't think of any adjectives there. :| One is not supposed to try too hard while unwell, Right? )

Bad news is: I'm already missing all the fun at the yoga class.
Good news is: Now I'll have the time to do all those blog tags I have committed to. (Hopefully!)

Bad news is: I'm missing the coffee vending machine at Office. (as much as I hate it)
Good news is: I'm falling in love with Green tea. (which according to dear friend Su, smells of mehndi. ewww.. :D)

Bad news is: It sucks to be all alone at home, with such a cloudy rainy climate outside.
Good news is: Getting all those lovey-dovey thoughtful phone calls from concerned friends & family, all day.

I find myself smiling a lot of late, though!
Oh hell, falling sick can be fun at times! :)

Good News Bad News , incidentally, happens to be the book I'm hooked on to, currently. Manages to keep me at the edge of my seat .. ermm okies.. make that 'bed'. Not quite a fanciful proposition, though!


  1. Good news is now you will have a lot of time to blog a lot!
    And Green Tea, I have heard is very good to drive down "the flab". I happen to like the smell of Mehendi too :p

  2. Oh dear! That was unfeeling of me! Forgot you are sick! I got it into my head this is a 4-week vacation you took to make your blog-readers happy :D
    Take rest and get well soon and when you are not resting, blog :D

  3. Bad News : You not well.
    Good News : You are talking to us.
    Take care of your health.
    Enjoy !

  4. four weeks of rest! that would have been one heck of a sickness attack!

    good thing, is you can come out reborn! :-)

    wishing you speedy recovery, Usha. Hit the roads with a new sparkle in your eye after the left three weeks.

  5. WOW... Lucky you are... I wish I could be in your shoes now... Desperate for a holiday & desperate to come home and spend some time....

    Enjoy your green tea...

  6. @cris: girl! you're right! I should hopefully find a lot of time to blog but then, what does one blog about, while on house arrest?! :| lemme see!
    thanks for the wishes! :)

    @hobo: good news, indeed! :) take care, I will! :) dankies!

    @reia: oh, that's so thoughtful a wish, Reia! Though I wouldn't want to scream it out on a loudspeaker, the fact is: I needed this time to sort out many things in my head.. and I soo soo hope that this will be a phase that'll help me find the strength within, to help me achieve that! Thanks so much! muah!

    @cm-chap: gee.. thankyou for making me feel lucky for being unwell! :) I'm actually feeling quite nice, though holidays and sick leaves aren't quite the same! :)

  7. Good new: You can blog more often
    Bad news: No office bakras to blog about!!;-D

    anyways take care..:-)

  8. One month sick leave? lol do all mallu gals when they fall sick, take no less than a month off? Is it some kerala thingy ? One gal from my office too took off on a month long "fever" leave :p

    lol.. just kidding ya... acha and btw when those pending tags are being done... yaad rakhna usme ek mera bhi hai :o)

    Get weel sooooon, but use the monthe long leave anyway ! dont trun up in offce just cos you felt better sooner :)

  9. Enjoy the one-month-sabbatical :)

  10. oyeeee???

    wt happened madame???

    All ok now?

    hope u r fit n fine asap!!!


  11. oh, i do hope you get well soon. 4 weeks vecation is fun, and i hope you are feeling better as days pass by.

    be back and bouncing soon :)

  12. hahaha. =)

    yes, you said it. falling sick can be fun at times.

    although on the flip side, it makes us immobile and weak. and THAT sucks. not having control over one's body is uncool.

    wish you a speedy recovery. get well soon!

  13. Interesting to read ur good news &bad news.
    Good news is: It's fun to wake up in the morning and smile, thinking of not having to meet the colleagues. :P

    I share the same good news with u:))


  14. @mathew: yeah.. no bakras.. how sad, no? honestly, i'm kinda missing them.. ok, just a teeny weeny bit. ;)

    @santosh: rude joke. :|
    hey yeah, i did actually try attempting that tag. know what, it's hurting my ego to realise that my mem isn't as great as I thought it was. Will require some warm-up for my memory cells to come up with that. but i can always try! :)

    @silencekilled: sabbatical? wish things were as simple and easy. :) house arrest would be an apt word!

    @div: hey girl!! :) yeah I'm kinda okie dokies.. not as bad as it could have got, thankfully! n thanks for the hugs. I really needed all those jadoo ki jhappis now! :)

  15. @xh: dankies, dude! :)
    btw, smart new profile pic you've got in there!

    @dhanya: know wot, you are sooo sweet! that's what you are! :) thanks for calling up.

    @gayatri: thankyou, girl!! :)

    @mirage: teehee. that calls for a same pinch! :P
    btw, all well at your end? hope you're just working from home or something..

  16. u r welcome

    here comes one more

    a BEAR HUG ths time...lol

  17. wht happened ji? 4 weeks?? :O
    take care..hope u get wel soon... appserver needs ppl like u ;)..now, guess who this is..

  18. Hey! Get well soon! Maybe you will not put on weight since you are not hogging on chocolates anymore.

  19. @div: :) muah!

    @random guy: sniff sniff.. do I smell something ex-webserver? ;) correct me if I'm wrong!

    @solitaire: dankies, girl! :)hey yeah, me too hopes so! dang, I miss my eclairs with dollops of cream n choc sauce.. mm..
    know wot, a supposedly darling friend called up very thoughtfully the other day and updated me on the fact that, at the end of it all, they give some stupid tonic which makes one feel super-hungry. He also said he expects to find me in the shape of a football, soon! :|

  20. oh yeah...u sniffed wel ;) u r intelligent, yaar :)
    i'm planning to start it again on technoraki.blogspot.com..lets c

  21. Hi...coming here the first time..it was actually different...never have read a write-up on these lines...like good news and bad news...nice job..keep writing

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  22. Hey! Some original-style post. you've done too many of those gay tagging shit. This is good.

  23. @rakesh aka randomguy: ha ha. temme something new, I say! :D
    so, technoblog it's gonna be this time? good luck with it! do lemme know when you start posting..

    @rajesh: Thanks for stopping by. Just took a sneak peek at your blog. Keep'em coming! Will get back soon. :)

    @rags: I'm glad you liked it! :)
    and btw, I do those tag posts because I love doing them. No, really! :)

  24. Hey ! you all OK now i hope ? Hale and Hearty :o)

  25. @santosh: :) so thoughtful of you!
    yeah, I'm more or less ok.. only my vacation from work had to be extended to 2 months.. now dont you get started with the vacation habits of your mallu colleagues! :P