Saturday, July 12, 2008

the week that was...

turbulent. bittersweet.

7 hours of shop-till-you-drop with a couple of new work-friends. Absolute bliss. Peer influence: ended up buying a couple of dangling ear-rings (not at all my style, but that's what you end up doing when you wait on girls spending a neat half-an-hour sifting through trinkets).Loved it, though.. surprisingly. The upside of spending that much time there is that, friends dont have to do their usual 'ding dong.. see my new ear-rings!' ritual to me anymore. I've started noticing them involuntarily and complimenting. Happy friends. :)

Su and me bought a pair of 'pink' floaters (yes you heard it right, I never thought I'd get pink footwear even in the wildest of my dreams.) again, loved it. As M says: 'ladkiyaan pink pe phisalti hain' :P Now we both look like 'kumbh ke mele mein bichhde hue bhai.. ermm.. behan?'. ok, wotever!

Best part about going out for food with Kannadiga friends: tried Akki Roti and Mangalore buns. A must-have-tried-atleast-once thing, if you are in Bangalore. Su, thanks for introducing me to such yum food.

Got to hear an interesting perspective on keeping a cool head while driving through the maddening weekend traffic in Bangalore, braving the honking and cursing. M, you amazed me, girl.

Realised that having friends at work is not exactly a myth afterall! Also, that shopping could be a good workout too! Talking of workouts, Achievement #1: I could get the chakrasana thing right, at the yoga class. It just came so naturally. Mebbe it's all in the mind, afterall. Almost sprained my neck though. But happy, nonetheless.

Nosy teammie strikes again:
Me (bloghopping to keep my sleepyhead awake post-lunch)
Nosy teammie: So Usha, are you looking for guys on the net? OR Are you looking at your guy online?
Me: What a thoughtful question. Thanks for asking. :|
I again wonder: why do the nastiest of nosy gossip mongers always happen to be men?

Another teammie met with a road accident. Happens to be a woman this time. Pandora box thrown open at the pre-team-meeing pep-talk. Battle of sexes on women's driving skills on the road. Sat with a calm bakte raho attitude. Realised I'm not that enthu about debates anymore as I used to be back in school. I no longer give a damn about anybody's POV unless they come try to tamper with mine.

Saw through another Black Friday at work. Axing jobs time. Saw a couple of nice people leave. One grows numb to it after a certian while. Disturbing it is, nonetheless. Learnt again that not caring anough is good at times.

Also, saw someone's well camouflaged truth coming out. You wont even be able to make out that they are lying through their teeth, because they very religiously start believing in their own lies after a while. I tell myself again: People are way too complex, anyways.

Scooter's silencer gone bad. Went around riding it for a day, with sound effects like that of those porukki dudes with their silly excuses of bullets. The next time, mebbe I won't frown at them as I usually do.

Went and got my hair chopped a good 8 inches. Liked the look. Tad too disheartened about the length of my crowning glory, but then it's perfectly in tune with my current mode of dumping excess baggage.. emotional, physical.. then why spare the hair?


  1. "but then it's perfectly in tune with my current mode of dumping excess baggage.. emotional, physical.. then why spare the hair? " somehow liked that line..My mom never used to like me cutting the hair real short..she said i have the just out of Tihar look!! But neverthless i loved it!!;-p

  2. I'd love to hear that perspective from M :-) Mind throwing a post on it?

  3. Splendid week. I somehow assumed you are this girl with short brown hair and big eyes. And boy am I creative? Cause of course it takes an unusally creative mind to imagine that after seeing the profile pic (ref: Ze chopping of 8 inches made me say all this now if you are wondering)!

    For the sake of the illiterate, can you translate Hindi in brackets where you use it? And this from a girl who saw Jaane Tu today and claimed to understand it.

  4. hi usha,ur blog s really nice.Keep writing.


  5. @mathew: ah, I had got my hair chopped like that once, way back when I was in school. And boy, that was a nightmare! really. I still shudder at the thought.

    @Reia: yeah, will do that sometime. :) Only hindrance is: I find 'traffic' and 'driving' to be very agitative and distrubing words, after living in Bangalore for a while.
    Thanks for stopping by, Reia!

    @Cris: well well.. technically speaking, I had a layered haircut earlier, which implies the flicks in front are just long enough to give anyone the impression that it's short, and the longest layers in the back used to extend till my elbow. This new hairstylist prefered a clear playground to do her business, I guess, so she chopped it all down to the length of the shortest layer to get started with. And to think that the only request I had before handing my head over to her was that, 'Cut only 2 inches, please'. hmmph. But I'm not complaining.. Infact I'm finding this fun! :D small is beautiful.

    n hey yeah, how unthoughtful of me, to not do the translation! I'll sure do that next time on, girl! Thanks.

    @mirage: Welcome! :) and thanks for your comments!

  6. Mangalore buns are amazing nai? I love em. if you liked mangy food, u should try Kori rotti and chicken too.. Sluuuurp :p

    current mode of dumping excess baggage.. emotional, physical.. then why spare the hair !! too Good :-)

    Keep having such nice weeks and stay away from Black fridays for as loooooooong as possible :0)


  7. Wts with gals...includin me i mean

    Weekend = shoppin or wat???

    and also, hair cut.... I got one too :)

  8. @scribblers inc: yeah, gone with the wind! :)
    a heavy heart and a heavy head can be quite disturbing a combi. making it all lighter really feels good. :)

    @santoz: well this was the 1st time I tried Mangalore food. n yes, it totally rocks! :) kori rotti? okies.. next time, I'll go hunt for them :)

    @divkiran: teehee.. same pinch, i say! :)
    girls will be girls. hmmph.

  9. How come the feeds r not working? Just now realized I've missed out some of the latest posts!!!

  10. @dhanya: eej eet? :(
    they seem to be set alright in here. wonder what's going wrong!

  11. Me is blogrollin u...hope its kool with ya :)
    Nxt update madame???

  12. @divkiran: hey, sure!
    Thanks for blogrolling me, girl! :)

    next update? umm.. on its way, let's wait for the weekend for some more shopping stories, eh? :P
    I'm planning to travel the weekend after the next to meet some old friends who are back in India after a longish time. All excited, n in the planning phase ryt now! :)

  13. mangalore food is yumm.. akki roti, kori roti, fish curry, chicken curry - lot of yummy food. if u come to koramangala, try Kube near koramangala club - they do make good mangalorian cuisine.

    porukkis riding enfield? i thought most of those ppl prefer very loud 2 strokers or pulsars.

  14. right, so we have 2 things in common now.

    1. pink floaters - gifted by the cousin (so i had to look cheery and say ooooh how pweeety, while deep down i was gagging her)

    2. hot new hair cut. weeelll, i cut mine 2 months back. so,technically its semi-new now.

  15. This looked like a cathartic post. Liked it!!

  16. @xh: so, Kube it is, the next time I go to Koramangala. btw, that place's got quite some real cool food joints.

    yeah, porukkis dont ride enfields.. that's what i meant by their 'silly excuses' for enfields! :)

    @gayatri: yay!! same pinch! :)
    btw, the other day, i just bumped into another proud owner of a pair of pink floaters. Apparently, she got them in pink just to make sure her bro doesn't borrow it! :D
    Thanks for stopping by, girl! :)

    @solitaire: cathartic?! lolz! well honestly, that was more or less what I was feeling like while blurting it all out!
    I'm glad you liked it.. and hey, Welcome! :)

  17. Hey MB...(U know what I mean..Don't u? he he hee...) Whattaa a blog gal! Lovely! Kumbh mela was the best! Well had a great time with u and M on that rocking saturday!Looking forward to have few more masti maarrring with u and M gang! and don't bother about Mr.pokie nosy. Next time we shall taste typical manglorean Veg food. what say?

  18. @su: wowie!!! ok, DONE! :)
    and I'll get more of those dangling ear-rings too.. though the ones which we got the other day are yet to see the light of day! :P
    and you too brutus SK, keechad uchalofying in public?! grr :))
    looking forward to the next girls' day out! :)

  19. In response to the comment you mad eon my blog - Yes, probably she is myopic, but then again, so am I. ;)