Monday, July 21, 2008

sometimes I guess there just aren't enough rocks

'sometimes I guess there just aren't enough rocks'
- as Forrest Gump said it.

I wonder if one can ever get even with anything or anyone by getting back at them, for it can never be enough.
Forgiving, I believe, is the most 'positively' selfish thing to do. Not because it makes me feel saintly, but because that's the only way I can be at peace with myself.


  1. do i agree with u? of course. any fool can get angry, but only few can forgive and sometimes, to forgive is the best revenge...

  2. Forgive & Forward march...left right...left right...left right

  3. Hmm I wonder now. New thought that, never occured to me before. Heck I even forget there is something like that - forgiving. Cause though I dont explicitly say or do anything, in my mind I simply cannot put it behind.

  4. I agree with you.. Sply this one...

    Forgiving, I believe, is the most 'positively' selfish thing to do

  5. "Stupid is as Stupid Does"
    - As Forrest Gump Said it. ;o)

    Me thinks Forgiving is the thing to do and possible as well. But Forgiving and Forgetting ? I dont think we are capable of that ! Hai na >

  6. It is...but not always

    U cnt forgive someone who murders, spreads terror, rapes someone or any other anti social crime for tht matter...

    Anthr pt of view...thrs a diff b/w forgivin and taking revenge...u may not harm the other person or take revenge but at the same time u may never forgive him/her for wt thy hav done and hence discard thm for ur life forever

  7. @xh: 'sometimes, to forgive is the best revenge' wow!! now that's an interesting perspective! :)

    @hobo: :) yes, Forward march it is!
    thanks for stopping by!

    @cris: they say forgiving is the best way to forgetting. :)

    @cm-chap: :) Forgiving for purely selfish reasons. Sometimes, being selfish is the best thing you can do to yourself and to others.

  8. @santosh: there were instances where I could forgive, but could never forget.. and then, there were other times when I could kinda forget and get over things over a period of time, but the forgiving part was never done.. And time, being the best healer, after a while, you reach a point where nothing matters anymore, and it all just ceases to exist in the bigger canvas of life.

    @divkiran: you are so right. such henious crimes deserve no forgiveness.

    but there's this school of thought about harboring hatred/revenge/anger against any person, 'coz what we do then is to focus on all that negativity and the hated person in question. In such cases, it's always better to forgive and get done with, so that we can focus our time and energy on better/positive things.

    and there are times one needs to forgive oneself. you know, the guilt factor can get quite self-destructive too.

  9. Good humour..
    (thanks for stopping by)
    Claps !

  10. Yeah...agree...personally i believe self forgiveness is toughest...nvr been able to forgive myself, over critical :)

    helps at work, but hypertension in personal life :)

  11. You can never get even with anything/anyone by getting back at them. So it's easier to say I will forgive, but forgetting is not that easy. It depends on the gravity of the situation :) And sometimes not reacting is the biggest punishment that they can give to them. Many a times I have faced questions like "Why don't you just scold me so that I will feel better" :)

  12. Very well said!!

    To bear malice is like punishing oneself!!

  13. @divvygirl: over critical?! same pinch on that!

    @dhanya: :) wish 'not reacting' would've come so naturally to me too. With me, guess I haven't been that great with the art of forgiving.. it's something I'm learning.. not for punishing anybody, but for purely purely selfish reasons only. :)

    @solitaire: you said it! :)

    @anish: oh great, good to know that! :) So now I know whom to check with the "what to do's n where to go's" when I'm in Hyd next!

  14. thats the best thought summation in minimum words...

    Scribblers Inc.

  15. :-) Sometimes, 'forgiving' itself becomes the toughest fight to win, with yourselves...

    sometimes, its easy for forgive; with deeper wounds, I've even taken months to be able to forgive... but somehow, the old warmth sometimes refuses to get back into 'mended' relationships!

    Not that its always the case... but... sometimes...

  16. Hey where have u been
    whns the next update???

  17. Forgiving is divine.I agree with u that forgiving gives a peace of mind.But its often hard to forget than to forgive ,for me.

  18. @scribblers inc: thanks, dude! :)

    @reia: i agree. relationships are not just about simple equations.. they are more like glass. once broken, we can never mend the pieces together to get it back to its old self.

    @divvy: I've been travelling crazy like a headless chicken amidst bomb scares n stuff. should be back in town by tomorrow. :)
    next post? it's on it's way!! :)

    @mirage: you are right. guess, sometimes it's a blessing to have a short term mem!