Thursday, July 3, 2008

so, what changed your life?

I've been going through one of those metamorphosis phases in life. Things happen, take you offguard, sweep you off your feet before you could even realise, and thud! your are thrown down with a bang.. and then you pick yourself up, brush off the dust, nurse your wounds, think over it, promise yourself to be more careful, and without realising, end up altering your life and outlook towards it to an extent. Most of the time, this metamorphosis happens without awareness..

And then today, someone at work just caught me offguard: 'Hey!! Good Morning. So Usha, WHAT changed your life?'
Me: 'umm.. well.. ahem.. ??!'

Change is good.

other updates: went to the Infant Jesus church today, after a real long time. Experienced 'peace in chaos' for one more time. Loved it.


  1. wht changed my life? Fountainhead by Ayn Rand - they started the change... then 5 yrs of education @ Christ College (no, not the bangalore one, but one @ kerala) and lot other things help me shape it... but the seed of change was from the book Fountainhead and many otehr books i read that time help me nurture it...
    so, will I call Fountainhead my life changing book? no, I wont. But it is one strong presence - the catalyst of change...

  2. Infant Jesus Church...I just like going there and praying. I always tell my mother that, so many people come there on thursdays, but when you close ur eyes and pray, you feel so peaceful!

  3. Uhhh philpsophy...
    Not my line, or so I say. Just a thought though. Metamorphosis as you call it, happens without awareness. But is there a reason? Or is it part of life?

  4. @xh: you're very true, lonewolf.. catalysts, they are.
    and some books are really very powerful at that, sometimes teaching us better lessons than real life experiences.

    @silencekilled: you said it! :)
    I'm planning to go there more often. it just felt so nice to be there early in the morning.
    thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

    @cris: righto! :) a part of life, it is..
    and the change is what we take forward, until we bump into another reason for change.. but then, mebbe the reasons are not all that important.. rather, it's the change that makes a difference.
    mebbe a more sensible question would be: 'how has your life changed for the better?' 'coz that's what really matters! :)

  5. Helluuuu :o)

    Pray you are never ever taken offguard, never get swept off your feet[unless when u fall in love :o)]

    Hope you have now picked yourself up fully, All the dusting is done, The wounds are healed, thought over it and the promise to be more careful will hold good forever and ever :0)

    BTW : Who is this person who started a converstaion with "so What changed your life" Brrrrr ;p. I only know of people who start with " So Hows life" :-)

  6. Change is gooooooooooood. I hate when life becomes stagnant. I love to hear when people think change is good. Btw dropped here to say I finally saw the adoption poster you told me abt. It so craetive . Thank you for pointing me

  7. A series of mistakes..or choices..or persons..changes are happening but I have no idea what caused what:)

  8. @santosh: oh, that's so sweet of you dude! :) really.
    well I'm still in the 'nursing my wounds' mode, but I'll be alright(soon)! :) n yeah, I'll sure hold on to my promise. I can't afford not to!

    about my colleague who asked me that, well you can't blame him, when he suddenly starts finding his usually late lateef cubemate at office by 7:30 am!

    @pooja: it makes me smile too when I hear people say that. :)
    my fav line is: 'nothing lasts forever, thankfully!'
    we cannot take anything or anybody for granted in life, and I feel the sooner we learn to accept it, the better it is for us.

    oh, good you found the poster.. infact when I read your post, I really wanted to dig it out from my mailbox and send it across to you. only I couldn't find it!

    @shikha: well.. in a way, it's a better idea not to bother about the causes, as far as we are aware of the changes that's happening in our life.. n when the change is for good, it gives us more reasons to smile about :)
    thanks for stopping by to comment, shikha!

  9. Peace in chaos is good. The rest doesn't matter after a while. :) Have a good week ahead!

  10. @zee: at the end of it all, I realised, 'what changed it' is trivia as compared to 'what change it brought about'. :)

    @anju: you're right. 'the rest doesn't matter after a while'. Thanks for stopping by, girl.. you too have a blessed week ahead! :)

  11. Life chages continuously...everytime u think u have hit the shore and are now gonna camp there, comething cathes u unaware and throws u in the middle of it all again!!!

    Its good...we keep movin on, not cuz we want to but cuz we have to...bust its still all good :)

  12. @divkiran: welcome! :)
    well said.. sometimes, we can't when we really want to move on.. and at other times, we wouldn't want to move on, but still have to! the ironies of life.
    but yes, when you look back at it after a while, you always feel good that things weren't/aren't permanent. just imagine how boring it would've been, had it been so! :D