Tuesday, July 29, 2008

happy birthday to me!

Three decades of existing, surviving, living on the face of Earth..
laughing my lungs out.. crying my heart out.
working around things at times, working through things at other times..
holding on.. giving up.
giving in.. fighting it out.
innumerable smiles, hearty laughs, many a grins, quite some frowns and the occasional spell of gloom.
finding countless miracles in everyday events, bumping into angels packaged as friends..
loads of love picked up along the way like those surprise sea shells along the beach..
betrayals that taught some harsh lessons..
many gains and quite some losses.
ecstatic times, moments of agony..
the blessing of having a wonderful life support system called family..

It's been a blessed three decades. Thanks to God for being so kind to me.
Happy birthday to me! teehee!

ps: btw, does anyone remember this ad of some energy supplement capsules called '30 plus'? Jeetendra used to jump all around and advertise it on Television while I was still in my teens. The jingle's been ringing non-stop in my head since the past few days. :|

And the award for the most thoughtful wish received so far on this birthday goes to P, for his: 'Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest :)'


  1. I am aware about 30+ advt.
    But I believe :
    A person is as young as she/he thinks.

  2. wow.. happy b'day to you... you are reaching the prime age of your life - enjoy your life as it unfolds... :-D

  3. Wishing you all the best on the special day...Happy BIrthday from the Republik of Deutschland!!;-D

  4. Oh dang wish I had put something up on my birthday. Instead I skipped mentioning it :D
    Not so thoughtful at the moment (overstrained brains have this habit of running out of thoughts sometimes) so will have to do with a cliched one now.

    Rappy birthday, may you have lotsa lollipops, lotsa lettuce, and lotsa lemonade; all 3 will keep you outta getting fat. And since its a triple-L thing its got to have something to do with love.
    Sheesh I shuda stopped at birthday. To make it up, another well-meant cliche - may all your good dreams come for this year, and if I forget to mention it, all years ahead!

  5. By the way not sure if its the rite thing to say, but I assumed you were 20 something, heck 21 or 22 just starting with job life hehe. Not that it makes any difference.

  6. Happy birthday, Usha :-)
    And, that was quite some summary there! :-)

  7. Have a great day dear and have many many such b'days :)

  8. Yayeeeeeeee!!!! Party n Cake time

    Happy Birthday to u :)

    Wish u loads n loads of luck and may u be happy today and always

    By the way, plz do send some cake this side....n if i can demand thn choclate truffle plz...lol


  9. Happy.....Happpy.... Ekdam Happy wala B'day yaar :o)

    Tu Jeeye Hazzzaron Saal, Saal ke din ho pachaaaas Hazar...... Hows this wish ??? Can i share the award with P now? Or can i get it as well??? he he !

    Hope you had a niceee day and ll ave a loooooot more to come your way!!

    Best Wishes !

  10. 30 years of wisdom

    u ll only get more wiser by the years...
    happy b day

  11. @hobo: :) righto!

    @xh: thanks! :)

    @mathew: thanks for your wishes, mathew! :) btw, my day was spent at the heart of malluland.. running between railway stations with bomb bheeshani all around! :D

    @cris: thanks, girl! :)
    twenty something? well i'm used to hearing that.. though honestly, that comment always makes me wonder whether that should be taken as a compliment or that i sound/act too silly for my age! :P

    @reia: thankyou for your wishes! :)

  12. @dhanya: thanks, girl! :) thanks for being so thoughtful to call me up!

    @divs: thankyousss!! :)
    choc trufle? well you can be sure nothing will be left of it by the time i get it from the baker to the courier guy! :D

    @santosh: thankyous dude! :)
    50000 din wale saal? gosh, is that a wish or a curse?! :P
    oh yeah, and you do get a special special prize for your wishes! :)

    @uma: wiser.. hmm :) thanks, uma!
    thanks for stopping by to wish!

  13. Belated Happppppppy B'daaaaaaaay!!!


    I celebrated mine this month too :D
    9 days before yours

  14. Happy birthday!

    Hope you had a killer day. And wish you a kickass year ahead. God Bless you! =)

    You don't need pills. Throw them out the window!

  15. @macadamia girl: thankyous! :) and belated budday wishes to you too, girl! 3 cheers to july babies. muaz! :)

    @gayatri: thanks for the wishes, girl! :)

    n nyooo!!! jeez.. im not on pills nor am i planning to be! it's just the jingle.. newys, never mind!

  16. Hey!
    Belated wishes.
    Jus over 2 days late,rite?
    How I wish I had subscribed to your blog.


    PS:I remember the 30+ ad very much.Oh! Does that mean, I am old?

  17. Wish you a belated happy bday. Hope you had a lovely bday :).

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a reat blog here. Will surely drop by again to read more. Stay in touch:)

  18. Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘brown girl in d ring..’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  19. Ayyo!!
    This irritating ray(SPAM) is here as well.
    He has this copy paste text !
    16th blog where I am finding this.


  20. Hey belated happy birthday!. chill out 30 is the new 15. Take 30 plus when you turn 60

  21. Happy the birthday, and it was very well written.. :)

  22. @nikhil: danks, dude! :)
    n btw, that shows you've got a good memory! same pinch! ;)

    @shalini: thankyous! :) and welcome!
    I'm glad to have discovered ur blog too! :)

    @ray: thanks for the invitation!

    @seema: thanks, girl! :)
    n yeah, you said it! :D

    @goli: thankyous for stopping by to wish! :)

  23. It's great to wish persons on their birthday... Belated bday wishes! Have a great time blogging...

  24. Happy B'day to you! Oh wait, I mean, belated!Have a great year ahead:)

  25. belated bday wishes..and dont think of enrgy supplements..yet:)

  26. belated birthday wishes to you... :)

    I blv I ve been here b4.. :)cool blog..

    Cheers.. :)

    Ges u cud do away with the word veri thingy... :)

  27. @sreejith, mahi, shikha, multimenon: Thankyou folks, for stopping by to wish! So thoughtful of you! :)

  28. jeetendra endorsed a capsule made out of ginseng, a chinese root. now u get them in flaky natural forms too.

    honestly, better to be what u r than prance around like jeetendra:-)