Monday, July 7, 2008

The Giant Wheel

It scares me.
It makes my heart beat faster than I never knew it could, and brings it to a standstill that I feel I'm no longer alive.

A long time back, someone shared this secret with me, on enjoying the ride on a Giant Wheel.
He said: breathe in when it goes up.. hold your breath while you are up there, and breathe out when it comes down.

A good 11 years later, I got onto a giant wheel again, on impulse.. well, to be honest, the reason I got into it was that, it was the tiniest giant (kindly notice the irony) wheel I bumped into, in a real long time! :P
I did exactly what was advised.. and I did have a joy ride.

What I realised this time around is that, the Giant wheel trick applies to Life as well..
1. Breathe it all in when the good times come.. hold on to them while they are there.. and just breathe out the tough times.
because the giant wheel will always keep turning no matter what, and it's better to have a good ride while you're at it!
2. Be wary when something takes you on a high too fast, 'coz before you could realise, you'll be let down from a height, as fast as it took you there!
3. Whatever goes around, comes around. Also, whatever comes around, goes around.

on a not-so-philosophical note:

Why am I talking about giant wheels today?
This is an eerie incident that happened last week.
And today, it's another nightmare.
I wonder why they are called joyrides, afterall?

Anyways, now that I'm in the 'getting scared-and scaring others' mode, lemme share one of my most dreaded nightmares.. [the roller coaster video clip from Final Destination 3]
Njoy! *evil grin*


  1. yes..i had always loved the analogy with the giant ferris wheel..infact had mentioned it in a blog long time back..

    haha great minds think alike!!;-D

  2. Wow! That was some thought! Life a giant wheel ride! I like that. I will surely try this breathing thing. Both in giant wheel and life. Especially giant wheel!

    Btw tiniest giant. Mmm irony or oxymoron? Or are both interchangeable?

  3. LOL.. true.. it applies to life too... btw, whn the gian wheel comes down, screem at teh top of your voice - it helps to enjoy the ride :)

  4. @mathew: :D sure, they do!
    I just read your post.
    -'Hold strong when the wheel goes down. It is worth the exhilaration of going up again…'
    I just loved that one!

    @cris:hey, take my word, that really works on a giant wheel! :) have a fun ride the next time you get on to one, n let us know too!

    technically speaking, when you're coming down at a speed higher than the gravitational pull, you tend to feel weightlessness.. which causes the dizzying effect. Apparently, when you breathe out, it kinda reduces the weightlessness feeling relatively! aagh.. why am I reminding myself of those physics classes at school now!! ok, I better shut up! :|

    @xh: scream? ok, I'll try that the next time when I find a smaller giant wheel! :P
    btw, I do practice the 'scream' techinique while going thru the low phases in life. Ah, now you know why I'm a fan of Himesh Reshammiya songs.. you get that satisfaction of screaming while consoling yourself that you're actually singing!

  5. :o)

    nice analogy! Simple and effective.

    And about nightmares... don't get me started. I have THE weirdest ones in the history of nightmares!

  6. Usha, Pt # 1 is so so true yaar. Such a true funda ! and the last part is easy to read but hard to imbibe and follow. nai ? "have a good ride while you are at it "

    Yaar you are coming up with such philosophical gems,i am thinking of blocking the morning 600 AM slot on Aastha channel for you. "Baby USHA" right after "Baba Assaram Bapu". Well if gent preachers and sadhus are Baba, then ladies ought to be baby. Nai ? :o). Am sure the TRP will soar !


    ps> You should patent and/or copyright your label of Random Bakbak. lol.

  7. :)
    i totally totally hate em..i can do bungee jumpin..but not giant wheels..i dunno wats the logic behind dat..maybe some repressed fear in d ubconscious..:P
    and dat mvie still gives me nitemares...

  8. that was a smart post..i'll try that the next time i stupidly agree to go on a roller coaster :P

  9. @sonia: thanks. and welcome! :)
    do let us know when you blog about it! I was just planning to create a label for nightmares, actually! infact once upon a time, they used to occur so frequently, n my way of feeling lighter after all that is to go tell the story to the next person I find when I wake up. Everyone at home just used to run away when I get started.. but I remember friends at the college hostel always used to look forward to listening to my weird nightmare stories! hehe.

    @santosh: agreed, it isn't all that easy as it sounds. but I believe it's doable. atleast we can make genuine efforts in trying to do that! :)
    n yeah, dishooom dishooom for that 'baby' thingie! there you go!!

    @jina: I got to watch the movie all over again, just a coupla months back.. infact right before I got onto this giant wheel this time around. I find all the movies of the 'Final Destination' series, way too spooky. But I still go watch them anyways! dunno why! mebbe it's the same logic with the people who enjoy these rides too!
    Thanks for stopping by to comment, girl! :)

    @shikha: Thanks! :)
    yeah, do that!
    n lemme tell you something.. I never really had it in me to get on to a roller coaster, ever.
    people laugh at me when I dont budge even after repeated prodding, sneering etc. but I always make sure I have the last laugh when they alight from that damned thing after the ride! :D how evil!

  10. Beautiful analogy!!!
    I'll remember that tip next time :D

    A few months ago I was on this roller coaster called Kraken.. and NEVER again, I vowed to myself as I got off it on wobbly legs

  11. that brought memories of Coelho...
    and Final Destination!!

    Scribblers Inc.

  12. @macadamia girl: hey yeah, do try that.. u know what, with me the worst thing is that in addition to shaky legs, i feel all too pukish! yucks! that's so not fun. hmmph.

    @scribblers inc: Thanks for stopping by! :)