Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When somebody shoot you in the head it make you think

The lesson I've been trying to learn over and over again (and still learning) is that quickfixes never really solve any problem. Workarounds are just about turning a blind eye to the issue. So people, when I said having an ice-cream could cure me of a cold, it was just a quickfix. The cold monster is back again with all its might and for once I've decided to let it have it's way and don't play around it with my self-medications.

Yesterday, I went home with a heavy head and a heavier heart, and watched a movie, though the title wasn't too appealing for my state of mind then.. 'I love you to death' . 1st scene, 1st shot, was a pizza. So there we go craving for our favorite 'Saas bahu special' pizza from Sweet Chariot's.. (People who haven't tried that, please do.. again, a quick and easy way to clear a congested nose! :P) and top it up with a couple of mocha cakes..

The movie is a dark comedy.. A queer one.. It's hilarious in a certain way.. More to do with the way the story is told and is enacted.. the fake Italian accent.. and the underlying sarcasm.. A good watch for a tired weekday evening.

Why am I blogging about it anyways? Because I liked a line in that which I would like to quote in here:
'When somebody shoot you in the head, it make you think'
Very true, no?


  1. sweet chariot serves pizza? never knew it... saas bahu - strange name. think it will be spicy... will try it out.. the cakes @ Sweet chariot r awesome...

    hope u r feeling better...

    quickfix dont work... super glue is much better (i know itz a PJ, but couldn't help cracking it )

  2. You know what reading your blog makes me feel, being unwell is sucha fun thing to happen :p. Aaram se ghar baitho ; Picture dekho, Pizaa Mangao , etc etc . Man Truly !

    Also, Latest research done [by moi ;o)] has shown that common cold is soooo contagious that it spreads through internet as well. I got the cold just by reading your blog and one another persons Gtalk Message ' That Flu is round the corner' :-)

    'When somebody shoot you in the head, it make you think' this is one swell line ya ! this is my Gtalk message for the next couple of days :-) Thank you !

    Oh ya ! Get well soon too :p


  3. try some velathulli...some cloves of garlic before sleep everyday helps clear the congestion...

    abt shooting...
    only if you have got nine lives...hehehe

  4. sweet chariot...serves pizza???

    now that you are endorsing it..it better be good girl

    lol @the label random bakbak,blues

  5. @xh: Thanks, dude! :)
    yes, that happens to be super spicy. worth a try, n yeah, do lemme know if you manage to survive that! :)

    @santosh: ah, wish I could celebrate like that! Right now the scene is such that I'm at office 13 hours a day, having my timely doses of black tea with lemon and sneezing away to glory. hmmph..

    hey, you get well soon too! :)

    @cm-chap: thanks! :)

    @humbl-devil: oh, i never knew garlic's got such effects! Thanks for stopping by! :)
    nine lives??!! gosh! :D

    @macadamia girl: lolz!

    @gazal: endorsing?! teehee..
    mebbe I should ask them for discounts the next time! :D

    most of what happens in life is random, right? :) and thank God for that!
    thanks for stopping by, girl!

  6. Sweet Chariot n pizza?? The cakes r too tempting.. :(

  7. @dhanya: yeah, even i'm a clear fan of their chocolate mousse. hmmm.. yum, it is! :)
    though generally, for cakes, I always prefer 'All Saints' in (extended) Brigade Road. They are way too better. really!

    n hey, u've done a swell job with the tag, girl! loved reading it! :)