Friday, June 13, 2008

lost and found

Losing oneself, is the biggest pain one can endure...
and the ultimate bliss of all, is to reclaim oneself from one of those recycle bins..

Lessons learnt:
1. Never do a Shift+Del to one's own convictions, ever!
2. Recycle bins are Godsent. Say a quick 'Hail Mary' for them! :)


  1. True. Very True ! Me wondering what made you comeup with such a deep thought !

    Smiles !

  2. I dont know whether it is PMS, break up up or what made u write this but believ me its true. I had lost myself in the crowd. I hate the person I had turned into. Took my life back from recycling bin and trying to polish it to old glory. Its tough but I am getting there. My blog is just an expression of my passion to find myself again. Love when people read my blog without any prompts.

  3. man, simple but great lesson :) yeah.. never do the Shift+D teh convictions... after all, they r voices from deep inside...
    agree to u...

  4. @Anju: Thanks, girl! :)

    @macadamia girl: :) btw, thanks for being so supportive, girl.. you are right.. everything has to be OK. :)

    @Santosh: oh well.. I'm going through a break-up, you know.. *wink wink*

    btw, I just realised that catching a very bad cold and high fever + some PMS can actually make me think deep! lol!

    @mocha: sometimes we just lose ourselves over a period of time, without even realising it.. it hits us only when time hits the last nail in the coffin.. the last blow.. we blame it all on that final blow without realising that we've been killing a part of ourselves all the while.

    somewhere I feel, I'm thankful to such shocker blows because it gives me that li'l extra punch, to fight it with all my might and get back to my true elements.

    all the best to you on your path of self-re-discovery! :) and thanks for stopping by to comment.

    I really did like your blog, because it's honest.

    @xh: 'voices from deep inside..' you said it! :)

    one does get carried away at times and listen to those pretty sugar-coated voices outside... but then at the end of it all, it's always the inner voice, which appeals to, and re-assures the conscience.