Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 'I' factor

Tadaa!! another 'tag' time!
Dhanya just passed on this tag, and I was more than happy to take it up.. When one is facing a bloggers' block, tags are the best things that can happen to her.
It's more of an 'I, Me, Myself' one, and I must confess it wasn't too easy doing it, as it seemed at first.. So, there you go!!

I am: blessed (touchwoood!!)
I think: rationally (how I wish i could suffix it with 'always'. sigh!)
I know: not much.. there's always more to know!
I want: to dig my teeth deep into a sinful chocolate eclair.. slurrrp...
I have: my sanity intact (no, really! tee hee)
I wish: I could have a pair of wings to fly around.. but i have my own functional specifications for them, though.. they should make no regular fluttering sounds.. well, will that make me a bat-woman then? a vampire? i don't need no blood, though.. only chocolate for me please, thankyou! :) geez.. that sounds like fun!
I hate: deception.. infact more than deception, I hate it when I let myself be susceptible to it. You know, times when your conscience winks at you and screams 'gotcha!!'
I miss: my brains.. They've been out on a short Carribean vacation.. come back, my sweeties!! you are being missed.
I fear: getting lost and not finding my way back.. so, I carry a bundle of rope when I scale unknown terrains.. but I just realised that there could be some saddistic mice along the way.. so next time on, I've decided to carry some rat poison too with me! (no, silly.. i don't have suicidal tendencies!! )
I feel: liberated
I hear: I hear thunder, I hear thunder. Hark ! Don't you? Hark ! Don't you? Pitter patter raindrops, Pitter patter raindrops, I'm wet through, So are you ...
I smell: hot popcorn.. flavored with freshly ground pepper n chilli flakes..
I crave: for some harsh sunlight..
Light so bright, that it could help me turn blind.. for a while.
Heat so strong, that it could burn my skin so bad and nothing else hurts more.. for a while.
Energy so high, that it could charge me up fully.. for one whole lifetime.
I search: with my specs on my nose.. I've turned myopic this April, you see!
I wonder: how it would be to live in a fairytale.
I regret: not taking the risks I should have... and taking the risks I shouldn't have.
Though I wouldn't really like to acknowledge it, and convince myself that I shouldn't really regret.. For all those actions shaped me into this person that I am proud of.
I love: my individuality. I also love to be one among the crowd.. be one unknown entity in there.. Does that make me self-contradictory?
I ache: to realise that nothing can be taken for granted in life.
I care: less. I wish I could care lesser.
I am not: a superwoman.
I believe: in impermanence.
I dance: when no one is watching.
I sing: when I feel like screaming.. (it's left to your imagination, how it sounds!)
I cry: when I feel helpless
I don’t always: cry.
I fight: for righteousness.. I also fight when I'm misinterpreted or misrepresented.
I write: perfect nonsense.. which somehow makes perfect sense to me while i'm at it!
I win: when I make up my mind to win.
I lose: when I know winning it would actually make me a loser.
I never: say 'always'.
I always: say 'never'.
I confuse: faith with trials.. (weird, i know!)
I listen: to erratic melodies.
I can usually be found: busy at my laptop. (boring.. i know!)
I am scared: of losing myself.
I need: to read, to travel, to explore, to re-invent myself from time to time. I also need my loved ones, my peace of mind and my share of jadoo ki jhappis.
I am happy about: the fact that I never let anything or anybody steal my happiness for a long time.

And I tag:
Macadamia girl


In other news: gotto watch the SATC movie. I tell you girls, it was truly therapeutic.. go watch it with your girlgang, I say! I went with my sis, to get over my cold.. oh yes, btw I just realised that good company and a movie like that, while having fruit salad with ice-cream can actually cure one of a very bad cold. no, really! :)


  1. LOL! Ada paavi!
    I'm gonna have a tough time doing this because you've almost exactly written what i would have.

  2. I miss: my brains.. They've been out on a short Carribean vacation. lol... Thats a honest confession :-) you should have had

    I am: Honest ;-)

    This is quite challening... but..

    I: Take up the challenge.

    There i already started doing the tag !


  3. "I love: my individuality. I also love to be one among the crowd.. be one unknown entity in there.. Does that make me self-contradictory?"

    saem with me.. if ever i hv to do this, i will borrow many from ur list... :)

    loved the one about brain too :)

  4. Hey thanks for taking this up gal :)

    he he I too miss my brains.. but didn't realize that they would have taken a vacation..hope they won't settle there :P

  5. @macadamia girl: *grin* um really looking forward to your take on it! :)

    @santosh: geez! why don't people just leave me and my poor li'l brain alone, i say! hehe
    i know, you'll do a killer job with that, dude! keep'em coming!!

    @xh: hey, that calls for a same pinch! :) and yeah, please do take up the tag if you feel like doing it. That was a fun tag to do. really.

    @dhanya: aiyo!! i never thought of that possibility.. eeswara, hope they find no place to settle down there.. i'll have to get them back by hook or by crook. hmmph.

    and hey, I should be thanking you. I really loved doing the tag. just what i needed right now! :)

  6. @santosh: tee hee.. loved that one! :) good job, dude!

  7. After me getting tagged twice by you and actually doing the Tag, Its now payback time :-)

    I had mailed u on some rediff id i had,but either u dont use that or conviniently ignored [ Haa ! how mean :-) ] This is what i had done ... and u r TAGGED !! And Time starts now !

  8. @santosh: Ah, you too brutus!!!
    rediff id? oh yeah, i remember using it during the stone age! never mind..
    just took a sneak peek at the link.. looks like fun!
    I'm taking up the tag, dude. :)
    After the certification exam, Im like super confident about my mem! lets see how I fare! :)