Saturday, June 28, 2008


That's exactly where I was a few months back..
Miserable, and in denial mode after being pushed in to committing to something I've been running away from, for more than a decade now.

My certification exam voucher's validity was till June 30, and as any typical adiyal bachha, I was just putting it off to the (n-2)nd day. Actually, I realised I'm better off, as I just bumped into quite a few folks who put it off to the nth day.. I'm proud of you, my buddies!! no, really!

So, I've been making real honest efforts to get out of my mental block, you know..
Tried several silly tactics to trick my brain into learning it.
One of them was to go learn something I've always wanted to, so that I could balance it with something I've never wanted to learn.. n so, enrolled myself for the Guitar classes.. It was super fun. Though a few 'Bonnies' and '500 miles' later, I had to take a break from it.. (no, not forever. I'm definitely going to get back to it sooon!)
After the carrot trick, it was the turn of the stick.. so I've been putting off all those short trip plans, the very inviting trekk plans, postponing meeting up with all my lovely dost log until after June.

But in spite of all this, like any typical loser, I had 101 excuses to put off the preps for until the last couple of months.. and then, suddenly life went topsy turvy at all fronts possible.. and here I am, at the last one week of my deadline, with another couple of very important deadlines coinciding with the same.. and for toppings, the 7 year itch at work. wow! how better could that get!

But I'm not a loser, Am I? The countdown showed 2 more days to go, and I decided to pull up my sleeves, and go for it. Result? I got the certification and made it with a clear 75%. yay!!
It might not be a great score, but for someone who was so unsure about clearing the test, this definitely is like an icing on the cake!

I might have cracked tougher tests and fought tougher fights, but this success is soo soooo special to me, for its perfect timing.. This is exactly what I wanted right now for a kick-start.
Gee.. I can't stop grinning today!

I can't remember the last time I rode through Brigade road, with the crawly Bangy weekend traffic + the messy Bangalore rain, and still crooning away :

Have a super duper week ahead, people!! :)

PS: It would be unfair if I don't give due credit to Mummy's prayers.. God, really.. how d'you always listen to her prayers and not mine? well newys, as long as you listen to hers, I'm fine with it! :)
One beeg hug to Hem for putting up with all my dumb quirks and being my guardian angel, Anubha for pinging me with all the study materials, Dimples for all those memory tapping tricks she taught me a decade back. Suni, for re-kindling my trust in the 'power of mind' and Meg for that line: 'I want you to stand up and fight'. Su, Shals and Lalit, for being there for me. Love you, honeys! muah!
errmmm.. okies, that sounds more like an award speech.. well ahem.. kindly excuse, peopleses. I just got carried away.


  1. that was super.. 2 days and cracked with 75%... great :)
    whn we push us against deadlines, often we surpass ourselves...
    good gng, man :)

  2. Yeay !! Clap Clap !!! Congrats and etc etc...

    BTw, what certification is this??? :-)

    I am planning one certification too, Pata nai when it will reach the execution stage !


    PS>> 7 year itch that you say, Thats in one office? you been there 7 years?????

  3. @xh: dankies, dankies.. i can always do with a li'l bit of ego boost! :P
    u said it right, we never know unless we do it with all our might!

    @santoz: Thankyous and etc etc.. :D

    the certification was for.. well err.. I dint want to give it away in here.. the mug with Dexter's face on it talks for itself, no? :)

    all the best for your certification, dude! go, give it your best shot!!

    aaaagh.. 7 years in the same office? thank goodness, things aren't that bad!
    I was refering to my 7 years of work life.. rather IT life.. you know, times where you contemplate on aternative career options.. hmmph.. that's another long story anyways! :|

  4. Yeah ! GOTHA!! Clap Clap for me now, I more or less figured out what certification you gave :P

    Duh ! sucha Tubelight i am ! No wonder my boss walks around with a glum face always :D... !!

  5. Hey sweetie...
    Congratulations n Celebrations...
    anything for you dear...Because you truly deserve the best in life!! Glad that I met you and we are friends now :)
    Keep smiling!! and keep blogging!!
    PS: I liked your java award speech....he he he I mean it.... :)

  6. congrats.. :-D

    i remember last december when i did my certification just 2 days before my trip to was like the second attempt for me and it was really a relief to clear it without making my trip a mess!!

  7. @santosh: you have company for being called 'tubelight', btw! same pinch! hehe

    @su: thanks, honey! :)
    n I'm really really glad to have found such a lovely friend in you!
    thanks for stopping by to comment!

    @mathew: thankyous! :)
    Taking up an exam 2 days before a trip? gosh, that must've been something! n I can so totally relate to that relief.. infact more than anything, that's what hit me first.

  8. Clap Clap Clap.. Congratz

    You motivated me enough for my exam....

    Ho dnt ask wat exam.. its US drivg license :-)

  9. Dearest Usha,

    Heartiest congratulations sweety...You truely deserve the best in life !! and you know what you are super intelligent...I m trying it from last 2 years but still not able to give teh test and you did it in 2 days !!

    Enjoy and keep smiling :)
    Lots of love

  10. Hey Usha,

    Congrats dear. I always knew you would make it...and that too with flying colors. And see I am proved right. :-) I don't want to steal the credit, honey; you deserve all the kudos. About my support;thats what frenz are for. Love you too. Take care.


  11. @cm chap: ah, good luck playing lane changes, dude! :)

    @anubha: Thanks a ton, mithu! :)
    ah, dump intelligence.. I'd say, this goes to prove that I've got a beeg heart.. or else, how could I learn all that c**p 'by-heart'! teehee.. :P yeah, I'm in a hopeless pj cracking mood today, thanks to Hem's influence! :D
    you just go, take up the test sweets.. I'm sure you'll rock it!!

    @shals: yeah, I know.. you ALWAYS know better!! :) Thanks for being such a gem, shalu! *hugs*

  12. You're SO darn right to feel great about it dudette! CONGRATS!!

  13. @macadamia girl: Thanks, girl! :)
    btw, you are being missed.. hope you get back to your full-on blogging mode soon! :)