Tuesday, May 6, 2008

5 people I hate

Hatred is something which keeps brewing in our minds, how much ever we try to ignore it and follow the 'Art of Living' way of soothing our inflated egos. (which they claim is the cause of all hatred and aggression in the world)

Say what we might, it does feel good to vent it all out, hit it, kick it and get over it. And I'm going to do just that now *sleething teeth with a big bad frown*
hmm.. better!

I just realised I've been tagged by Surya, and guess what people, this is the 1st tag I'm taking up! A hate post!
Gee *rubbing hands gleefully*

It's all about listing down the 5 kinds of people whom I hate the most. n there you go!

1. The sexual molestor: The worst part about them is that those pervasive minds don't realise the impact, their idea of fun has on their prey. It's disheartening to hear a little girl tell her Dad: 'Daddy, I hate going to school by the Public bus because I hate the people'. Even worse when she grows up to be someone hiding in her own shell and dreading to step out alone. I wish they knew that they have scarred a human being for life, everytime they had fun!

2. The baby dumper: The men and women who believe that Sex is for recreation, and the unwelcome by-products are for the dustbins or the orphanages.
I got a chance to interact with a bunch of kids from an institution for the less-privileged children, this week. It was hard to see those glances, some of them looking through you, some so bitter, some not ready to trust anyone or anything, some trying hard to ignore the honesty in our efforts, because they know they cannot take anything for granted in life. And then those li'l ones who dont think twice before tugging on to that hand which is being held out to them. After a while, may be they will also realise that these hands reach out to them once in a bluemoon, when some people are in a philanthropic mood. Otherwise, they are let to fend for themselves.
My heart goes out to those kids who weren't lucky enough as these kids to find even an orphanage.

3. The damsel in distress: with their 'oh, what will happen now?' lines. What I hate about them is not the fact that they find their way to distress.. not even the fact that they keep binging about it and keep eating others' head out.. But the fact that they never really give a thought to 'what exactly they need to DO about it'.

4. The self appointed messenger of God: I'm not too much of a religious person, but I used to go to this church every Sunday for a few months during one of those tough patches in life, because I found that very much a stress reliever to fall back on it, when everything else was hazy around me. And one fine Sunday, I get to hear this 'world famous for his uplifting talks' pastor preach about how God is with George Bush and why Bill Clinton suffered disgrace because he is a non-beleiver (For the un-initiated, that was all about the Protestant-Catholic thingie). I never went to that church or heard his broadcasted sermons ever. They were no longer inspiring.
They are the messengers of their sponsors. Nothing less, Nothing more.

5. The devil in Angels' attire: I hate them for the single reason that they make me think twice before trusting the real angels that I come across.


And now to the 'passing the bucks' part, I tag :

Anju - I just chanced upon her fresh new blog the other day, and would love to hear her take on it.
Mathew - Don't remember reading an out-n-out hate post at his blog. It must make a fun read if he takes it up.
Dhanya - I like the way she presents serious thoughts. A very honest writer.
Bala - His is a convert blog, from funny prose to photoblog. Not too sure if he'd want to 'write' now? ok buddy, how about adding photos to it?
Will he? Won't he? :|
Santosh - I'm sure he'd love to spit a lot of fire!
Shalini - A dear friend and a beautiful writer. She's very much off the hook with blogging, of late. Would love it if she manages to take it up, given her hectic schedule of juggling between work and her lil'uns at home.
Naina We've had some crib-time together.
The grinmonster, serving her time at school currently. I'm sure she'd have found more interesting specimens to hate, in there!


  1. hmmmm.......did it make u feel better???

  2. hmm looks like it's tag season :)
    'll surely take it up.. but give me some time.. Currently I'm facing writers block :P

  3. I do get irritated with pseudo believers who believe only in verbal gibberish..they believe in customs than being actually following the essence of the holy scriptures..

    and am yet to meet to people like what you mentioned in point 3..and the first category..thats one sad tale..harassing children who dont have a voice to speak out..the paedophiles are the worst of all!!

    btw thanks for the tag..i ll take up soon..

  4. True... The sexual molestor are the worst.

    But what kind of ppl r v livng with.. for example th Austrian guy very recently.

  5. Well, pardon my ignorance but "Where is the TAG" :). I was searching everywhere in my login for the "Alien" thing called tag! Could not find it .. or do people just copy paste the header and write ;)

  6. @zee: well.. No & Yes.
    No, because I did not derive any pleasure in sounding mean.
    Yes, for it made me think what little can I do to dilute these negativities around me, now that I've acknowledged them.
    Thanks for asking that question. It really made me think. Im glad you stopped by, to comment. :)

    @dhanya: oh, we can't afford to have you in that block for long! vaapas aajao!! :)

    @mathew: you're so right!
    and good for you that you haven't come across type3's.. they are way too pesty to stand. really! will be looking forward to your post on the tag!

    @cm-chap: true! we can only do our li'l bit by making the world a better place for them, as much as we can as individuals. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

    @anju: :) i wondered exactly the same way when I was introduced to this 'tag' thingie for the 1st time!
    well, actually it isnt something all too techno.. the modus operandi is jimble.. you just pick up the 'tag/topic' and blog about it. athrollooo.. and at the end of it, pass it on to your chosen fellow bloggers who haven't done the same tag yet. more like passing the parcel thingie we used to do at school..
    will be fun! :)

  7. Only 5 ?? My hate list is longer ;-)

    I am already 2 TAGS behind schedule ;-) But am so sure i am gonna take this up and finish it in a jiffy ! lol

    thanks for the TAG, i have a bloated ego now seeing my name in someone elses blog he he !


    PS : I spit fire ?? Do i ??

  8. I love the 'damsel in distress' part. Hehe!
    Also some 'damsels' who speak that tad bit louder and go 'giggly giggly goo goo" when they see a passable looking member of the male species in their vicinity.

  9. @santosh: >>"Only 5 ?? My hate list is longer ;-)"

    -well.. ahem, I rest my case! ;)

    @macadamia girl: hehe.. yeah, you're so right, girl! i forgot to mention about those 'special fx' when the guys are around!
    one bunch of losers they are, no?

  10. @rags: I believe it's a profession, afterall.. though not a 'glorified' one. n no, I DON'T hate them for their job. Do you?

    thanks for stopping by to comment! :)

  11. Really really great post! :) I share your sentiments for all. I dislike many more (because I'm cynical) but the molesters, rapists and baby dumpers get the top rankings.
    I'm a different Anju :p

  12. @mathew: totally loved what you have done with the tag! you are a rockstar, mathew!! :)

    @anju: :) I'm glad you liked it.
    thanks for stopping by to comment, Anju.
    and I too got to discover a great blog in yours! :)

  13. The baby dumper thingie tops my venting list...
    gud work....
    self acclaimed messengers of god.. every dog has its day.. they will soon have rabbis

  14. What ever's going on with you right now... I know this is going to sound ridiculous.. but,... trust me.. every thing's gonna be ok.

  15. @chriz: you said it! :)
    thanks for stopping by to comment, chriz!

    @macadamia girl: thanks, girl! :)
    thanks a ton for ur kind words.. i needed them very much...