Monday, March 3, 2008

some waiver issues

I'm a self-confessed newspaper enthusiast. So, if I were to say what do I read the most, it has to be newspapers.. or what do I watch the most in TV, it again has to be news programmes.. guess it might have to do with some of Papa's habits rubbing into me.. So we used to have these discussions at home on current affairs, to which everyone had their own two cents to say.. well.. that was long before the days Barkha Dutt came up with her Big Fight, and the likes. And now, trust me, my appetite for discussions on current affairs have died a fast and silent death..

So these days when someone at office stops by my desk, looking forward to find an easy prey to get started with some analysis of the current financial budget, I run for cover.. the most effective and more used excuse is "I need to rush to the loo. Catch you later?" This one's a sure shot, I say! it used to work all the way from schooldays to work! Of course, one does run the risk of being labeled as someone with bladder issues or something even worse.. but that's ok, I guess.. there has to be a trade-off anyways, right?

So, this time, as usual, a news enthusiast in my friends network, forwards me the excerpts of the piping hot budget, and me like any other tax payer worth her salt, find the loan waiver to farmers amusing, wondering whether they would do the same to the huuuuge EMIs of the Indian Software coolies, someday down the line.. c'mon.. so, ok, you say, the farmers have been toiling hard, to feed the country while they've always been shortchanged, and all that?
So, don't you think our software professionals also do good to the society?
Infact, they play such an important philanthropic role in maintaining the eco-system.
For one
1. They pay huge taxes.. (so what, movie stars pay even more.. but let's not think of it now)
2. They pay non-sensical rents to the house/shack owners in the villages where their swanky MNCs are set up, apparently shooting up the real estate prices.
3. They pay through their nose to this breed of bloodsuckers known as house brokers, who make a living out of it. So, there you go!
4. Anyone from the sleepy autowallah to the grinning neighbourhood subjiwala charges the poor soul a double rate coz he's a software moron.
5. The RTO offices and Telephone offices loot him of whatever is left
6. The multiplexes and malls thrive on them.
7. They pay for a piece of land with their blood, and keep doing it for the next 20 years, during the course of which, the municipality lets them know that their dream house is right above a sewage canal, or that the site was actually meant for agriculture or the construction is illegal.

I mean, c'mon, all the techies take huuge loans, and what do you think will happen to them in case the recession takes (un)expected proportions? Can we too look forward to a waiver in that case, Mr. FM? Please do let me know if your answer is positive. 'coz I don't want to be the only techie around who took no loans just because she's paranoid about even thinking of living on credit. hmmph.

All this thinking made me tired and anxious, and to add up to the woes, my scripts were all running crazy. so, I think of grabbing a mug of caffeine.. (oh did I forget to mention the favor the s/w enggs are doing to the coffee industry?).. and this colleague catches me mid-way, who I guess was on the prowl to find another fool to discuss, yeah, you're right, the budget again...
She started talking a lot of statistics to which I was vertically nodding my head (so far, so good) and then she asks me what do I think of it? I don't quite like answering questions.. especially when I'm on my way to get a coffee.. so I blurt out whatever was running through my mind then.. 'you know i really wonder how many women past 60 yrs would be working as a salaried class person in our country, who can benefit from the additional tax rebates' and she comes with this counter statement which could put all the news channel discussion forum members to shame: "well.. you never know.. these days all the women look so young and all, that it's so difficult to guess their age..." !!?
Just when I was looking out for the nearest wall to go bang my head on, my phone rang! I've never felt more thankful to Alexander Graham Bell!

Talking of which, another conversation I overheard on the walkway.. (yeah, good guess.. I was supposedly rushing to the loo..)
Of two guys discussing a female colleague (Incidentally, the bestest gossip feeders and gossip mongers I've ever come across are all men! Could that be mere co-incidence?)
guy1: She's like, more of an introvert, I think..
guy2: no no.. she's not an introvert.. you see introverts are people who talk to themselves. She doesnt talk to herself.. only she doesnt talk to anyone else!

AAAGHH!!! yeh toh too much hogaya!

PS: Why don't all the people at office become that kind of introverts and start discussing the budget to themselves? No, seriously? At the least, they can blog about it, and send across the links so that we'll know for sure, what not to read. Fair, no?


  1. you are the voice of millions of 'poor' s/w peoples like us..all we have is just some gigabytes and who wants that!!

    long live madam Usha devi!! ;-P

  2. Nice to know there are like minded paranoids :P

  3. LOL :-) Nice .. Very Nice ! Software Coolies ! ROFL :-)

  4. @mathew: ayushman bhav! :)

    @dhanya: yeah? high fives to that, gurl! :)

    @santosh: thankyous! :)

  5. no no.. she's not an introvert.. you see introverts are people who talk to themselves. She doesnt talk to herself.. only she doesnt talk to anyone else!

    Nice, I wish the world would be populated more with that sort of introvert

  6. @Ritu: he he.. you wish, honey! you wish! :)