Monday, January 7, 2008

the resolution fiasco

happy new year! so what is your new year resolution? -that's the new seasonal entrant in the ever challenged small-talk circuit..
n my answer is: nyo! um not taking any 'new' resolutions this year around!

ok, yeah, reason #1 is quite obvious.. it's that I'm plain lazy.. laziness is soo not happening, no?

#2: I already have a huge repository of unfulfilled resolutions inherited through all these years of optimistic planning.. and inherited property is not meant to be squandered, right? gee.

#3: 'recycle' and 'reuse' are the magic mantras these days.. from recycled papers to reusable code.
so, I'm planning to do a lucky draw, like they did it for the H1B visas, and decide who the lucky re-usable winners are!!
btw, could someone please tell me whether Resolutions are bio-degradable? The last thing I want is to have someone convict me for contributing to Global Warming! hmmph..

#4: my wise deduction from past experiences is that there's a weird pattern that all my publicly aired plans, kinda get jinxed :/

Looking back at '07, of all the resolutions I took last year, only one survived 12 months.. and it was blogging! yay!!! managed to make at least one post a month.. well, a post is a post.. as long as you don't do a quality analysis of it! ;)

the 1st runner-up is Yoga.. which I religiously practiced for a month, including the 60 suryanamaskaras which we were made to do on the Independence day to commemorate 60 years of freedom! (must tell u, it somehow felt good celebrating it that way!)
I could never get even the padmasana right, but I did manage to impress myself (if not anyone else!) by doing some hi fi acrobatics (I don't quite remember their names, though..)
which also made me add, 'join Jumbo circus' to my list of alternative career options, in case of the much prophesied IT career doom.

So, this time around, I've shortlisted 4 of them, re-cycled ones, for a second chance.. and someone tells me, the 8th of Jan is when all my stars support me to take on new resolutions! which makes me wonder, since when did they start predicting muhurthams for resolutions and all? anyways.. I'm planning to follow it this time and see how the good times help me accomplish it! will let you know if it succeeds!! :)

Lemme also take this opportunity, to wish all you folks a very blessed 2008!
May you find peace, loads of love and happiness, health, wealth and wisdom this new year.
and yeah, May you be able to outdo yourself in all your new year resolutions!

In other news: kick-started this year, watching the Return of Hanuman :)
(after marking my attendance at the church, of course! though I found myself doing more of perspective photography there, than praying.)
ok, so I'm a great fan or Hanuman and all dat.. but to say the truth, we were actually headed for TZP, though lack of farsightedness found us looking for Welcome, which was also sold, we said 'jai bajrangbali!' and went for it!
Totally loved the movie.. one naturally ends up liking it, when accompanied by this cartoon fanatic of a sibling.. I call her fanatic, 'coz I find her acting like one most of the time.. that is, if she isn't busy driving me mad to act like one or laughing her head off watching a cartoon show.
and somehow, I liked the fact that we started our new year with that!

The positive change is that, I've now decided to call off my cold-shoulder treatment to multiplexes. what the heck, at least it gives one the option to make contingency plans, right? which are life-saving for people who survive on Plan B's, all the time.. or plan C/D, for that matter, as in my case!


  1. Let me begin with wishing u Happy new year - 2008 and wishing that ur new year resolutions will be fulfilled.

    By the way i have also got a high priority new year resolution. to learn four wheeler driving. but i dont know how it will be done, considering my tight work schedule :( Anyways I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope this wont be there in my 2009 list of resolutions.

    See u around.

  2. dankies, sweets! :)

    okies, so here's the deal.. i'll make sure you work on that, and you remind me of mine when i go off-track! deal aa?

  3. Happy Pongal! And happy first-year birthday to your blog :)

    Keep em coming. Will be back for more!

  4. Pretty late for this one, i suppose its already time for all the resolutions to begin losing importance :-)

    Pt 3 in your list... totally ROFL :-) :-)

  5. Hope by this time ur working on recycled resolution from ur huge repository, gud luck lady

  6. you dont stand a chance with the country wide expert in savasana for past 15 years!!;-P

  7. @bikerdude: dankies, dude! hope you too had a happie-happie pongal!

    @santoz: ah, no.. 2 months, and still going strong, i say! :) touchwood!

    @sunny: danks!

    @mathew: hey, long time!
    some asana that is, no?! :P