Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Call it the inevitable Glass Ceiling / the Politics of Bureaucracy..
It's really unfortunate that someone like Kiran Bedi is giving up on the system.
See this and this.

If you are one of those beings like me, for whom this lady has been an inspiration, you might want to take a look at her website / her blog


  1. I am edging towards a career crisi myself :)
    Nice blog!

  2. Self Esteem had to take the front seat for such a brave soul...:)

  3. @tzp: hey, hope u get over it soon! btw, even um anticipating a mid-career crisis just around d corner! so, same pinch on dat, lady! :)

    @preetha: yeah, true!
    it's unfortunate for the system that ppl of her calibre n will, are giving up on it.
    thanks for stopping by to comment, preetha!